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User Reviews for Aldactone

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Reviews for Aldactone to treat Acne

"I have been taking Aldactone for adult hormonal acne for almost 2 years and I cannot even put into words the HUGE difference it has made. In my early 20's, I began getting horrible cystic acne all over my chin and entire jaw line area. I had used every product available including Proactive, expensive designer dept store lines, Retin-A, birth controls etc...NOTHING helped! I'd have 5-15 painful nodules at once, each lasting 2-3 weeks and most scaring. My self-esteem was ruined, I was ashamed. Finally, at age 28, I went to a dermatologist and started on Aldactone 100mg/day. I saw noticeable improvement within a week and was totally clear in one month! Increased to 150mg/day after 3 months and have had flawless skin since. Truly a LIFESAVER medicine."


Anonymous (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 6, 2014

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"I began this Aldactone 50mg. 2 weeks ago. 8 days later I had a Cyst rupture on my Ovary. (I had a partial Hysterectomy 6mths ago). Not certain if the medicines were a part that will have to wait to be seen. I immediately felt the oil dry and the cyst go away. One of the best is I feel like the redness is gone as well. I love that since 7th grade till my 38th year, years of Accutane a million times, odd antibiotics, birth control, topicals and I FINALLY FEEL FREE of my ugly red skin."


Mrs. Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) July 3, 2013

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"Great! Works wonders for oily skin and hormonal acne. A bonus is that it helped make me 10lbs lighter. "


NeesaKj (taken for 2 to 5 years) September 11, 2012

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"I've been taking this medicine for about six months for acne, and it has done wonders for me. I saw full results after about 4 months. Other than frequently having to go to the bathroom (it's a diuretic), I've experienced no side effects. My skin is flawless, and all the insecurities I had about my skin--being anxious around the time of my period in anticipation of a breakout, not wanting to leave the house without makeup--are GONE. I've been on Accutane four or five times, and while my skin always did really well for the few months I was on it, sometime afterward I'd begin to get regular breakouts. Aldactone gives me predictably clear skin, I can take it indefinitely, AND it's cheap. If you have hormonal acne, please give this a shot!"

Anonymous February 21, 2012

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"I am almost 46 and for 30 years have tried everything for chronic hormonal acne (antibiotics, Accutane, all the skin care lines, Retin A). This medication has been a miracle for me. I still get little blackheads / small pimples around my menses, but are barely noticeable. I continue on with my Retin A treatment which helps that. I haven't noticed any side effects. I do watch my potassium intake (no bananas)."


Anonymous March 12, 2010

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"Being almost 30 and having cystic acne I began taking this as a last result. I tried all skin care lines....found myself using Clarins and my skin improved but still I was oily and breaking out on my neck and cheeks. After a couple of weeks I noticed I wasn't waking up with what seemed like a thick layer of oil on my face. I began to break out less and less. My Dermatologist upped my dose and now my painful cystic acne is gone and my skin feels great. Although I find myself very parched at times and you must watch your salt and alcohol intake. I like this medication."


Anonymous October 1, 2009

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