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User Reviews for Proventil to treat Asthma, Maintenance

Tennisfan1305 January 28, 2010

“It works, but every time I use it it causes my heart to speed up really fast and my hands to shake. I avoid it, and I won't use it even if I know I should. I've used it between or during classes and had a hard time note taking because my hands would not stay still. Of course, the important thing is being able to breathe...”

7 / 10
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Anonymous October 4, 2009

“If it weren't for this drug, I would not be alive. It has saved my life on numerous occasions of asthma attacks. I love it.”

10 / 10
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Aredamenti23 September 7, 2009

“Works efficiently. I've experienced NO Side Effects. I can count on this medication to work when I need it.”

8 / 10
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wellsbells September 1, 2009

“I do not go anywhere without it!”

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