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User Reviews for Gabapentin to treat Pain (Page 4)

Also known as: Neurontin, Gralise, Gabarone, Fanatrex

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Gabapentin Rating Summary

User Ratings
18% (59)
21% (66)
14% (46)
7% (21)
4% (14)
3% (8)
3% (10)
4% (14)
5% (15)
21% (67)
6.3/10 Average Rating
320 ratings from 343 user reviews

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Reviews for Gabapentin

pechorin · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2018

“pain gone, but stomach issues”

8 / 10
Lucy lou February 3, 2018

“I have been on Tramadol for a number of years, and am coming off gradually, whilst taking gabapentin I have spinal stenosis and leg pain, which is ruining my life. I am having bad dark dreams and wake with a headache, my nose and roof of my mouth are painful and are very drowsy in the morning.”

6 / 10
Trimmer67 February 3, 2018

“I have a slipped disk and expierence severe nerve pain going down my leg to my foot. The pain can be crippling. I have had epidural, facet blocks etc. The Gabapentin helped more than anything!! I haven't experienced any side effects. Not sure what I would do without it.”

8 / 10
Mallory1114 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 29, 2018

“I was prescribed this medication by my Dr for pain. It does not work at all. I do not suffer from nerve pain but post op pain after knee replacement surgery. Doctors in general are very quick to prescribe anything that is not an opiate. If it does not help then why prescribe it? The Dr did not listen to what I had to say so it is no surprise the medication he gave me was ineffective.”

1 / 10
Coffeeattack · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 31, 2017

“I've been on this drug for 3 months or so. A max dose 1800 a day for 2 months. I take it for MS. I don't know if it's the gabinpentin or the MS causing the increase in symptoms. I'm really disoriented, and vision problems, and sore throat and neck pressure. The last two problems could be the mono I've been fighting for 6 months. I'm tapering the medicine today as a test. If my symptoms improve... I will get off the gabinpentin for now. Until I get in to see my neurologist, this and prednisone is all I have to help with pain.”

5 / 10
BigTandy December 30, 2017

“Was prescribed 300 mg twice a day for pain. I stop taking for several months and then start taking it again and noticed that I didn’t get leg cramps at night when I was taking it. Now I take it just for leg cramps at night. I was getting almost every night now maybe once a month .”

10 / 10
Emilir · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 29, 2017

“Had the WORST headaches after concussion. Neuro finally prescribed Gabapentin. After steroid shots in my neck, prednisone orally. Nothing worked until Gabapentin. Thank God for it. It’s just that I have leg pains now.”

9 / 10
Te girl · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 19, 2017

“I broke my wrist a year ago. It was bad both wrist bones displaced! This was caused by my abuser pushing me as hard as he could. Anyway, it was, as now, the holidays, so had to be in a cast a total of 10 weeks. After months of therapy, and continuous pain, I was sent to pain specialist. He prescribed gabapentin and Traminol. I could not stomach the traminol but found the gabapentin did help with the dead aching feeling I was left with and still do in my arm and wrist. I would like to stop taking but if I go to long , the pain is unbearable. I feel the loss of memory, lethargic, lost, foggy feelings taking it though, and I hate it! And the depression! I don't know what to do.. Many specialist, ??”

Suzyinocala · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 17, 2017

“I have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, horrible arthritis. I was in the kind of pain that really made me want to end it all. Went to a neurologist and was prescribed gabapentin. Took about a week to get the dose right but when it kicked in it was like a miracle! I now function as if I have no physical problems. I can exercise, work, and live my life normally. I know it works differently for different people but I have no side effects. It works for me.”

10 / 10
nburkey · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 29, 2017

“I have stenosis, scoliosis, arthritis, bone spurs and degenerative spinal disease. Most of my back discs are showing damage of some type. Gabapentin is the ONLY thing that has helped me after years of trying different doctors advice. I have only been on it for 8 weeks and although far from pain free, I can function each day. I occasionally will have a bad day or up to several, but that was caused by something I did physically. I started with one pill a day, adding another each week so the affects were mild. Except for some tiredness, I have no other side affects. This is a lifesaver for me.”

Johnny B. November 11, 2017

“My headache started when I had spondylolisthesis at C4, C5. Multiple surgeries anterior fusions and posterior fusion. The pain remained. We used NSAIDS, opiates then added gabapentin starting with 300mg twice daily, eventually going up to 3 grams per day. I was barely able to walk a straight line at that high a dosage. Gabapentin did nothing to help my serious tension headache. We were left with opiates. Nowadays we've discovered I have MOH, Medicine Overuse Headache caused by decades of pain meds. More therapy and careful withdrawal and it's working!”

BakerGirl9975 November 5, 2017

“I had a severe allergic reaction. I awoke with slight leg pain and my legs felt weak and heavy. It got worse throughout the day. The next morning, I had severe leg pain and struggled to walk. I had to pull my legs into my vehicle. When I informed my pharmacist, she advised to cease gabapentin immediately and to see my doctor. The symptoms improved over a week, less pain and could walk normally. My legs still feel weak and heavy and I get random stabbing leg pain. Last time I took it was 1.5 years ago.”

2 / 10
RJPKelly October 15, 2017

“OK, so I am prone to addiction to drugs that impact the GABA neurotransmitter system--benzos, phenobarbital (all prescribed, BTW). Gabapentin is no different, I am now on a long, slow detox from this nasty stuff. Rare, but not that rare per my detox docs, and a brutal withdrawal-not quite klonopin brutal, but I have better docs now too. IF you have any history of having a hard time getting off alcohol, benzos or other GABA drugs, approach gabapentin and it's cousin Neurontin, with great trepidation.”

3 / 10
MariaKB October 12, 2017

“Suffer with plantar fasciitis in both feet on a daily basis. Based in London UK.”

8 / 10
Beno's mum · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 7, 2017

“Not working for my back pain, wonder if I will be able to ask doctor to increase from 100mg. I have been confused which I didn't connect with the tablets. Thanks for your comments, it may help me to stop taking them or increase mg. I cannot sleep with pain, maybe I'll just take at night.”

9 / 10
Cervicalman October 5, 2017

“I was prescribed gabapentin for severe pain in the cervical spine due to cervical dystonia, cervical facet arthritis, degenerative disk disease, and shoulder trigger points. I was told to start with 300 mg 3X day, and work up to 900 mg 3X day or more. The first week I was told to only take 300 mg per night for a few days to get used to it, and then build up to 900. By the end of the first week I hit 900 per day, which I was supposed to stay on for a week or so and then go up some more. Once I hit 900 mg I became very confused. I couldn't speak correctly (word finding problems) and began to get easily disoriented. I became seriously lost in places I am very familiar with. I never did experience any pain relief.”

1 / 10
Slyfox771982 · Taken for less than 1 month October 2, 2017

“This stuff is GARBAGE!! I suffer from endometriosis, sciatica and fibromyalgia. I've been on norco & percocet for the last 15 years, and have completed several rounds of PT. I also take ibuprofen prn. Went to see my new PCP and was rudely told it's time to "let the percocet go." As if I'm a child clinging to my favorite teddy bear lol. She also informed me that my pain is a result of emotional trauma and that I must have had a horribly abusive childhood! A *nurse practitioner* attempting to psycho analyze people! Hahaha!! After taking just 100 mg of gabapentin I had blurry vision and was so lethargic I could not get out of bed for 12 hours straight. It also caused very bad pins and needles in both legs. Avoid this stuff like the plague!!!!”

1 / 10
Anonymous September 29, 2017

“Mom is 98 years old, the Gabapentin Capsules was for her knees pain, 100 mg, twice a day. It did help for her pain relief, however we found she started having bed side effect as dark urine, feeling tire, not hungry, feeling confused at night time, so we decided to stop the medication.”

4 / 10
Disappointed with gabapentin September 27, 2017

“This stuff is garbage. If you have real pain, you might as well take aspirin instead of this. This stuff probably works great for those other nerve pain ailments like fibromyalgia and the like but don't expected it to do anything for other types of chronic pain.”

1 / 10
Choozie · Taken for less than 1 month September 27, 2017

“So. I have been diagnosed with a large synovial cyst on my spine, l4 l5 of S1. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for a solution from a neuro surgeon. I have lower back pain, numbness and tingling in my right leg etc. Walking only a little before I sit or lie down Have been taking 50 mg of tramadol 4 x a day. Was also prescribed 300 mg gabapentin at night. Last night, 3rd.dose, Woke up in lots of pain. Any recommendationds?”

Hi I'm Ada! · Taken for less than 1 month September 21, 2017

“I am still in pain after breaking a bone in my hand over two months ago. It is still broken after one month in plaster. My hand is so swollen, my fingers won't bend. They cannot operate until swelling subsides. My doctor has prescribed 300 mg one a day. I have only taken one tablet.”

1 / 10
Harold JJ September 2, 2017

“I have avascular necrosis and have been taking neurotin for 20 years. 800mg four times a day.”

10 / 10
casthedog · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 30, 2017

“I have had 5 major maxilofacial operations. The last operations were to insert a new jaw joint which had to come out after 2 years due to severe pain, and within 3 years I had a titanium jaw joint fitted, and sadly this is giving me major problems and the pain is horrendous, I also have a mass of bone sitting behind the new joint which may/may not be causing problems, but I cope. My consultant has advised that I see my GP for pain management before he considers removing this joint and tackle the bone mass. I am on Gabapenthin 300mg x 3 daily - I don't like them or the side effects of sickness, weakness and more pain - I cant afford to be feeling like this. Pain versus tablets wins for me.”

KianaK August 29, 2017

“Used Gabapentin 300mg 2X/ day(7am and 2pm) and 600mg at bedtime. Helped relieve some pain from herniated discs. 600mg at night occasionally would make me feel "drunk". After using it for a few months and having constant migraine, I stopped use. No more headaches since I stopped using it.”

4 / 10
bubba smith July 31, 2017

“I have severe spine damage. t7 t8 and disc in between basically gone, nerve pain unbelievable. I tried lyrica in large dose and no relief. Then one doctor said some meds don't work on some but do on others you just have to get the correct one. So I tried gabapentin and to me it was a life saver, within 3 days the pain was gone or close to gone. 1800 mgs a day ( 6x300mg) plus 40 mg of oxyneo (4x10mg) which is oxycodone time release formula. The pain specialist say maybe more dose needed but I can't function properly. That is my minimum dose even drop 1 pill out of them amounts I can feel the difference in pain. The side effects to me are , tiredness, constipation, memory, blurred vision, moody, seems heat and humid days if outside I get really disoriented so I stay inside”

9 / 10