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User Reviews for Glipizide to treat Diabetes, Type 2

Also known as: Glucotrol, GlipiZIDE XL, Glucotrol XL

Glipizide has an average rating of 6.2 out of 10 from a total of 53 ratings for the treatment of Diabetes, Type 2. 47% of those users who reviewed Glipizide reported a positive effect, while 32% reported a negative effect.

Glipizide Rating Summary

6.2/10 Average Rating

53 ratings from 61 user reviews

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28% 15
11% 6
8% 4
2% 1
9% 5
6% 3
4% 2
9% 5
6% 3
17% 9

Reviews for Glipizide

Meg February 27, 2021

“I have been taking metformin, maximum dose for 8 years. Not working to bring down BS. Doctor put me on glipizide 5mg in AM & PM . Not helping with BS control at all. Horrible side effects dizziness, nausea, sore throat, cold symptoms, drowsiness.”

1 / 10
Dick · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 17, 2021

“Works for me with out the side effects of metformin”

10 / 10
LuLu · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 29, 2020

Glucotrol (glipizide): “I was on Glucotrol 5 mgs but my levels were still too high. We raised to 10 mgs. My levels got under control for a while then my night time sugar levels fell way too much, many more nights of 50 or lower so we dropped back to 5 mgs. Works like a dream when I remember foods I could have at 10 mgs are not allowable at 5 mgs. I like this med much much better than metformin. No side effects with my Glipizide ER.”

9 / 10
Debtanz October 7, 2020

“I was on a sliding scale of Novalog and then Tresiba @ night .. then I was also on Actos30 mg. Since Actos is a black list Med and can cause bladder cancer, I decided to try Glipizide 5 mg. Well—- for the first week, I could only take 1/2 of the 5 mg. So the dr said take 2.5 ( half the pill) I couldn’t sleep @ night up checking my BS because even the 2.5 plummeted my BS and I felt I had no control once I took the pills. It made me feel so bad with excitement, nervousness, & pain down my left arm. I do workout so this Med was too dangerous for me as I live alone snd these episodes were scary! I felt so bad. Took my last 2.5 & can’t wait till this medication is out of my body. Still have residual.. I’m back to my regime of sliding scale.. I’m done.”

1 / 10
Tarp · Taken for 10 years or more September 26, 2020

“Totally under control for 20 Years”

10 / 10
Lefootman June 24, 2020

“I have type 2 diabetes; last year my Hb1Ac was 6.7. I was started on metformin and I had loose stools, liver problems and it wasn't even doing a great job for BG. I was then started on glipizide and I have no side effects and now Hb1Ac is 5.8”

9 / 10
Getting Better · Taken for less than 1 month June 16, 2020

“About six months ago, my doctor added glipizide to my existing regimen of Janumet 50/1000. While on glipizide, my blood pressure skyrocketed from 117/79 to 170/99 -- I still had the same healthy eating habits, same 5-day/wk workouts. My blood pressure became such a problem that my doctor urged me visit a cardiologist who then tried to add a blood pressure medication to list of meds. So, my most recent check up was visit a few days ago and my A1C was low enough that I insisted that we nix the glipizide. The very next day my blood pressure was back to 115/75.”

3 / 10
Bad nob · Taken for less than 1 month February 29, 2020

“I stopped my metformin and finally went to VA and I told doctor it gave me diarrhea so he gave me glipizide and now I am feeling better I hope it stays this way”

10 / 10
Tumbleweed · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 30, 2019

“When I first started taking this med it worked. As time has passed I have had to take more of it to get a semi-desired result. Perhaps my body is adapting to it and has built up a tolerance. I don't know.”

3 / 10
Amda · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 25, 2019

“I was afraid to take glipizide because of weight gain. I’ve had no issues and with effort, lost weight. It is fast acting, so I take it before breakfast. No issues of too low glucose levels. Although depending on my numbers in the am, I may only take a half pill instead of whole of 10mg.”

10 / 10
Baxter · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 18, 2019

GlipiZIDE XL (glipizide): “My Dr. insisted I switch to Glipizide XLfrom glyburide. Well, this drug is NOT working at all for me even at an increased dosage. My fasting glucose readings are 100 to 150 points higher than when I was on glyburide. But try telling and convincing a Dr. they're wrong.”

1 / 10
Baleful · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 5, 2019

“Was taken off of 2000mg of Metformin, which was controlling my diabetes well due to kidney failure. Placed on Glipizide 5mg XR. Well, my blood sugars SOARED, regardless of what I've eaten. Almost no carbs eaten in the meal? I am looking at a 2 hour # in the 200's. I get no nighttime support with this med and have seen my morning sugars rise to the 180-190 range. I emailed my doc with the PDF of a months worth of readings ( 4x a day) and she added a 500mg Metformin back to nighttime. I go back in a week to have a blood test for kidney function and I hope we can go back to Metformin because this med is useless for me. Oh and every once in a while, I get the random drop - down to the 70's. No rhyme or reason to it. I had to start carrying glucose tabs after one scary drop in a meeting.”

2 / 10
IpsoFatso · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 20, 2019

GlipiZIDE XL (glipizide): “When I first started taking Glipizide-ER 5mg along with Trulicity- once a week, also metformin 1000mg in a.m. and 1000 mg at night. My blood sugars (BS) was dropping to 100-110. I also have insulin as needed on a sliding scale. I refilled my medicine, but maybe a different manufacturer, my BS are reading 195-255. I'm constipated, moody as heck, dizzy in the morning. I bounce off the walls like a pinball machine, not to mention that I have gained a lot of weight. I have not changed my diet, not much exercise because I feel like rubbish all the time. Tonight I threw the medicine in the trash. It's bad stuff with too many side effects.”

2 / 10
BK · Taken for 10 years or more February 13, 2019

“Was at doctor yesterday, because my sugars are wacky, so the doc put me on Metformin 500mg take 2 in morning and 2 at night. Also on Glipizide 10mg 2 in the morning and 2 at night. I have the diabetes diarrhea too, off and on, and it is stressful going somewhere and have to find a bathroom. I would a preferred the doctor to put me on insulin, since I have to also take dozens of other meds. This is so depressing.”

sugarboy · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 7, 2019

GlipiZIDE XL (glipizide): “I was originally on metformin 500mg one daily when my A1C went to 7%. This didn't help so my doctor added glipizide 5mg once daily to my regimen. Both my sugars and A1C did not come down. Then again I didn't change my eating habits or start exercising (but I am tall and thin, no weight problem here). After too much GI trouble I stopped taking the metformin and told my doctor I'd never take it again. So, he upped my glipizide to ER 10mg once daily. After changing my diet pretty dramatically (cut out refined sugars and carb intake) my sugars came down. However, now I'm having quite a few hypoglycemic attacks. Scary ones like with a BS of 31. And I live alone. So that's worrying me now. Maybe my adjusted diet has resulted in me not needing 10mg but maybe 5mg daily again? It's kind of scary though. I moved so I have to find new doctors and get new blood work so I'm hoping to hang in there and then learn possibly to not be so extreme in my eating and if the dose should go down.”

5 / 10
Wayo · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 18, 2019

GlipiZIDE XL (glipizide): “Took this med for diabetes for almost two years. I found that it contributed or fungal infections in genital areas. This was not listed as a side affect. After I stopped taking it I no longer have this condition. It also caused sudden drops of my glucose levels.”

6 / 10
Dan · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 9, 2018

“Glipizide works very well in lowering my blood sugar but I gained lot of weight. I thought it was for my normal body change. Until I started feeling terrible with this new big body. I asked my doctor about it, he changed my medicine. I had gained 60 pounds in a year!! When I stopped glipizide I lost first month 20 pounds, and I'm still losing more. Not more glipizide. It is not for me.”

1 / 10
Neee · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 7, 2018

“I was given this medication many years ago when a doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. In the end it was a wrong diagnosis and it ruined my life. I became hypoglycemic and so today I continue to suffer. Never, ever take any kind of medication without research. Now as a senior citizen I find that we are just guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies. Always check what Europeans use and will not use. In the United States we use GMO’s in our foods, our children are at risk. Be very aware of the dangers with autism on the rise, cancer in all of us. Stay away from New medications that have been on the market for less than 10 years.”

Angela Jones · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 25, 2018

“I was put on Glipizide because the tier for victoza changed and it costed $400.00. Since being on Glipizide, my blood sugar would drop after an hour of taking it even when I take it with food. I didn't like the way I felt and if I had to leave the house, I wouldn't take it at all. I went back to using the Victoza I had left and I felt much better. I am now out of Victoza, but I refuse to go back to Glipizide. I'll try diet and exercise to lower my A1c”

1 / 10
madan l gupta · Taken for 10 years or more February 15, 2018

“This seems to be a good drug . I take 10mg tablets twice daily along with metformin 1000mg morning and 500 mg evening, I am running 78 and morning bp reading is 150/85 and am satisfied and feel comfortable”

Clay_Stewart · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 12, 2017

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 1.5 months ago. My A1C was 15.8, Urine Glucose over 500 (test max) and my first home blood glucose test was 577. My doctor had me start with one metformin 500mg ER tablet a day for the first week, then two a day since then. I also was prescribed a 5mg tablet of glipizide a day. My Blood Glucose has been in the 85-150 range the past month. I have modified my diet some. I did experience some diarrhea, though am over it now.”

Sugarfighter · Taken for less than 1 month September 15, 2017

“I just started using glipizide 5 mg 3 weeks ago in combination with metforming 1000mg twice a day. It is a powerful medicine as I noticed my sugar was 300 and 3 hours later it was down to 100. My body was shaking and my stomach was not feeling well. I was told to take medication and eat 30 minutes later and then take metforming after meal. Since my numbers didn't go much over 150 doctor said we didn't need to up to the 10mg a day she thought I would need after the 3 weeks. I was avoiding insulin and was prescribed glipizide, I realize I must start doing it without it. Just use one medication or my stomach will suffer. I had a belly ache and later had to go to the toilet. I also have headaches and need more lotion since I am itchier.”

10 / 10
EmmitPenny1 September 10, 2017

“I have been on juniva and metformin for years. It has kept my weight and sugar levels between 91-135. For some reason my doctor decided to take me off that medication and put me on glipizide. In one month I had gained 15 pounds and my blood sugars were in the high 100's low 200's. After two months she decided to switch me back on to juniva. A bit late I think by blood sugar is now up into the 300' reds' and I have packed on another 15 pds. The glipizide ruined my blood sugars and an extra bonus it made me gain weight. DO NOT TAKE GLIPIZIDE FOR A FIRST SECOND OR THIRD CHOICE. TRY EVERYTHING ELSE FIRST!!!! There's no out of pocket experience but you pay dearly with your health.”

1 / 10
DLE1982 August 23, 2017

“Am a 34 year old male. Diagnosed with Type 2 in April of 2016. Beginning A1C was 8.4. After a horrible start on metformin (gastrointestinal issues), was put on Farxiga 5mg. Using that alone brought me down to a 7.6 in August of 2016. MD upped the Farxiga to 10mg. That only brought me down to a 7.5 in April 2017. MD added Glipizide 2.5mg XL once a day with the Farxiga. Brought my a1c down to a 6.0 in August 2017. The drug combo of these two is working very well for me. The Glipizide has given me that extra kick to get things under control.”

9 / 10
row2 August 3, 2017

“If anything my sugar levels have increased while on this med.”

3 / 10

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