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Camcevi Dosage

Generic name: LEUPROLIDE MESYLATE 42mg in 0.37g
Dosage form: injection, emulsion
Drug classes: Gonadotropin releasing hormones, Hormones / antineoplastics

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Apr 3, 2023.

Recommended Dosage

CAMCEVI must be administered by a healthcare provider.

The recommended dose of CAMCEVI is 42 mg administered subcutaneously once every 6 months.

Preparation and Administration

Syringe Assembly

  1. Remove CAMCEVI kit from refrigerator. Open carton and remove blister.
  2. Allow pre-filled syringe to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to subcutaneous injection.
  3. Examine all contents of the package. Do not use if any component is damaged.
  4. Check the expiration date on the syringe. Do not use if the expiration date has passed.
  5. The use of gloves is recommended during syringe assembly and administration.
  6. On a clean, dry surface, remove pre-filled syringe (A) and needle cartridge (B) from the blister carton. Visually inspect the contents prior to use.
  7. Remove the gray cap from the syringe (A).
  8. Twist the clear cap off the bottom of the needle cartridge (B).
  9. Attach the needle (B) to the end of the syringe (A) by pushing and turning the needle until firmly connected to the syringe. Do not over twist the needle and strip the threading.

Administration Procedure

  1. Choose an injection site on the upper- or mid-abdominal area with sufficient soft or loose subcutaneous tissue that has not recently been used. Clean the injection site with an alcohol swab. Do NOT inject in areas with brawny or fibrous subcutaneous tissue or locations that can be rubbed or compressed (i.e., with a belt or clothing waistband). In addition, avoid applying heat directly to the site of CAMCEVI injection.
  2. Pull the blue cover off the needle (B). Use standard sharps safety techniques to avoid needle sticks.
  3. Use standard aseptic technique when performing the injection. Grab and bunch the skin around the injection site with one hand. Insert the needle at a 90° angle to the skin surface, and then release the bunched skin.
  4. Inject the full contents of the syringe with a slow and steady push on the plunger, and then withdraw the needle at the same 90° angle used for insertion.

Needle Protection

  1. Do not remove the needle from the syringe. Use the enclosed Point-Lok® device to prevent needle sticks.
  2. Retrieve the Point-Lok® needle protection device from the CAMCEVI kit and place it on a secured, flat surface with its largest surface base touching the surface as shown in the diagram below.
  3. Immediately after use of the needle, gently insert the exposed needle into the Point-Lok® device opening at the top of the Point-Lok® device. (see Figure 1 below)
  4. Push the needle into the top opening until it is fully inserted into the Point-Lok® device. This action will seal the needle tip and lock the needle firmly into the Point-Lok® device. (see Figure 2 below)
  5. After use, place the used syringe with needle protected in a suitable sharps container. Dispose of contaminated product in a safe manner according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA and Federal/State/Local regulations (EPA,OSHA) and health care facility guidelines or local equivalent.

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