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Can I use Cipro to treat a bacterial vaginitis infection?

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Oct 24, 2022.

Official answer


Cipro is not typically used to treat Bacterial Vaginitis.
Bacterial Vaginitis is usually treated with metronidazole or clindamycin antibiotic tablets, taken for seven days. If you are unable to take tablets vaginal creams may be prescribed.

Bacterial vaginitis is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that are normally only present in the vagina in small numbers. When these bacteria are present in large numbers they may cause symptoms such as an abnormal discharge or odour. Some women have no symptoms. Bacterial vaginitis is sometimes called bacterial vaginosis, non-specific vaginosis or Gardnerella vaginitis.

Treatment is particularly important in pregnant women to prevent complications such as pre-term delivery.

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