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User Reviews for WP Thyroid to treat Hashimoto's disease

Ms Kay March 3, 2020

“Yes since the recall there has been nothing but terrible results from wp thyroid and nature thyroid as well. Before you could lose weight , feel great, take on the day. Now just the opposite they definitely have made changes to it and don't want tell us. But hopefully someone in the government will expose their lies. Cause it worse than ever.”

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Nick · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 16, 2019

“The WP Thyroid tablets that are now available after the shortage is absolutely the worst, it is NOT the same as before. My body felt dangerously poisoned, I will never use anything ever again from RLC labs as I feel they’re lying regarding what happened with WP Thyroid and what was really going on during shortage.”

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Maria · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 13, 2019

“Worked before! New version sucks.”

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Wisconsin · Taken for less than 1 month April 23, 2019

“WP thyroid worked so well for me before the shortage, I was feeling good and losing weight. I was so excited when it started coming back, over a year later! What a disappointment. It has changed and do not let anyone tell you any different. After a week of taking it I was so sick, I literally could not get out of bed. Test results proved it did not work the same. NO thanks WP thyroid, what I disappointment you turned out to be and it costs more too! Shameful”

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Mich911 March 7, 2017

“This has saved my life. I was on Levothyroxine for 8 years, and it didn't help my fatigue, pain, insomnia, or weight. I've been on WP thyroid for 5 month and have lost 36 pounds and am no longer at risk for diabetes, and feel like a new person. I still struggle with depression and anxiety, but I feel this medication is amazing.”

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