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User Reviews for Phendimetrazine (Page 2)

Also known as: Prelu-2 TR, Bontril PDM, Anorex-SR Adipost Appecon Fendique ER

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Obesity 8.3
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Reviews for Phendimetrazine

Simon1517 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 28, 2016

Bontril Slow Release (phendimetrazine) for Obesity: “Took it for about two months (skipping doses on weekends and some weekdays due to extreme side effects), started having extreme difficulty breathing, anxiety attacks from not being able to breathe with such a tight chest. Also it made me ridiculously irritable, and mean all the time but I did lose 15 lbs on it. Most of the time I felt like I was literally going insane. Not sure it was worth it though.”

4 / 10
venus6405 January 31, 2016

For Obesity: “I began a weight loss program on August 29,2015 to date 01/31/2016 I am down 57 pounds and I feel great. This weight loss has really come from just eating healthier and taking a b12 vitamin in the am as well as after the first three hours of being awake a 30mg phentermine capsule. I have been kind of stuck for the last couple weeks and the kicker has been that even after eating a nice sized lunch salad I feel like I am starving. I went to the clinic on Friday and told them about being hungry in the middle of the day and they gave me a 35mg phendimetrazine to take around 1 or 2 every afternoon. I have not had any problems sleeping since they were prescribed and really haven't even had the dry mouth lately. I have started to lose again.”

8 / 10
Angsue January 8, 2016

For Obesity: “So far so Great! I can't believe I found something that works for me! I'm 51 years old I have been over weight for 17 years! I was always able to control my weight before with weight watcher and Exercise but the pounds kept coming on! I got up to 250 and now I am down to 228 in 2 months!! What I can't believe is this is with no Exercise but I have Lots of energy! I do have some side effects with the biggest being insomnia so sometimes I'll skip a dose if I think I haven't been getting enough sleep and that helps some.. But the biggest part is the Energy and working all day without a nap or feeling tired! I don't want to go off it until I get to my goal weight how long can I stay on this medicine? I heard 3 months but that kinda scares me.”

10 / 10
GypsyStarr November 18, 2015

For Obesity: “I have been prescribed this medication since 5/12/15. I weighed in at 204 lbs & am expecting to weigh in at less than 150 lbs 11/23/15. I also take 1/2 a water pill first thing each morning, Bentyl every night & B vitamin every other night. All prescribed by the doctor, dispensed at 28 days. In addition to this, I follow a 1000 calorie eating plan, & do my best to move fast for 30 min each day. Self discipline is not easy, but paying for it holds me accountable. I have fibromyalgia, pancreatitis & a vomiting condition that started when I was 9 yo. I also have had several times throughout this last 6 mo when my back was out & I could hardly walk. I am thrilled with results & only had dry mouth as side effect. Now to build muscle!!”

10 / 10
Angie Ma November 5, 2015

For Obesity: “I'm mom of 5. My youngest Is 9 months.I've suffered weight gain the past 4 yrs. My weight has been 115/120lbs even after my 3 KI'd. Once the 4 and 5 came I have Plateaued at 150 . Can't drop these 30lbs. My Dr. Put me on adipex 37mg last yr went up 172lbs. I freaked out became depressed. Was 172 down to 137lbs. Then bam baby #5 was in the oven. In Feb 2015 I saw my doctor about 1 month after birth of #5 about starting adipex again because I I weighed in at 200lbs. She agreed. Went from 200lbs to 148 lbs. Now I'm back to 150. How depressing/frustrating. Seen the doctor yesterday and gain 3 lbs and she recommended Bontril. Is this a good pill? What is the average weight loss from it? Please explain the best effect. Thank you so much.”

jenncenn75 October 26, 2015

For Obesity: “I started taking 105 mg back in September and have lost close to 25lbs. I started at 210lb in June and lost 25lbs on my own and went to my weight loss Dr who put me on 105 mg a day. I know weigh about 163. I love love love this pill. I have almost no side effects except for dry mouth sometimes. I drink plenty of water and I now eat very clean. I workout 3 to 4x a week. Not too strenuous because of 2 herniated discs. I highly recommend these pills!!”

10 / 10
Jackie__12 October 14, 2015

For Obesity: “The first 3 days I swear I felt so good I was not hungry, very little appetite and a lot of energy. But after that it all stopped and I went to back to how I felt before I started taking this pills. I don't know if I did something wrong? I feel really disappointed I seriously felt so motivated I was going to lose weight but I haven't lost anything”

2 / 10
Puckwood October 8, 2015

For Obesity: “I am 56 years old and have been about 35 lbs overweight for about 15 years. I was diagnosed in February with Type 2 Diabetes. I was previously on Phentermine but did not have good results. My doc changed it to Phendametrazine and I am rarely hungry and have lots of energy and better work outs! I have lost 20 lbs. 15 more to go and I feel fantastic!”

10 / 10
Tamaraj · Taken for less than 1 month October 1, 2015

For Obesity: “I first tried Bontril about 7 years ago when I went to a weight loss center. I lost 47 pounds and kept if off for about three years. I remember taking two pills 30 minutes before each meal. 354mg tabs and I was told not to take my last dose after 4pm due to it will keep you from sleeping. I also followed a high protein diet. I was like 190 pounds then and I think I got down to 147. but over the years I've gained weight, had a baby and gained more weight. I'm now 235 pounds and started taking bontril a week ago and I've lost 4 pounds in a week, I was told to take 1 pill a hour before meals, I've increased to 2 pills before breakfast and 2 before lunch and 1 in the evening and I have no appetite I have to make myself eat. I hope this continue”

10 / 10
Momofmy4babies September 24, 2015

Bontril Slow Release (phendimetrazine) for Obesity: “I only took Bontril 105mg for 2 months. I started out at 250lbs!!! I went to buy New clothes and was in a size 18, so depressing! I started out on Bontril 35mg, that did nothing for me so they bumped it up. I did stop drinking cold drinks, and only water. I did not even drink tea. I ate a high protein diet, beef jerky, cheese, and yogurt. They told me 1200 calories but that felt impossible! I did exercise the first month but slacked in the second. I lost 50 pounds total in those 2 months. There after I did not gain my appetite back and got all the way down to 162 pounds. This medicine is absolutely amazing! Its been over 2 years and I just starting gaining some of the weight back due to the depo shot, I will definalty be going back to Bont”

10 / 10
BzMamaof2 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 24, 2015

For Obesity: “In 2008, I took phendimetrazine and along with diet and moderate exercise I lost 40 lbs in 3.5 months. The only side effect I had was occasional constipation when I didn't drink enough water. I didn't feel "the energy boost" like I was told I would. I loved it then! After gaining back 15lb (gained weight with pregnancy) and realizing my baby is now close to 3, it's time to get back into gear. Tried diet and exercise by itself with minimal results so I resorted to finding a weight loss clinic. I've been on the extended release for 5 days and it seems to be different. It doesn't seem to suppress my hunger like the first time around. I am still taking it though, I will weigh in on Oct. 16 so hopefully I will see results!”

9 / 10
BBW850 September 22, 2015

For Obesity: “Today marks 4 weeks since I've been on Phendimetrazine. I've since lost 14 pounds as of this morning. Little to none exercise. I have cut back my eating because I dont tend to think about eating 24/7. I definitely need to eat better and exercise. Probably would get better results. The only real side affects I have is not sleeping well. I usually get 6 hours of sleep a night and up the rest of the time. All in all i've had a good experience. Also: I was 331lbs when i went to the doctor August 25th. I'm 227lbs today September 22nd. Good luck everyone.”

10 / 10
phatbbw September 1, 2015

For Obesity: “I started taking the Medicine exactly one week from today. Weighed myself this morning and I've lost 12 pounds. Insomnia definitely a side effect. Curbed appetite.”

9 / 10
jsnice · Taken for less than 1 month July 29, 2015

For Obesity: “I have been taking these for four days and compare to others such as 375 phen these do not work as well. 375 phen helped me lose 6 lbs in a week.”

1 / 10
hardwork · Taken for less than 1 month July 16, 2015

For Obesity: “Just started my weight loss journey 8 days ago. Doing well and highly motivated. Drug bothered me the first two days with difficulty in getting to sleep but once I changed the times of day I was taking it, that helped. I also seem to only need it twice a day at this time. I have lost 8 pounds in a week which seems like too much but I know that will slow down. It has been a great way to give me a kick in the butt that I have needed to lose this excess baggage I have been carrying around. My goal is to lose 40 pounds and keep it off the rest of my life. Give it a try! It works!”

8 / 10
ror85 May 29, 2015

For Obesity: “I have been on phend for 5 weeks and my Dr put me on b12 shot every week also and I have lost 16 lb so far am so happy with it no side effect at all except dry mouth. I feel thirsty all the time and this is a good thing :') my energy level is so good I use to wight 162 and now am 146. I was reading about the med and start to get worried about withdrawal after taking it I still have 15 lbs to lose so if any one can ensure me or tell me what was his/her experience please. Thank u”

10 / 10
Jay81 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 20, 2015

Bontril Slow Release (phendimetrazine) for Obesity: “This medicine was working. Unfortunately I also suffer from migraines and take Topamax. After about two months I began depression. It was really bad.”

6 / 10
Anonymous January 22, 2015

For Obesity: “Totally worked for me”

10 / 10
PhatMommy · Taken for less than 1 month November 19, 2014

For Obesity: “So far I've been on this medicine for 7 days and have lost 7lbs as of yesterday. I worked out 3 days for like 30 minutes each day. I have still ate the same but just have stayed away from sweets. My appetite completely is gone, I eat a little pouch of oatmeal in the morning and a Lean Cuisine for lunch. Sometimes I feel a little hungry and will have Greek yogurt in between. I do track my calories via MyFitnessPal app on my phone so that helps to not over eat. I did have a slight headache and felt a little jittery but nothing major at all. I was nervous because some reviews had me worried. Otherwise I am still taking it and I'm excited to see how much I lose this week! It is expensive by the way, luckily I have an insurance card that covers.”

10 / 10
Atlantis4569 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2014

Bontril Slow Release (phendimetrazine) for Obesity: “I took this a while back and lost 16 lbs in one month. I wanted to try the Belviq instead so Dr prescribed that. Made me dizzy and disoriented so started back on the Bontril again. This time around in doing the Atkins diet along with it so I should be ready to go to Cozemel in January. This stuff is great.”

9 / 10
Laura cc May 10, 2014

For Obesity: “I'm 40 yrs old, very active eat right but couldn't shed the pounds. I'm 5'3 178 lbs. I started taking the medicine on Tuesday it's now Saturday and I lost 10lbs! You have to keep drinking water, make sure you eat within 45 min of taking the medicines and eat 5xs a day. You won't want to, but make sure you do. You haven't experienced any side effects except a little headache, nothing bad enough where I wanted to stop taking it. I wish I would've started this months ago!”

10 / 10
keke06 · Taken for less than 1 month February 21, 2014

For Obesity: “I was 288lbs when I started taking medicine, I am down to 265lbs. It really works and am still losing.”

10 / 10
GEORGIASEVE February 12, 2014

Bontril Slow Release (phendimetrazine) for Obesity: “When I was 33 I weighed 185 lbs. I am only 5'3 so I was extremely over weight. I had never had a weight problem before. My average weight was 125 to 130. After four months of staying home and not going out any, I put on the weight fast!! I started the bontril and changed everything. Didnt eat after 6, stopped drinking soda, nothing fried, no fast food, smaller plates for smaller portions and lots of water. In 3 months I got down to 122. I loved it! I tried it a second time in 2012 with no results. It was a stressful time for me. I am now doing it again and have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks. Its a great product for weight loss! The only side affect I ever experienced was mild constipation when I didnt drink enough water!!”

9 / 10
Kellie1987 October 24, 2013

Bontril PDM (phendimetrazine) for Obesity: “I have been on bontril for quite a few months now and have lost 30+ pounds. It's been very stubborn, but has came off slowly. I don't eat much anymore and it takes very little to fill me up. My energy levels are about the same and occasionally I will have asomnia. I wish I knew what to do to make it come off faster, I exercise and drink lots of water. I get weighed in every other week and have always lost weight it's just only a pound here or there. But I have to say this is the only product that I've actually lost weight on so I'm just thankful for that even if it's slow. Overall I'm just thankful I'm loosing weight. I'm a 5"8 240 pound female”

8 / 10
heartunes September 24, 2013

For Obesity: “I suffer from degenerative disc disease, depression secondary to that, G.E.R.D. and old-lady disease. I can barely walk 50% of the time without pain or extreme effort it seems. I take Cymbalta and Vicodin for chronic pain, as well as naproxen sodium. Without phendimetrazine 105mg timed released or phentermine 37.5mg, I wouldn't have enough umph! To get moving to just do some of the activities of daily living. It is an excellent medicine for weight loss or even weight maintenance. It is further an excellent medicine to counteract the side effects of pain medication; and thus, it should be classified as a medication for this use also, not only for weight loss.”

10 / 10