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User Reviews for Ingrezza to treat Tardive Dyskinesia

childothe80s · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 13, 2020

“This medication is a great. I have been on it since Jan 2019, diagnosed with TD since 2015 and it has all but stopped all the symptoms. Previous treatments were Cogentin, Propanolol and Klonipin none of which seemed to have much of an effect. I have my life back thanks to this med.”

10 / 10
Hope4son · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 11, 2020

“I am a parent of a son with schizophrenia. He most recently as been on Haldol for the last 2 1/2 years and started showing signs of TD (thrusting of his tongue). He tried Ingrezza first for 2 months. Started extreme drooling problems, limited speech, and vomiting. Discontinued Ingrezza but his psychiatrist said his symptoms were not from Ingrezza. Per the doctor, he again went on Ingrezza to help his Tardive Dyskinsia but within 2 days on this second try, MY SON HAD COMPLETE LACK OF ABILITY TO MOVE NOT ONLY HIS MOUTH BUT HIS ENTIRE BODY!!! HE DROOLED, COULD NOT SWALLOW, FROZEN IN PLACE STANDING IN THE HALLWAY. I had to help him move and the vomiting again happened. He could not even direct his head over a trash can to vomit. It just came spewing down his face. Did not work for my son!”

1 / 10
Ticked off · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 22, 2019

“Medication made me gain 70 pounds. That's right you heard me 70 pounds. Did not entirely stop my symptoms so doctor switched me to Vraylar and I dropped 20 pounds and have no symptoms. Stay away from this drug unless you want to be obese like I am now.”

1 / 10

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Autumn_soul · Taken for less than 1 month June 18, 2019

“I started noticing my Tardive Dyskinesid when I went on Abilify injection to treat my bipolar disorder. I had uncontrollable mouth movements and would often get comments asking me if I am chewing gum or yawning. My doctor recommended me on this drug and warned me that it is a fairly new drug and is on trial stage. I started taking it and within a couple days I started drooling uncontrollably and even broke out in hives! I believe I was allergic to the drug. Also I did consume alcohol while on it and I almost fainted and had to vomit very quickly. Now I am on Lamictal for BD and don’t have TD anymore! :)”

1 / 10

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