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Can you drink alcohol and take Repatha?

Medically reviewed by Melisa Puckey, BPharm. Last updated on Sep 19, 2023.

Official answer


Can I drink alcohol with Repatha injections?

There is not an interaction between drinking alcohol and having Repatha injections, so yes, you can drink alcohol with Repatha, but as always, drinking in moderation is best.

Binge drinking and Cholesterol levels.

  • Binge drinking of alcohol is known to cause an increase in lipid levels.
  • Repatha is a medicine that is used to reduce a patient's high cholesterol levels.
  • Therefore binge drinking should be avoided in patients with high cholesterol as it may increase the risk of the patient's cholesterol levels being increased.


  • Alcohol can be consumed while on Repatha.
  • Drinking of alcohol should always be in moderation.
  • Binge drinking of alcohol can cause increases in cholesterol levels and increase risk of liver damage.

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