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User Reviews for Micardis

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
High Blood Pressure 5.9
33 reviews 266 medications
Summary of Micardis reviews 5.9 33 reviews

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Reviews for Micardis

wontdie · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 17, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “MICARDIS SHOULD BE BANNED ...I HAVE BEEN TOLD I MUST TAKE IT NOW FOR SEVERAL YEARS , BUT MY REACTIONS ARE GETTING MUCH WORSE BEING 10 of the 12 side effects that they warn about. I went off for a while felt fabulous then BP spiked doctor made me go back on the Miocardis now feel as I would be better not on this earth. Anyway I have terrible sinusitis all the time, dry mouth, headaches, permanently exhausted , sore throat ,awful back pains , and now my kidneys are packing up. I gave up and stopped taking them 2 days ago and BP spiked again. There has to be something better ?? I have just heard that NHS in UK are starting a trial of a new med which is two injections a year. Wondering where you sign up as an act of final desperation. ”

1 / 10
Justphua · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I was prescribed 20 mg of Micardis and like many experienced the lightheadedness, dizziness, and back pain. It also caused my throat to swell, mild nausea, vision problems, chest tightness, heartburn, the feeling I was going to faint, flushing and pressure in my head. Basically my blood pressure medication made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack and stroke. I stopped taking it 4 days ago and still have these symptoms. Time will tell if this stuff has done permanent damage.”

2 / 10
Kat · Taken for 10 years or more July 4, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Took Micardis for about 15 years. Did great for my blood pressure. I also had sinus problems off and on and every time I went to Dr. they put me on antibiotics for sinus infection. Got to where I didn't got to the Dr. and just "bit the bullet" on the sinus problems. One day I decided to look up all my medications and found that sinus problems were a side effect of Micardis. I quit taking the Micardis and what do you know, my sinus problems are gone. I've taken Micardis 80 mg/w hctz; 80 mg without hctz and 40 mg without hctz. It works great for blood pressure, but the side effects don't warrant taking it for me.”

2 / 10
EastIndianfromToronto · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 20, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I was diagnosed at age 47 with BP 140/90 and am a south asian. I am 56 years now and a type 1 diabetic since last 35 years. I have had no side effects and started on Micardis 40 mg by my endo and then he upped it to 80 mg to be safe. My BP is well under control and it hovers around 125-134/65-75 I check my BP everyday and keep a log by taking pics on my iphone of what it is and what food I eat. I avoid frozen food and pizzas and climb 10 floors everyday which helps it reduce by 10 points on the systolic number and bout 7-8 points on the diastolic number. I tried the generic and had muscle pain as well as shoulder pain on my right at night time ”

10 / 10
Tokzkie824 · Taken for less than 1 month June 12, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “Have taken micardis for the 1st time as prescribed by my cardiologist in almost 1 week now and so far so good since I felt no side effect except for a diarrhea for the 1st 2 days”

8 / 10
Karherine · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 1, 2017

For High Blood Pressure: “My experience has been one of falling over if I get up too quickly. Bent down to clean the floor after had dropped some food. Fell and hurt my ribs. Stopped taking Micardis the falling stopped. Have recently gone back on it and have had two falls.”

joeyjojo · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 12, 2017

For High Blood Pressure: “I suspect causation between Micardis (40mg) and BPPV. I've missed my dose a couple of times, blood pressure rocked up to 140/90's and I felt great the following day. Normally BP is 120/80's on 40mg but I feel like crap with a general level of dizzyness through the day. Sparadoic episodes but this BPPV episode has lasted 6 months now. Worse in morning and means lying down/standing up takes special headmoves to minimise dizzy episode.”

4 / 10
Antiqqueen · Taken for less than 1 month June 18, 2017

For High Blood Pressure: “This medicine is AWFUL. Feet, ankles, bottom of legs & hands are swelling. Did not have this on Benicar..Calling Dr tomorrow for change”

1 / 10
Lou22 January 5, 2017

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Micardis 40mg then 80mg for the last 10 years. My blood pressure hovers around 140-150/90-95. I am 5'11" and weigh 105kg. I've not had any major side effects that I can tell, but recently in the last 1 year when I turned 44, I started to experience insomnia. At first it was for a few days, then weeks. The longest bout of insomnia I had was 5 weeks where I couldn't sleep (tossing/turning) until 5-6am. Thereafter I could sleep for about 2 or 3 hours before I had to get up for work. I've checked some medical websites and apparently telemisartan drugs like Micardis may cause insomnia.”

6 / 10
Joe9249 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 7, 2016

For High Blood Pressure: “Works great. No known side effects at all.”

10 / 10
One who cares. March 29, 2016

For High Blood Pressure: “I am fifty-nine years old, I have been on 40mg of Micardis for over five years now, it does control my blood pressure, but the side effects include the following. When first subscribed Micardis, leg pains were like charlie horses, lasted about 7 months, mostly at night. For the last 2 years, my insomnia is getting worse, so I started taking 2000mg of vitamin D3 that helps with insomnia, now I'm dealing with the constant coughing mostly at night. I will meet with my cardiologist within the next week, will ask for another blood pressure med.”

5 / 10
Marley farley November 26, 2015

For High Blood Pressure: “Ive been on this tablet for 3 years now and whilst it was an initial improvement to what I had been prescribed previously its side effects do build up over time. Joint and bone aches. Memory loss,fatigue, itchy tired dry eyes, weight gain, sugar cravings, raynauds syndrome , nails and hair very slow growing.Oh and yeah I looked up what it contains and im horrified to see sodium hydroxide =caustic soda (drain cleaner) .”

2 / 10
Kath Wilson · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 7, 2015

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been taking this medication for about 3 months now and don't think I can stand the side effects any longer. I am constantly itchy -everywhere -new rashes appear constantly. My eyes are red, swollen and itchy to the point where it now looks like I have healing black eyes. Blood pressure down but side effects are too much.”

cherdo · Taken for 10 years or more November 20, 2014

For High Blood Pressure: “I love it. No side effects. Tried others because of insurance. All had lots of side effects. I'm really upset because insurance companys are dropping it. I can't take the generic for it. Made me sick as a dog with severe muscle pain.”

10 / 10
NDragonne April 20, 2014

For High Blood Pressure: “Extreme fatigue, unclear thinking, aches, irritability, dizziness.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more February 5, 2014

For High Blood Pressure: “Been on Micardis 40 mg for over 10 years, have had absolutely no side affects. Blood pressure is perfect, sometimes lower than 120/80.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 6, 2012

For High Blood Pressure: “I'm white male, 53 yrs old, 5'11" and 185 lbs. I just discovered that I had High Blood Pressure about a month ago during a wellness checkup. The nurse took my blood pressure 4 times on the right arm and 3 more on the left. I was running about 180 /120. After she told me that she'd seen 400 lb men with better numbers than that I decided to see my MD. I've been on Micardis almost 30 days and it seems to have lowered it to the 140/90 range. I also was put on Bystolic just 5 days ago due to a rapid pulse of 100 bpm. Now down to 75-80. The only side effects have been occasional dizziness and some sharp pain in my hip when I move just so. I did have a scary tightening of the chest and shortness of breath the other day. It seemed to pass in about 2 mins.”

7 / 10
Anonymous December 24, 2011

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Micardis for more than six months without any major side effects and my blood pressure has been fairly under control, except for a few spikes from time to time.”

7 / 10
dudy March 23, 2011

“I took Micardis on and off for over two years. It caused me to have leg cramps. It controlled my blood pressure, but I would avoid taking it at times because of the leg cramps. I developed severe hip and leg pains, which I think may have been caused by the Micardis. I have switched to another blood pressure medicine in the last couple of months and I'm hoping the hip and leg pains will continue to subside.”

4 / 10
Anonymous October 8, 2010

For High Blood Pressure: “I started on Micardis 4 months ago, the first month it didn't seem to help, the second month it controlled my high blood pressure perfectly, then the third month I started getting horrible side effects. My left arm would go numb and tingly, I had horrible headaches, insomnia, diarrhea and chest pains. I was exhausted all the time yet I couldn't sleep, had terrible nightmares. The pills work great for controlling my blood pressure but the side effects are awful!”

5 / 10
Anonymous August 2, 2010

For High Blood Pressure: “I took this medicine 2 years ago for about a month because of my other hypertension medicines were causing rashes. After a couple of medicines were recommended, I took Micardis and although it lowered my pressure some, I was waking up every two hours at night. So I switched to several other medications that also did not work well. I told my MD I would try Micardis again because the side effects were less than all other medicines I had tried. So far (8 months) my pressure is better and the insomnia is workable and not so constant.”

5 / 10
Anonymous July 27, 2010

For High Blood Pressure: “On starting 40 mg Micardis experienced severe dizziness that lasted about a month, eventually subsiding. Okay for another 4 months then started to have burning and pain in feet and lower legs especially at bedtime. Had to stop even though was doing a good job with blood pressure. Now taking Diovan and doing well.”

2 / 10
rolandcooke July 10, 2010

For High Blood Pressure: “Started using Micardis HCT 40mg only 3 days ago, as an initial treatment for high blood pressure. No drastic side effects yet, except for slight dizziness, and abdominal pain related to gas (once). I am worried about sexual issues, since there are lots of reports going around saying that Micardis may hamper erectile function. Other reports say exactly the opposite! Will have to test this on a long-time basis. All in all, seems pretty good.”

8 / 10
Couch Potato April 26, 2010

For High Blood Pressure: “I had taken Micardis for about 3 years, starting from 40mg and recently 80mg. My doctor said the drug also helped prevent cardiovascular disease. The initial 40mg went well without any side effects. Blood pressure was consistently 130-140/80-90. A few months ago when I turned 38, during my routine blood pressure checks, I noticed that it was 140-150/90-100 even with the 40mg pill. Monitored this for about 2 weeks and it remained thereabouts. After consulting my doctor, he recommended a higher dosage of 80mg. It worked, and the pressure stabilized at 70-90/120-140. However, I did notice a slight discomfort in my respiratory tract or somewhat a mile heartburn (I think!).”

8 / 10
Tenn. November 23, 2009

For High Blood Pressure: “I have tried: Toporol XL, Coreg & Diovan all of these controlled my Blood pressure. But all had more side effects than I thought was reasonable. When I started Micardis I had some dizziness the first week. I now feel the best I have felt since starting blood pressure medication. My pressure is now 125-130/70-80.”

10 / 10