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User Reviews for Plan B to treat Emergency Contraception

Plan B has an average rating of 8.5 out of 10 from a total of 1392 ratings for the treatment of Emergency Contraception. 83% of those users who reviewed Plan B reported a positive effect, while 10% reported a negative effect.

Plan B Rating Summary

8.5/10 Average Rating

1392 ratings from 1524 user reviews

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62% 858
14% 195
7% 97
3% 42
2% 27
2% 21
1% 11
1% 13
1% 8
9% 120

Reviews for Plan B

-- February 18, 2021

“Ok I promised I would write my experience if everything went OK. It did. I had two weeks experimenting things I never had before, feelings of guilt, anxiety, and everything you sure know about if you're here. My recommendation: don't panic. You have to stay calm. I'm a boy. The girl who I had sex with took the pill, and wasn't nervous like me, but I was terrified. She has an irregular cycle and this was right after she supposedly ovulated, so that was made me be even more scared. Don't read too much of what Google says. Every page is pretty much the same, so you won't gain much knowledge reading 200 pages a day as I did. It definitely works if you're not ovulating yet. Even though you were ovulating, many other factors need to come into place for pregnancy to occur. Her period came one day later that what the app she uses said and 13 days after she took the pill. Be safe! Everything will be OK!!”

10 / 10
Miley · Taken for less than 1 month February 17, 2021

“These reviews truly kept me from having a total meltdown and I was so hopeful I’d be able to come back to write one of my own - and here I am! TRUST. THIS. PILL. and trust these reviews! I swear if I hadn't found this page and so many encouraging words I would have continued to have a stress spiral and further delay my period. I had sex on 2/7 and the condom broke upon ejaculation. This was during my ovulation window, as my period was scheduled for 2/15, and we got a Plan B the next morning, about 7 hours later. For the past week I’ve been a hormonal mess, gained a few pounds from stress eating, and had extremely tender breasts. I found these reviews about two days ago and I swearrrr the amount of reassurance + comfort they gave me alleviated the worst of my stress, and I got my period in full yesterday(2/16)! I’ve never been happier to have cramps and feel my uterus shed every time I stand up LOL. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE!!!! And if you’re worried, I promise this should work!”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 16, 2021

“I told myself that if Plan B worked I would post a review on here. Do not stress, it works! Recently, I had sex with a guy and the condom broke without us knowing, and he finished inside me. I realized it was the night before my ovulation was supposed to start, so I took Plan B about 12 hours after. I had some cramping for 2 days after using it, and after googling my symptoms I was convinced I was pregnant, but my period came 3 days early and was normal. Stay away from google and try not to stress out because Plan B works.”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

C February 13, 2021

“So I thought I’d share my experience if it worked. So, Feb 5th I had unprotected sex with my bf and he didn’t cum, but I was still worried about precum; also, I was ovulating that day. I took Plan B 3 hours later. I read online that it didn’t work after ovulation, but keep in mind that the pill also prevents fertilisation, so all hope is not lost. However, I was so worried. I only had very mild cramps that came and went and lasted for two days. I didn’t have any spotting, or sore breasts...nothing. I was kind of worried, because I also had creamy white discharge (which apparently is a sign of early pregnancy). My period has always been irregular so I was hoping for the very worst. However, today, it arrived! Seven days before it was expected to! To wrap it up, take Plan B as soon as you possibly can, DO NOT google anything, talk to your OBgyn and let them explain to you that the odds are in your favor, and trust the pill.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month February 12, 2021

“I promised myself to write one if it worked, especially since reading all the over reviews were so comforting. I put my Nuvaring in a week late and had unprotected sex during my fertile window, not knowing it takes a week to start working, so I took a Plan B. Coming up to my period my breasts were really tender and swollen and I had a few cramps. It came 5 days late but it came! It works, just be patient!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 11, 2021

“My last period was January 12 and on day 7 I had unprotected sex he pulled out. I didn’t take plan b January 11 I had spotting and I freaked bc I never have spotting I thought it was implantation turns out it was ovulation spotting which means my ovulation was COMING. I never ovulate early and then day 14 came around and I had so much egg white cervical mucus (ewcm). I had UNPROTECTED SEX on ovulation day I'm stupid right? After 2 rounds I went to my local drug mart and got plan b. I looked everywhere online that said plan is useless when you’re ovulating so I was definitely pregnant. After I took it I convinced myself I was pregnant bc right after I had nausea, cramps and tender breasts. Luckily I got my period 4 days early. I usually get my period on day 31. My advice is don’t google your symptoms, be protected and be aware of ovulation, try to avoid having sex when you ovulate okay. It worked for me on ovulation day so it does work don’t listen to others and TRUST THE PILL!!!! Love you girlies❤️”

9 / 10
Wee February 11, 2021

“I'm so scared I can barely eat or sleep. I had unprotected sex on 31st Jan which according to Flo app was my last day of fertility so I wasn't too worried . During the night however I started feeling the ovulation pains and realised that I'm screwed. I took the plan b in the morning (16hrs). The ovulation pains continued till midday. 2 to 3 days later I had unprotected sex again (stupid I know). My period is supposed to come 14 Feb and I'm so stressed with anxiety. I'm experiencing bad cramps on left abdomen and severe bloating. I'm not ready for a baby and I'm terrified. I guess I'll have to wait till at least the 15th to take a preg test. Will come back for update:(”

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pangolin · Taken for less than 1 month February 11, 2021

“I took Levonorgestrel twice within a 48 hour timespan ((1.5 + 1.5) 3.0 mg cumulatively) following contraceptive failure on the 17th & 18th of December. This occurred two weeks prior to my expected date of ovulation (i.e. 3 days post-menstruation (proliferative period)) I experienced a withdrawal bleed throughout 23rd - 27th December and skipped menstruation during January. I experienced nausea, a bloated abdomen, irritability, swollen breasts, and weight gain. I took 3 dip-stick pregnancy tests two weeks following the absent menstruation - all were negative. I then had a blood pregnancy test taken to confirm these results and minimise potential false-negatives, which was also negative. On this day, February 11th I am now experiencing menstruation with little to nil adverse effect. This will likely work for you if taken correctly, promptly, and prior to ovulation. Good luck.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 10, 2021

“I lost on virginity on 12/13/2020. He came in me without me knowing that he took the condom off. I took the pill within an hour.( I am 220lbs) I felt major cramping for 2 days. A week later, 12/20/2020, I got my period. A month later, 1/17/21, I started getting really bad cramps, nausea, back pain, and breast pain. I started lightly spotting. Mostly just brown and super light pink. It only lasted 3 days. I convinced myself that it was implementation bleeding. EVERY symptom I googled led to pregnancy. After feeling so terrible for 3 weeks I brought myself to take a pregnancy test. The test was negative but I was still convinced I was pregnant. Well, it’s 2/9/21 and I got my period in full swing again. So if you are in my situation where you are missing a cycle or two. Relax. Breathe. Don’t stress. And know that your body and cycle is going to be screwed up by the potency of this pill. Trust in the pill. It works. Just give your body some time to get readjusted.”

8 / 10
nat February 10, 2021

“My bf and i had intercourse but the condom broke and he didn’t notice when. He still pulled out before finishing but I was scared for the pre cum because I was 2 days close to ovulation . Took it 30 mins later and was still not to due for my period for another 2-3 weeks . I was bloated often and spotted 5 days before my period that’s about it tho no other symptoms. I got my period 2 days early and I’m heavy flow and it seems to be the same so DON'T STRESS and remember the odds are in ur favor.”

10 / 10
buttercup · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 9, 2021

“LADIESSSSS do not fret. I WAS ON HERE READING ALL THE REVIEWS I WAS STRESSSSEDDDDD. I had unprotected sex 2 days before my ovulation. January 23rd which I could still have gotten pregnant. However it is now February 9th and my period came!!! Super heavy. I’d have to say I had all the signs of pregnancy. I woke up fatigued for no reason and I was so moody. I also had spotting throughout the days. Like super light red spotting about 3 times before my period actually came. I also have diarrhea like BAD. Anyone who says the side effects are bad and giving it a bad review. Sheesh girl the point is for you is to not get preggo.”

10 / 10
Freaked out February 9, 2021

“So it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s the 1st day after my most recent period. I was feeling myself that night. I was looking nice after a year of looking like shit everyday due to a quarantine and I wanted to have sex. The drinks were flowing and I decided to have drunk sex with a friend. The next day I did not remember if he pulled out even tho he was sure he did. Since I didn’t trust him I bought the plan b anyway 40 hours after the act. A week after taking the pill I spotted for about 3 days and had every pregnancy symptom listed on google. I was hormonal I had acne, tender breasts, fatigue, and I had a crazy appetite. So normally my period comes pretty regularly I was expecting it on January 28 but I didn’t get it until 12 days later on February 9th. I’m on here to tell you not to flip out the pill works but it does mess with your flow I’m typically pretty regular but this past month I was very late. Don’t stress yourself out your period will come in time.”

10 / 10
Omggg February 9, 2021

“My partner and I had sex the exact day I was ovulating that was January 24,2021. We used a condom but he didn’t realize that it broke and he ejaculated inside me. I started crying because I’ve never been in that situation before but the next day maybe around 12 hours after we had sex that was January 25, he bought the morning after pill for me and I took it and I bled for 1 day. I swore it was implantation bleeding but thanks to the pill and yesterday on February 8 I got my period so trust the pill ladies. I read all the experiences shared and I want to thank all of you beautiful ladies. I waited on my period stayed off google like you all said and thanks be to God and the pill I got my period yesterday so the pill really works whether you are ovulating or not. So to anyone going through the same thing just take the pill, pray to God, stay off google and read our experiences... Take care lovely ladies stay safe you are loved❤❤”

10 / 10
Fool February 4, 2021

“I completely know how stressful the situation is that you are in and I promised I would post something if it worked for me. I had unprotected sex on the 16th of January 3 days after the end of my period. We were only unprotected for a short amount of time and he never ejaculated. I was totally confident that I was in the clear until I googled when I got home. I freaked out when I read about precum possibly causing pregnancy. The next day I ran to Rite Aid about 19 hours after the event and got Plan B. About 5 days after I experienced spotting and cramps. Unfortunately I decided I should Google it (DON'T) and I totally freaked out because I thought I was implementation spotting. It is now February 4th and my period just showed up yesterday! Don't stress ladies! You will only delay your period further. Remember to pray and remember that God has your future and you will be okay! I know I will never be making this mistake again. MAKE THIS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE!”

10 / 10
Redwine99 · Taken for less than 1 month February 3, 2021

“It works even after you took after ovulation!!! I took within 4 hours though so take it ASAP. Side effects are really bad. Sore boobs nauseous headache chill/shiver during sleep cramp back pain - i went through all these and it was really really bad. But the period came at the exact date that app predicted!!!!”

10 / 10
Halo2 · Taken for less than 1 month February 2, 2021

“Listen I want to share my experience just to give clarity on this huge issue and peace of mind to anyone whose scared. I had unprotected sex three days after I ovulated. The app on my phone predicted that I was still in my “fertile window” but I know for a fact I ovulated cause I saw the cervical mucus (it’ll look like an egg white). I was not on any birth control when I had sex, and we actually did it twice and both times he finished inside of me. I took the plan B immediately after we finished. I did have some cramps after taking the pill, and a lot of breast tenderness leading to my period, but my period was due on January 31 and I got my period on that exact date! So do not believe what you read. Even if you have ovulated, the plan B can still work.”

Princess k · Taken for less than 1 month February 2, 2021

“Horrible, I currently have very annoying light spotting that has been going on for almost 2 weeks after taking plan b.”

1 / 10
vampire<3 February 2, 2021

“I had unprotected sex on January 13th, about 8 days before ovulation and 2 days before my fertile window. My January period had ended on the 8th. my period has always been regular so I know my cycle. Even so, I decided to take a plan b, just incase. On January 14th, maybe 9-10 hours after. Please remember that you are overloading your body with hormones, so it is normal to have some side effects. I started heavily bleeding on January 18th for about 7 days, with blood clots, cramps, breast tenderness, headaches and dizziness, which is very normal for my period. This also would've been a second period for January, which was very annoying. I am currently waiting for my February period, which may be late, this is absolutely normal. Plan b is there to push back your ovulation date, your body releasing an egg (your period) is the sign that the egg was not fertilized. Do not stress, everything will be okay as long as you take it within the correct timeframe under the correct circumstances!”

10 / 10
Toki February 2, 2021

“WAYAHHH MY GOODNESS HOW SCARED I WAS!! Ya'll. I am 18 year old, 65kg. First time taking plan B. 15 December unprotected intercourse, pull out method, multiple rounds and Plan B 16th December over 26hrs later. Two weeks after last period and one week before ovulation. Bled a week later for 4 days. 23-26 Dec. Usual period is 7 days and little heavy. My normal period was due 26th Jan. And for the next 6 WEEKS had bad symptoms. Extreme bloating, loss of appetite, weight shift, fatigue, constipation, abdominal pains and nausea, physical and emotional stress and anxiety and (slight spit up not vomit, but belching stuff back up.) My discharge shifted between watery and creamy white. A week passes and my period is now 7 days late. No access to get a test so no choice but to wait it out. Eventually I start spotting, then soon enough near the end of the day, GUSH. Remember,. Pull out method - be sure to pee and wash up AND keep track of ovulation and dates. Trust the pill, NOT GOOGLE”

9 / 10
Stupid young girl lol January 31, 2021

“I hate to say it but I took this pill twice. This time however, it was way worse. So me and my boyfriend were having sex unprotected (I know stupid) and he finished inside of me. This happened January 13th around 1:30pm. I wasn’t able to get to a store until January 15th around 7am to get the pill. I immediately took it. Then I come to find out, I ovulated on January 9th and was now 4 days into my luteal phase. There was absolutely no point of taking the pill, however, I'm glad I took it just in case I was ovulating. I was doing research about the luteal phase and I learned that you are infertile during it. So, that helped eased my mind however, my period was a week late. I got scared so I took 3 tests and they all came back negative. Then i started looking at the reviews and it just made me even more scared. Well this morning, my period came and it’s heavier than normal but at least I’m not preggos :)!”

10 / 10
Miss L Kat Pat January 30, 2021

“I was on birth control for many years. My prescription ran out and I didn’t refill it in time. I told my boyfriend the situation and we were careful each time we had sex. BUT one time (the first day of ovulation) he finished inside me without realizing I wasn’t on birth control. Since it was Sunday, I waited until Monday afternoon to go to the pharmacy to get Plan B (roughly 27 hours). I felt fine after taking it, having the slightest cramps 3 days after. Around day 5-6 I started to get tender breast, upper & lower back pain, cramping. It wasn’t my normal PMS symptoms, so I immediately thought I was pregnant. Day 7-9 the cramps were “on” & “off” but the back pain was getting worse. I was expected my period on Sunday (according to my period tracker app) but I GOT MY PERIOD 2 days before original start date. So it worked for me. My period cramps are a lot more intense than they usually are and my flow is a bit heavier than usual. Have hope ladies xoxo”

10 / 10
Roni January 30, 2021

“I as other girls told myself if this works I’ll post my experience. TRUST THIS ECP PILL GIRLIES DO NOT STRESS. My bf accidentally came in me 2 DAYS before ovulation. I took the pill 20-30 mins later. I had no side effects for two weeks but my boobs hurt and were swelling and I swore on my life my stomach got bigger I thought I was done for. Yesterday I started bleeding a lil, I thought it was implantation but hoped since my period is due in 3 days it’s just my period but I thought it was implantation. BOOM. Got my period today, big flow, clots everything. RELAX HONEY don’t google stuff it won’t help, trust this pill.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 30, 2021

“Majority of the time Plan B has worked for me. I’ve taken it a handful of times. Sometimes during ovulation and sometimes a couple days prior. It has failed me twice, but those two times were peak ovulation. But if taken before ovulation, it definitely works!”

6 / 10
Levi’s Unicorn January 28, 2021

“My last period was December 25th, I had unprotected sex on January 3rd, started ovulating on January 4th took plan b on January 6th. The whole month of January was a rollercoaster from headaches, to stomach and back pains, but it made my faith in God stronger than ever. Today, January 28th(6 days late) I came on my period!”

7 / 10
quinn January 28, 2021

“Told myself I’d write a review if it worked. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on January 16th. I just told him I wanted him to stick it in so I could see what it felt like, since I was a virgin. Long story short, not very nice, because of his size. Told him to take it out, and he did immediately. He wasn’t in there for more than 6 seconds. It said on my period tracker that I was ovulating that day, and paired with the fact that I just learned you can get pregnant from precum, I was terrified. Took the Plan B that Monday. I had AWFUL nausea the first day, and terrible cramps the entire week. But I got my period today, on January 28th, right on time with my tracker! This one hurts so bad, but I’ve never been happier to get my period. We were stressing so bad, and googling like crazy. PLEASE don’t google!! A lot of Plan B side effects, and PMSing, are the same as pregnancy symptoms. Let the pill do it’s job!! It wouldn’t be on the market if it didn’t work :)))”

10 / 10

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