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User Reviews for Tramadol to treat Syringomyelia

Brand names: Tramadol Hydrochloride ER, Qdolo ConZip

Mount... · Taken for 6 months to 1 year · March 29, 2018

"I have syringomyelia. My syrinx runs from T4 to T11. I am on the max dose of Tramadol. I have take this medication in extended release 200mg and 2 50mg for the break through pain. It knocks the edge off but that's about it. My neurologist said if the pain continues, I will likely end up with pain pump installed. They seem to like this approach, because it administers morphine directly into the spinal canal. I wish that this medication worked, I do not want opiates."

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Navy... · December 22, 2020

"My syrinx is from T-2 thru T-11. It is extremely painful but I receive no pain medication. The doctors tell me that Lyrica is a pain pill. I wish they had my back. I can’t get pain pills to help. Every doctor is afraid to prescribe narcotics for fear of getting in trouble."

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Jstar · April 14, 2017

"Helps tame the nerve pain associated with syringomyelia, a chronic spinal cord condition that is very painful"

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