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User Reviews for Plan B One-Step

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Reviews for Plan B One-Step

youreokaygirl April 12, 2021

For Emergency Contraception: “So my boyfriend and I had unprotected intercourse on April 5th. We did it about 3 times that day. He pulled out, but I was still worried because I was in my fertile window. Since precum has a chance to contain sperm in it we got Plan B just to be safe. I took it about 28 hours later. I was extremely scared while on the internet. Guys do not do any internet searches, it will scare you even more. After I took Plan B, I wasn’t feeling any symptoms the first 2 days. After 2 days I felt back pain, dizziness, cramps, bloating, and headaches. I was so worried because I didn’t know what was going on in my body. 1 week after I took the pill went by and I saw a little bit of spotting. It was red and happened when I peed. The same day I checked again and it was my period!!! It came on day 23 of my cycle about 2 weeks before my period date was supposed to come. My usual cycle is about 37 days which is pretty lengthy. Don’t worry, stop stressing, and pray to God about it!!! He will ease your mind, GUARANTEED!”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 31, 2021

For Emergency Contraception: “So here we go! On 2/11 my boyfriends condom broke & he fully came in me. After we immediately went to get Plan B pill. I took the pill within 1 hour or so & felt nauseous right after 30 mins of taking the pill. I was around 1-2 days before high fertility day according to my predicted flow app & we were so worried it wouldn’t work. I felt nauseous, I had horrible cramps & then after a week on 2/18 I started to bleed lightly, IDK if that was my period or withdrawal bleeding but I BLEED FOR 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT from 2/18 to 3/1. I took like 6 pregnancy tests every week & all were negative. So today 3/31 I finally got my real period!!! My cramps are very painful but at least I’m not pregnant! I had my last period 3/2 & I was about 28 days late for my period. It was the worst & most stressful 2 months of my life. I’m young and can’t afford a baby. But try not to stress, the pill works!!! The earlier you take it the more guarantee you have if it working. Stay safe ladies”

10 / 10
J March 28, 2021

For Emergency Contraception: “I had unprotected sex the 16th of March (2 days after ovulation according to my app) took plan b 1.5-2 hrs later. That night I had night sweats and cramping the next day. I never experienced any spotting or other side effects. I took like 5 pregnancy test the week my period was suppose to start - all negative. Continued to have cramping until my period started (March 28th) 1 day late. I would say my cramps progressively got worse the 24 hrs before I started my period. Idk if it’s the timing that I had sex or if the pill worked. But I’m very happy to not be pregnant because I know I’m very fertile, as I have a 6 month old and also have a 2 yr old! They say don’t stress. But I’m not gonna lie, I stressed big time! It’s the natural thing to do. Good luck to whoever is reading this!”

9 / 10

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Be zen November 8, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “Ladies this works, I promised myself if I got my period I would write a review. I had already ovulated, the condom broke while it was inside of me, AND I took this pill at hour 70. After three weeks tons of pregnancy tests, sore breasts, weird spotting (brown and pink.. was convinced it was implantation bleeding) I finally got my period. It was 4 days late and started out very slowly but it’s here. Trust the process, get off of google and remember that everyone’s body is different and will have a different reaction to the hormones.”

10 / 10
I panicked like you are June 4, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I promised myself that if/when I got my period, I’d share my experience. I had sex on April 12th, on the last day of my period. It was unprotected and he didn’t pull out in time. He fully came in me. We went to CVS in the morning and I took plan b one-step probably 10-12 hours after sex. My periods are always weird since I’m on the pill, and I don’t get a period every month. I didn’t get a period/bleeding in May. I took at least 2-3 pregnancy tests that all came back negative, but I googled symptoms of pregnancy and freaked myself out so badly that I was convinced I was pregnant and that my life was over. If you worry like I do, I’m here to tell you you’re okay. It’s now June 4th, and my period is technically early by like a week. I spotted yesterday (pinkish/red). But now it’s a heavy flow, and my cramps have been so bad. However, I’m not pregnant and am happy. DO NOT GOOGLE ANYTHING. If you take this pill within 24 hours, you’re okay. Stay strong ❤️”

8 / 10
Dhjdjsns June 18, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “HELLOOO!! I promise myself that I would write one of these if my period cameee and guess what!!! It did. My period was late by a whole month but it is finally here!! Don’t stress it for realll I cry way too much! You will be okkk. The pill works! Definitely never taking it again because it messed up my cycle but it saved me!!”

10 / 10
Missy123 · Taken for less than 1 month June 2, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I took this on April 7 2020 (the day after) and received my period on the 24th of April. Normal 5-7 day period. So I went about the whole month the same UNTIL, May came along which my period was supposed to come again, obviously right? But no. I panicked because I didn’t know what was going on with my body if I was prego or if I was just going crazy. Turns out I started my period June 1st - DAY 38. I was 12 days late from when my period was “supposed” to start. So. I didn’t have any side effects but my SECOND cycle started late as heck. So if y’all are worried about being prego or whatever your period may come later in the second cycle. It did not have this side effect on the medication but I just wanted to share my experience. Also I only took one plan b. I’ve never taken any medication like that in my life. SO!! All in all, It worked but you may discover yourself in the same situation as me, getting your SECOND period late. :)”

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QueshaSmith · Taken for less than 1 month June 7, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I had unprotected sex last month on the 26th at 12AM and according to my period app I was ovulating. I should’ve told him I wasn’t on birth control, the same day he brought me a Plan B and I took it right away. I was really anxious. I had a few symptoms. The first day it made me really sleep. A week after I took it the symptoms continued I had mild cramps, bloated, had mood swings. The waiting game was hard seeing if my period was gonna show up on time. Now today, my period started at day early supposed to gotten my period June 8th. Never been so happy to see blood! I’ve seen a lot of people say the pill won’t work. If you’re ovulating that’s not true so do stress yourself out the pull will work”

10 / 10
Anonymous October 2, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I just wanted to leave a review of my experience in case someone else is going through a similar situation. So I had unprotected sex with a guy the day after I had already ovulated. Of course I read that plan b isn’t really effective during ovulation or after so I freaked out. He pulled out but I was still nervous about possible pregnancy so the next day (about 16 hours later) I took the plan b pill. I had cramping here and there in both my stomach and lower back. Little bit of nausea a few days after taking it. I stressed myself out so much from googling symptoms and what not. I thought for sure I might be pregnant, but one day before my period was due I started spotting light and then I got more intense cramps and my period came strong right after. This pill DOES work! People will say it doesn’t during ovulation but I’ve read a lot of reviews on here and other women say the same thing. Keep your hopes up because your period will eventually come!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month October 16, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “First of all THANK GOD!! I took the pill September 7th and my period was supposed to come September 21st. I ended up being 22 days late for my period, my period just came today Oct. 15. While I was waiting on my period I experienced dull cramps near my pelvis area and lotsss of discharge. Non the less it came and I couldn’t be happier”

8 / 10
Maddie January 23, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I want to share my experience taking plan b because I know some other ladies are just as scared as I was. I had sex with my boyfriend, but the condom had slid off without either of us knowing. He didn’t pull out either. I did not have time to stop at the store on my way home so I took plan b the next morning 16 hours after sex. You have to try not to throw up within the first two hours so I took a nap to prevent myself from doing so. I woke up light headed and feeling a little sick. After some time I felt completely fine. I noticed my emotions were really bad for the next few day maybe from the hormones in the pill. But I took a pregnancy test just to make sure and I am not pregnant! Even after 16 hours between sex and plan b! Please try your best not to google pregnancy symptoms because that will just scare you. Just stay strong and be patient! I’m sending prayers your way❤️”

10 / 10
Vega March 9, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I took the pill 2 days after having unprotected sex. My boyfriend came inside, so I was 100% sure I needed to take it. I took it 4 days after my period had ended. I am 5’0 & 95 pounds. I'm stating that because I think that played a big roll in the side affects I experienced. I started bleeding 5 days after taking the pill. I had cramps for over two weeks straight. My whole body ached & It made me fatigued. It was all severed. I threw up twice within the first 3 days. The pill did work. It made my next period 21 days late. The stress was real. Do not stress it works ! Just be aware that the dose is heavy & every body reacts differently to it.”

8 / 10
K.M.555 June 6, 2017

For Emergency Contraception: “Okay ladies, I have decided to share my experience with Plan B One Step to hopefully help ease even just a few minds, because I know just how bad this situation sucks and how you are searching high and low for some honest feedback. No matter what I say here, you will still be freaking out for a while and overthinking every little thing you feel within your body. Just try your best to be positive and keep busy. Alright, so here goes the story: On Apr. 9 I had sex with a male partner and the condom broke. We didn't notice until the deed was done. Immediately I thought "omg we are screwed". I had finished my last period on Apr. 4 (I was now dangerously close to ovulation). The next morning (approx 6-7 hrs later) we went to the pharmacy to get emergency contraception. I took the pill immediately WITH FOOD. The food part is very important. The pill can make you nauseous and if you vomit soon after taking it, it obviously will not work. The pill contains very high levels of Levonorgestrel, a synthetic version of the hormone Progestin (aka the pregnancy hormone). When you become pregnant, your body produces high levels of Progestin, which prevents your ovaries from releasing an egg (because you wouldn't want your body to be ovulating while you are already pregnant). So, in a sense, the pill tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant and therefore your ovaries do not release an egg for the sperm that is now inside of you to fertilize. The effectiveness of this all comes down to timing. The pill's job is to temporarily stop ovulation, so if you have already ovulated, the chances of it working are lowered. This doesn't mean you are totally screwed! There isn't much conclusive evidence (that I have been able to find) but it is said that even shortly after ovulation, the pill can help prevent a newly fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall. It is important to follow the advice to take the pill within 72hrs of the incident because sperm can live inside of you for approx 5 days and the longer you let it go, the closer you get to ovulating and the better chance those little suckers have of locating your egg! Back to the fact that the pill temporarily stops ovulation. This means that Plan B is NOT an abortion pill! So whether you are worried to take it because you are pro-life or you are thinking it will terminate an established pregnancy, it WILL NOT DO THIS! The pill's job is to take action before the sperm and egg ever meet. Now onto the stuff that will literally exhaust you... The side effects. I'm going to be honest here and tell you that looking up your side effects is going to make you think you are pregnant for sure. Almost every possible side effect of Plan B mimics the signs of pregnancy. You could experience: nausea, abdominal cramping, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and spotting. If you are concerned about any of these side effects contact your doctor. They will be your best source of support through this. I experienced mild abdominal cramping (like period cramps) the next couple of days after taking the pill and "spotting" about a week later. The spotting was what concerned me. When I read that you "may experience some spotting" I thought a light little speck here and there, however for me it was almost exactly like one of my periods. My periods are generally quite light (lucky, I know) and my "spotting" was almost the exact same, just slightly lighter and lasted about 3-4 days. It started out fairly bright red and then by the last day turned to a darker red, almost brownish colour. I later found out that this is quite normal. Throughout the duration of my worrisome experience, I took 3 home pregnancy tests to help ease my mind a bit. I took one 21 days after the incident, another 6 days later, and then one like 4 weeks after that (just because I was feeling particularly worried that day). All 3 read negative. This helped settle my mind somewhat. Also, a little info that may be a bit TMI, but about 2 weeks after taking the pill I got a yeast infection (see, TMI). On top of worrying about everything else, I now had a painful and embarrassing infection to add to my list! I was freaking out because I wasn't sure what it was at first (painful urination, labia painful to the touch). Upon +++ research on my own, I found out that this is another possible side effect of the pill. The increased hormones in the pill can cause your body to produce an excessive amount of natural yeast. The same thing can happen to women during pregnancy due to the same reason. So if this happens to you, it's uncommon but not unheard of. The biggest worry I had throughout this entire experience was when in the world was I going to get my period?! The pill can and probably will mess with your cycle. It definitely did for me! I'm not sure if it had anything to do with my size, but I'm thinking that it might have. I am fairly petite (115lbs) and the pill is the same dosage for everyone. I ended up missing an entire period! Talk about going out of mind! Everywhere I read said that the pill could delay your period by a week or so, but nowhere could I find anything about it making you skip an entire period! Just as I was mustering up the plan to make a doctor's appointment, my period arrived! Exactly one month late. Again, I can't stress enough to talk to your doctor if something doesn't seem right! I really hope you found some kind of relief in reading this. There is no sure shot way to know Plan B has worked unless you get a blood test from your doctor or are graced with your Aunt Flo so do your absolute best not to worry yourself sick. Remember, stress can have an effect on your cycle as well. I found it most helpful to confide what I was going through in one really good, trustworthy friend who helped bring me back to reality when my worry was spinning me out of control. I hope everything works out for you, and you share your experiences with others going through the same, terrifying experience. Good luck and think positive!”

9 / 10
Anonymous December 15, 2019

For Emergency Contraception: “Honestly, reading these reviews really helped me get through it so I promised myself I would write one too. I am 19 and It was probably the day after my period ended about Nov 4th, my boyfriend and I were having unprotected sex and he came in me. I didn't take the pill until 2 days later. I had every symptom. DO NOT GOOGLE ANYTHING you will convince yourself you are pregnant like I did, just remember even though the symptoms are the same they wouldn't show up so early and its just side effect of the pill. I was nauseous, cramping, weird discharge and about 4 or 5 days I had light spotting I thought was implantation bleeding. My period was late and at the same timeI started throwing up, I thought it was morning sickness. 2 weeks after my missed period I took a pregnancy test because they are most accurate 7+ days after your normal period and it was negative I was SO RELIEVED. Just now almost 3 1/2 weeks later I got my period. Just relax and don't think about it the pill definitely works”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month November 26, 2019

For Emergency Contraception: “I told myself I would share my experience if it worked because these reviews were the only thing keeping me sane. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 14th which was when I was ovulating. Keep in mind I’m not on any birth control nor did we use a condom. I know dumb. We bought a plan b and I took it an hour after we finished. For two weeks I was a mess. Especially when I found out it doesn't work during ovulation. I had extreme nausea, my boobs hurt, I had chills, lower back pain, bloating. I was convinced I was pregnant. But I got my period today a day late. It’s heavier than usual and the cramps are unbearable, but now I can relax. So please for the girl reading this take a deep breath. This pill really works.”

10 / 10
worriedgirl · Taken for less than 1 month June 2, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I promised myself I would write a review on here because these comments really calmed my nerves over the last week. So I had lost my virginity on May 25th around 9pm. He did pull out but I was still worried about precum because he did not wear a condom so I went and got a plan b and took it within 19 hours. I was supposed to start my period 2 days after I had intercourse. After a week of anxiety and waiting I finally got my period today a week late! I did not have much symptoms other than mild cramping and some back pain as well. I also had some white discharge during that whole week. Take the pill as soon as you can! Take some deep breaths and pray. Everything will be okay. Good luck ladies!”

10 / 10
supersammi · Taken for less than 1 month July 16, 2019

For Emergency Contraception: “Sharing my experience because I promised I would to calm others' nerves if it worked for me. I'm a 20 year old college student who had sex during my fertile window and the condom broke!! He finished completely inside of me. I had been on and off birth control, but was off it for a couple of months with plans to change to another form. I ran to the pharmacy and took Plan B within an hour of this happening. reading reviews that said that Plan B was ineffective during ovulation made me want to DIE. I was an anxious mess for two weeks. I did have some side effects after taking it, including swollen breasts (the first sign of pregnancy which sent me off the deep end) and mood swings. However, after much waiting, my period finally came..and four days early! My cramps are unbearable, but its better than being pregnant ... right? Plan B DOES WORK. IT IS EFFECTIVE EVEN DURING OVULATION. To the girl who's reading this with her heart in her throat, take a deep breath and know that Plan B works.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 11, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I took a Plan B on Jan 9th, within 24 hours of unprotected sex. IT DID NOT WORK! Needless to say, I'm 11 weeks pregnant now. I am aware that it isn't always 100% effective. I just thought I'd share my experience with the only time I've used Plan B.”

1 / 10
Alish January 1, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I decided to write a review because I went through a hell of a situation and was fortunately able to overcome it, so with that being said, I had unprotected sexual intercourse a day before my ovulation was due, I took the Emergency contraception pill 5 hours later, I felt okay after the first 2 weeks of taking the pill but I had nausea and fatigue, but because I didn't see a period after 2 weeks of taking the pill, I began panicking, so I found these reviews and somehow I felt calm because my situation related to so many women here and they didn't end up pregnant so I could possibly also not end up pregnant, till I decided to just focus on other things because something in me kept telling me that I wasn't pregnant. So after a REALLY long wait, (1 month and 2 weeks) my period arrived finally. I couldn't be happier, so to every girl going through an experience of the sort, just keep calm (especially if you took the pill within 24 hours) everything will be alright.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 3, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “I took the Plan B One Step pill at least 2 hours AFTER unprotected sex (pregnancy was DEFINITELY guaranteed.) I refused to wait until the next morning. I’m not on birth control so I was relying solely on this one pill. I was going into my week of ovulation when I took the pill so I took it at least 4-5 days before my projected “egg release” date. Within a week of taking the pill, I had symptoms of nausea for about 2-3 days (no vomiting) but after that, I was fine-no other side effects. I had to wait 2 weeks until next period. I didn’t take any pregnancy tests. I just waited and tried to keep my mind focused on other things because stress can definitely delay your period, too. Fast forward, it’s been 2 weeks and my period has arrived at its regular time. I’m feeling my normal cramps and my flow is getting heavier as the day goes on. Definitely would not put myself through that stress again, but can definitely say this pill worked for me.”

9 / 10
Aunt Flo · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “Everything will be okay! Last period: Jan 1st. Estimated Ovulation: Jan 14 Conception: Jan 15 (took pill within 30min-1hr that night) Period: Jan 29. Even after ovulation this pill CAN STILL WORK! I had no symptoms until a week after I took the pill. I started spotting brownish/reddish discharge (lasted for a week on & off). Freaked out bc I thought this was implantation bleeding. Continued spotting and started having sore breasts, back pain, fatigue. All side effects of the pill. A couple days leading up to my period I had diarrhea, gas, back pain, and leukorrhea. After 2 weeks of stress my period arrived, 1 day late. My advice: take the pill ASAP, don’t research your symptoms (Plan B side effects are extremely similar to early pregnancy symptoms), and stress can cause your period to be late so don’t worry if you’ve missed your period, it’s more than likely gonna be late if you take the pill after ovulation.”

10 / 10
gratefulgirl100 July 7, 2014

For Emergency Contraception: “I was not going to post a review but decided to after realizing there might be someone out there very nervous right now. I had sex a day after my period ended and while I probably didn't even need it, I was very scared, being a teenager, and decided to take Plan B. I took it five hours after the incident and I didn't have any side effects. I got my period 1 week 2 days after the pill, which is odd considering I just had it, but Plan B messes up your period. Now I'm not sure whether my next period will come when it was originally supposed to, or in a month, but since I got my period I know Plan B worked. I worried myself sick but reading all the positive reviews helped and I hope this one does too!”

10 / 10
Nico January 12, 2021

For Emergency Contraception: “Calm down I know you’re panicking. Take the pregnancy test if you’re late take 5 if you want if they all come back the same trust it. My period was almost a month late, 3 weeks and 5 days. Stress and the hormonal imbalance from the pill WILL DELAY YOUR PERIOD. Do not freak out, stop googling everything. It’s okay if you spotted a week after taking a pill, it’s normal to spot more than once, it’s normal to feel cramps at random times. I felt cramps 4 days before having my period and I usually feel them a day before having my period. Take the pregnancy test. Find an online gynecologist and tell them if you feel symptoms of anything but it is most likely plan b if your pregnancy test comes back negative. It affects women differently but discharge is also normal, take it easy honey, find some birth control if you can’t afford the mistake. I can’t and I learned my lesson. Pray and relax you’re fine.”

10 / 10
Anonymous November 7, 2019

For Emergency Contraception: “I promised I'd write a review since these comforted me. If you're looking for a sign it will be okay, this is it. I drank too much with my ex & well we didn't use protection. He finished inside me. I took the pill within an hour. I was drinking so I didn't notice nausea but did have it the next day. I expected my period Nov 1st & I'm very regular. I was late! I've never used a period tracker before but when I found out about the ovulating clause, I started doing all sorts of calculations. I was on my fertile week, the day of or before ovulating. Nov 2nd, I started feeling PMS symptoms & getting pinkish discharge like I was beginning my period but nothing else.I t was like this for DAYS. I was convinced I was pregnant. The day I usually finish, my period CAME! Heavy! Don't worry if you're late give yourself a week. STOP GOOGLING STUFF! Get rest. The internet will convince you a runny nose means you're pregnant. All you can do is wait, it's the worst, but it's working just give it time.”

9 / 10
Alish · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 12, 2020

For Emergency Contraception: “My experience was stressful and nerve wracking, I literally thought it wouldn't work because I took the pill during ovulation (according to my app) but thankfully my period arrived one month and a weeks later! I missed a freaking period, but it was worth the try, so girls relax, take it during 24hrs. Best of luck”

9 / 10
Relieved Boyfriend · Taken for less than 1 month May 12, 2014

For Emergency Contraception: “If you're here reading these comments, that means you're a boy or girl in the same position I was: A mistake was made somewhere and you're concerned about pregnancy. The waiting is gruesome, but I'm here to assure you; this pill works. After ingesting the pill 16 hours after sex, a period of terrible waiting began. My girlfriend and I were both antsy and scared, and the time of her expected period came and went. She was 8 days late, but alas, she had it. This pill works in mysterious ways that can cause a later period, but I'm here to tell you there is nothing to worry about. It's scary, it's unsettling, but I'm here to tell you to calm down and relax because this pill will take care of everything.”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 9, 2011

For Emergency Contraception: “Well, lets just say that I had a wonderful cruise. When me and my partner were done with all 3 times we've done it, the condom would always go missing. Stressed out, and having to wait until I got off the boat, I ran to the nearest pharmacy to buy the one step pill. Mind you, I did take it within the 72 hours as intended. After two weeks of patiently waiting for my period, it came, all but a few days late. I'm writing this review because i was stressing out whether the pill worked or not. Just letting you know that it does. And I was pretty close to the 72 hour deadline.”

10 / 10
jbug20 July 28, 2014

For Emergency Contraception: “I took this approximately 48 hours after unprotected sex while I was ovulating. I felt fine after taking the pill. A few days before my period was due I experienced major mood swings, bloating, cramps and sore breasts. These symptoms lasted the few days before I was due and then the symptoms stopped on the actual day I was due. But no period. Needless to say I was freaking out! (This is why I am writing this to help others from freaking) -- I was supposed to start on a Friday. Then Saturday rolls around, then Sunday and no period... Just really, really sore breasts on Sunday. That Monday evening I finally started and had breast tenderness, cramps, headache, tiredness... But atleast I started - 3 (longest days of my life) days late.”

10 / 10

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