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Which pharmacies can dispense Ingrezza?

Medically reviewed by Leigh Ann Anderson, PharmD. Last updated on Sep 8, 2021.

Official answer


Ingrezza, from Neurocrine Biosciences, is available through a special pharmacy network and special local pharmacies in the U.S. These include:

  • Amber Specialty Pharmacy (888-370-1724)
  • Orsini Specialty Pharmacy (800-279-1676)
  • PantherRx Rare (844-364-6394)
  • Genoa Healthcare Pharmacies
  • Select local pharmacies

These specialty pharmacies can dispense your Ingrezza and will mail it directly to you via overnight mail. You will receive a call from the specialty pharmacy to verify your information. A regular, local dispensing pharmacy does not normally provide Ingrezza.

Your doctor will send your prescription to the appropriate pharmacy. The specialty pharmacy will call you each time you need a prescription refill and confirm your information. In some cases, you can pick up your prescription if preferred.

Ingrezza (valbenazine) is an oral prescription medicine used to treat adults with movements in the face, tongue, or other body parts that cannot be controlled (a medical condition known as tardive dyskinesia). It works by blocking certain chemicals in your body that may be involved with involuntary muscle movement.

Why do I need a specialty pharmacy?

Certain expensive or more complicated medications are often coordinated through a specialty pharmacy. This pharmacy will work with you and send the medication directly to you through the mail.

These medications may need special handling, refrigeration, fast shipping, or may need to be more closely monitored for any side effects. This pharmacy will also submit your insurance for you and help to answer your questions.

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