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Fenoprofen User Reviews & Ratings

Brand names: Nalfon, Fenortho

Fenoprofen has an average rating of 8.5 out of 10 from a total of 2 reviews on 100% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 0% reported a negative experience.

  • CMCS
  • Taken for 10 years or more
  • January 26, 2013

For Rheumatoid Arthritis "The 600 mg fenoprofen tablets helped with the rheumatoid arthritis pain in my hands and increased function of my fingers. I used the 600 mg tablets until my pharmacy was no longer able to obtain them. The capsules caused severe stomach pain making me unable to take them. I do not know the difference in the make up of the capsules and the tablets, but the tablets did not cause the stomach pain. I would like to be able to find the 600 mg tablets again."

9 / 10
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  • Anonymous
  • September 6, 2009

Nalfon (fenoprofen) for Gout, Acute "I get a gout attack about twice a year. Nalfon helps me to get through it without interrupting work."

8 / 10
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