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User Reviews for Cefixime

Also known as: Suprax

Cefixime has an average rating of 6.3 out of 10 from a total of 14 ratings on 50% of those users who reviewed Cefixime reported a positive effect, while 33% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Urinary Tract Infection  
5 reviews 189 medications
Bladder Infection  
2 reviews 82 medications
2 reviews 248 medications
1 reviews 288 medications
Gonococcal Infection, Uncomplicated  
1 reviews 62 medications
Otitis Media  
1 reviews 137 medications
1 reviews 188 medications
STD Prophylaxis  
1 reviews 26 medications
Summary of Cefixime reviews 6.3 14 reviews

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Reviews for Cefixime

Kentwood · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2020

For Urinary Tract Infection: “Weird not sure if it is the naproxen the cefixime or combo of the two, but I woke up and could hardly walk. Upper legs and thighs so sore hard to sit down and pee!!! Legs aching so bad pharmacist no help said stop naproxen and try and stick it out with cefiximine for 4 more days looked it up both can cause leg pain but I never had this with naproxen before maybe the combo of the two! Auuuuggghhh”

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keebitha · Taken for less than 1 month April 12, 2020

For Urinary Tract Infection: “After 2 failed attempts to get rid of my UTI with bactrim (which I’ve suddenly developed an allergic reaction to) and another penicillin (that I apparently have developed an allergy to) I had 2 courses of Cefixime 400 mg back to back for UTI/ (and possible kidney infection, renal calculi and hematuria ) for streptococcus G. subsp.past. bacteria in urine. I felt about 20% relief after first week then BOOM extreme pain, hematuria etc. returned within 48 hours and new urine culture showed yet again strep gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus with new growth. Second Round, felt about 30-40% relief after full course, within 72 hours same thing. Waited 5 -7 days, another urine test and culture and again same thing. All I got was 2 yeast infections between each course (which was immediately relieved with 3 pills of fluconazole) and about 9 pounds of weight gain!! Has anyone else had weight gain with this antibiotic before?”

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No relief · Taken for less than 1 month August 29, 2019

For Urinary Tract Infection: “I got 7 day cefixime course for UTI. One a day. After the 7 days, I now have had diarrhea for the last 6 days. Painful stomach cramps, gas, and lower intestine pain. During the treatment diarrhea was there but now I'm done, the diarrhea remains. I no longer have the UTI, but am unable to work due to 6 bouts a day of painful, gassy diarrhea.”

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Frequently asked questions

CathKu August 7, 2016

Suprax (cefixime) for Bladder Infection: “While this medication cured my UTI it left me with debilitating c-diff. Horrible situation. Beware and ask questions. Maybe another medication had fewer risks. I don't know...but I will certainly be asking more questions if I am ever prescribed anything again.”

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Morgan d February 16, 2018

Suprax (cefixime) for Gonococcal Infection, Uncomplicated: “Killed the damn Clap on the first try with just 1 dose in conjunction with the heavy dose of Azithromycin Also had a really bad case of strep throat that wasn't cured with Penicillin V. Was switched to Cefixime for this and it worked like a charm in less than 24 hours.”

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Concerned Daddy April 30, 2015

Suprax (cefixime) for Urinary Tract Infection: “My daughter was born with urinary reflux, the result of which is usually 1-2 urinary tract infections a year. Suprax ALWAYS knocks it out right away. We have tried many of the others. Some took longer and some didn't work at all. Only con is it is hard to get and you may have to order it at the pharmacy.”

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bOh23 March 14, 2014

For Urinary Tract Infection: “One time I experienced something strange I have difficulty of urinating, Its like there something sharp crawling in my urethra its very painful. I felt this for almost 3 days until I cannot tolerate. I have friend, a physician I tell him and he gave me Cefixime 200mg tab. I have 2, he instructed me to take 400mg in a single dose and after few minutes or two the burning sensation is gone and the discharge gradually stop in 2 days.”

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More FAQ

gjintexas July 25, 2016

Suprax (cefixime) for Sinusitis: “This drug got me well when NOTHING else would. I had been sick for four months and had seen countless specialists and taken many prescription drugs and inhalers. Nothing worked until I took this drug and Qnasl. I was well in one week!!! I believe it worked miracles.”

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carrosa · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2014

Suprax (cefixime) for Bladder Infection: “Had to take one a day for 2 weeks. Pain, urgency, frequency continued for 8 days as if I were on nothing before I physically started feeling a little better. Felt like all symptoms resolved after taking entire cycle. I didn't care for being miserable that long. I will go with something else in the future. I don't recall any negative side effects that I had.”

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Anonymous December 21, 2011

Suprax (cefixime) for Otitis Media: “Great antibiotic. Went to doctor multiple times for ear infection. Penicillin did not cut it.”

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Ben10 September 23, 2009

For Pneumonia: “I had an instant relief from pneumonia within 24hrs of taking the first 3 tablets of Cefixime. Thanks. ”

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Likpa July 28, 2012

Suprax (cefixime) for STD Prophylaxis: “Worked okay.”

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ShanMcKnight April 21, 2015

Suprax (cefixime) for Bronchitis: “Did absolutely nothing except give me diarrhea”

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alvi · Taken for less than 1 month May 9, 2019

For Sinusitis: “good medicine for sinusitis, bronchitis, UTI and kidney infections”

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