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User Reviews for Niacin to treat Depression

Also known as: Slo-Niacin, Niaspan, B-3-50, B3-500-Gr, Niacin SR Endur-acin HDL Benefit Niacor

Niacin has an average rating of 8.7 out of 10 from a total of 38 ratings for the treatment of Depression. 87% of those users who reviewed Niacin reported a positive effect, while 11% reported a negative effect.

Niacin Rating Summary

User Ratings
68% (26)
11% (4)
8% (3)
0% (0)
3% (1)
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5% (2)
5% (2)
8.7/10 Average Rating
38 ratings from 48 user reviews

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Reviews for Niacin

Aliyah · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 27, 2020

“Niacin is a life saver. It helps with my anxiety. Unfortunateally it does not give me a 100 % relief, but it eases my anxiety to the point where I can function like a normal person. It makes my GAD/Depression much more manageable. I also add some GABA.”

8 / 10
JR · Taken for less than 1 month February 18, 2020

“Niacin has done zilch for me”

2 / 10
JR · Taken for less than 1 month February 16, 2020

“niacin Did nothing for my depression even in larger doses.”

1 / 10
Botticellichik · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2020

“Completely cured my depression”

10 / 10
Dmarq · Taken for less than 1 month December 17, 2019

“Been suffering from depression and anxiety most of my life. Started taking Solgar Niacin (with the flush) and the change has been like day vs night. Sleeping better, energy in the morning and in the evening (but not affecting sleep), better concentration and mood vastly improved. Started on Solgar Niacin 100mg once a day and moved up to twice a day and feeling great!”

10 / 10
Tony · Taken for less than 1 month December 14, 2019

“The 12th of December, I woke up like any other day, it felt kind of normal, but as soon as I was on my way to work, I noticed I didn’t have anxiety. My depression was gone as well. And for some reason I felt like smiling. It was a weird feeling. The day before I had took a just about above average dose of niacin and I think that is what made the difference. Everything else in that day and previous were the same as my days with depression and anxiety. So I figured it had to be my diet since I recently changed it, to track my micronutrient intake. I feel great and like I always wanted to feel, the person above said it best. I feel like I am not the way I felt almost my whole life, I can talk to people now without feeling anxious and feel in a Way better positive mood. I thought my whole life was going to be depressing and I was going to try to have to find a way to live like this. It is amazing!”

10 / 10
Bigal December 9, 2019

“No need for niacin. Just cake regular nicotinimide b3 and that way no flushing. I take 500mg twice a day after food, this vit is amazing. Stopped 90% of my anxiety and quietened my intrusive thoughts. Love it. Ten dollars for 60 tablets.”

Clarice · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 30, 2019

“My (male) partner gets low mood and anxiety. Within a few days of taking niacin (no flush) he is a different person, upbeat, positive and happy. If he stops taking it, negative symptoms return. Much rather this natural remedy than drug-based antidepressants.”

10 / 10
Melanie567 October 7, 2019

“I recently started using niacin and it completely cured my anxiety depression and alcohol abuse. I really believe that alcoholism is a result of a niacin deficiency. And we are deficient the morning anxiety you have and then you drink to treat that and it's a vicious cycle and creates more deficiency. I am so grateful for this and I'm sharing this with anyone and everyone I can. I was becoming very hopeless and suicidal I had tried everything and nothing was working. This works almost immediately.”

Mom of two September 30, 2019

“My daughter, an RN, fell into a severe depression and ended up in the hospital. After taking a multitude of medications, we started her on ketermine infusions and that helped greatly , but didn’t completely rid the negative thoughts quick enough. We started her on niacin - 1500 mg a day, no flush, and her mood and motivation changed instantly!!!!!!! She started going to the gym, out with friends, calmness, and everything became positive within an hour after starting this vitamin. These are facts and I’m grateful to God that we found this information about the Dr that cured depression , just by using niacin daily!”

10 / 10
Nick · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 21, 2019

“I am almost 50 years old. I spent most of my life suffering from depression and anxiety. The hard part is the Asian (Eastern) culture do not believe in such ailments. They are signs of weakness and we are taught (expected) to power through it. Mind over matter. I used to use alcohol to medicate myself. Doctors wanted to give me SSRIs, like wellbutrin, zoloft, prozac, and lexapro. I don't wanted any of those drugs. I have plenty of my friends on those medications and I have seen what those meds have done to them. The good news is that three years ago I discovered Niacin. I have been taking them everyday since then. It has lessen my anxiety and depression. I no long drink alcohol. My life took a turn for the better. I am sharing my story because I want others who are suffering depression and anxiety to know of this. Don't give up. Try it.”

NJ-Jim July 24, 2019

“It's 7/24/19. I just started this on 7/20. Been taking Viibryd for about 6 months now (40mg). It was working fine for a while, but I started to see the benefits weaning. I bought 1,000 of the 500mg tabs . I took 1,000mg the first day. The flush was little intense for about 45 minutes (itching and flushing of skin). It went away and my depression did too! The next day I took 1,500 mg. The flushing was not as bad as the day before and I felt great. I've been taking 2,000mg a day and I've felt better than I have for 25 years. I think my sweet spot is between 1,500 and 2,000mg per day. As of today, the flushing is VERY minor. I suggest you try this. Now..I'm a type 2 diabetic on medication for control (no insulin). I heard that this can increase sugar in the blood. I hope this doesn't make me have to stop. I'm hoping I can ween off of the Vybriid. This niacin seems like a magical drug, and the best part is it's not a's a vitamin!!!”

9 / 10
Health Junkie · Taken for less than 1 month July 21, 2019

“Lowered my feelings of anxiety & depression but raised my blood sugar to prediabetes levels. Make sure to monitor your blood glucose levels if you take niacin.”

2 / 10
Arianna July 13, 2019

“For anyone who's taking niacin & getting the flush please consider taking the NON-FLUSH niacin, 1000 to 3000 mg instead of the regular one.”

6 / 10
FC · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 3, 2019

“I (23 year old woman) have struggled for years with depression and anxiety, but this past year the depression got much worse. I lost 50 pounds and almost got fired from my teaching job for it. Anyway, I started taking niacin during a two week depressive episode and it helped a lot. The episode ended by the second day of taking niacin, and I haven't felt "at risk" of going back there since. I take 1000 mg a day, split morning and night. I also take 50 mg of 5-HTP right before bed.”

10 / 10
Wael · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 23, 2019

“Didn't help in my case as I have chronic depression, started with 500 mg flush type up to 3g per a day, not helping I guess only thing I get flushy everyday.”

Guineym · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 13, 2018

“It cured my depression at 3g a cures schizophrenia and bipolar and also aids in constipation to combat anti psychotics”

10 / 10
Faith120 · Taken for less than 1 month September 6, 2018

“I'm trying Niacin both for getting off of Clonazepam and for anxiety. I need more instructions on how to find my optimal dose. I took my first 100 mg pill after a meal and had significant flushing about an hour later that lasted for 30 min. I heard the flushing reduces in time Dr. Abram Hoffer's optimal dose was 3,000 mg (1000 after each meal) but said everyone is different. ”

Hotcoldupdownleftright August 15, 2018

“This review is for both niacin and niacinamide. Got off Zoloft after taking it for only 2 weeks due to its insane side effects and worsening depression! Had a psychiatrist appointment coming up in two weeks from that point, which was the beginning of the week. After being diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I’ve suspected of being over methylated, which could be the reason I didn’t fare well with SSRI .I took niacinamide 500mg and wow! Boost of energy, positivity, and optimism! However only lasted for like 4 days. Hypomania? I’ve tried up to 1500mg a day for a few days, and that feeling never came back, some low mood and anxiety only. I then read that flush niacin would be more effective. So I bought niacin 100mg. Took like 500mg to flush, and it gave me a sense of calmness and prevention of lower moods. Same thing, only lasted for a few days. I went up as much as 1800mg/ day, split doses, and never got a consistent effect. Already threw away bottles. Wouldn’t try again.”

loviedovie · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 12, 2018

“I can't recommend this vitamin enough! For the last couple of years my mind was plagued with lots of intrusive thoughts (OCD). It started with one thing and from then the cycle went on and on and on. Each time I got very anxious and later on even to the point that I got more and more depressed. My doctor recommended to take an SSRI, but somehow I didn't like that. So I've looked up for natural supplements and finally read more about Niacin. So I've ordered it online and it works! I'm so happy!! I also sleep way much better than since a long time and the intrusive thoughts have been reduced. Sometimes they are there, but that constant feeling of sadness and regret is gone! Everyone who has mental health issues should try this! I've started with 100 gram (I've been using Solgar's Niacin) and I've been upgrading the dosage each time (currently I take 500 on a daily basis).”

Diane · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 18, 2018

“I have been taking 300-500 mg of niacin (split dose) for a few weeks now. My anxiety and depression symptoms have improved greatly. I feel so much more calm and I am sleeping better. I was doing some research and this is likely related to a genetic trait which affects the metabolism of tryptophan. My flushing symptoms were pretty intense at first but have improved. It's totally worth it. I have read that the slow release niacin is no good and can cause liver damage. The regular, immediate release niacin is what works for me and I split the dose throughout the day. It works for me.”

10 / 10
Cyd7 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 18, 2018

“No effect on my mood.”

1 / 10
Anonymous February 3, 2018

“I have suffered from epilepsy and depression since childhood. With a number of SSRI meds and finally Wellbutrin I could never find total relief. But about one year ago I began adding supplements to my fruit and veggie diet. B-3 was the first. I began using 1gram per day and later dropped to half a gram per day. Very notable change in my mood and anxiety disorders. I sleep a full eight hours and wake up with no anxiety. Positive, upbeat and very few moments of sadness as long as I'm taking the B-3. If I stop for two or three days, I'm back in the black! This stuff works for me. I won't be shopping for a new drug anymore.”

8 / 10
Akt1 January 19, 2018

“Tryptophan is being used by the body to create niacin, if you are deficient in niacin. Tryptophan is also the precursor to serotonin - the feel good neurotransmitter. This means that: Niacin + Tryptophan (or small doses of 5-htp) should give you a good dose of serotonin naturally. Since the The tryptophan/5-htp can be used to deliver serotonin directly. If you use niacin with whey protein you will get Tryptophan and tyrosine and a lot of other amino acids. Just wanted to say that my mood lifts significantly with this formula -> Niacin + tryptophan or small doses of 5-htp. Add Tyrosine if needed, or combine with whey protein/amino acid complex.”

10 / 10
Davet9 January 2, 2018

“I originally took niacin up to 1000mg for cholesterol, when I noticed it helps with depression and anxiety. At first I thought it was a placebo effect, but it was too consistent and tangible. I started at 50mg and very slowly increased up to 1000mg, with antidepressant and anti anxiety benefits felt at 200mg and improving as I increased the dosage.”

10 / 10

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