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User Reviews for Carbidopa / levodopa

Also known as: Sinemet, Rytary, Sinemet CR, Duopa, Atamet, Parcopa

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Restless Legs Syndrome
28 reviews 14 medications
Parkinson's Disease
29 reviews 53 medications
Summary of Carbidopa/levodopa reviews 7.5 57 reviews

Reviews for Carbidopa/levodopa

ctpritc · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 21, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I've been taking Ropinirole for RLS for several years, and it has worked well. Last year I started taking Sinemet 25/100 five times a day for Parkinson's, and, without knowing Sinemet was a treatment for RLS, I noticed that even if I didn't take Ropinirole some nights, I still didn't get restless legs. I started wondering if Sinemet was a treatment for RLS and just found out it is, although it doesn't work 100% of the time on its own."

BC & "poncho" · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 28, 2019

For Parkinson's Disease: "Sinemet for fibromyalgia. My wife suffers from PD for over two years now. She is using Sinemet 25-100, every 4 hours. Mylan as our usual manufacturer; Sun Pharma at times. She also takes 1 Sinemet ER at night. They seem to work well and help her a lot. Only one brand so far, Activis, works very poorly for my wife. Her leg function drops off significantly on this brand. My wife has also suffered greatly from Fybromyalgia for 10-15 years; throughout her entire body. We were so distracted by her PD problems, that we failed to notice, until 1-2 months later, that all of her Fibromyalgia pain had disappeared completely. What a wonderful side benefit of the Sinemet. I guess we were due for something positive to happen for a change. This was 1-1/2 yrs. ago and no return of the Fibro whatsoever. Blessings to all."

Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more January 27, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "This medication has completely rid me of my RLS. I've never in 12 years had to change the dosage and the RLS has never augmented. I can't imagine people living with RLS their whole lives without having any relief."

IceQueen · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2018

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I have been on this medication for 2.5 days. Within the first 6 hours. I had a profound change for better . I felt like I was no longer trying to move my body and mind through jello my mind is clearer and my body feels freer. I feel like I'm back! I am praying that this will continue!"

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 29, 2018

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I took Sinemet for about a month, and while it lessened my uncoordinated hand movement, I fell into a very deep depression, and was having panic attacks. As soon as I stopped taking it, I was better."

Woose March 19, 2018

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "It stops tremors in its tracks I know bc I have Parkinson’s like symptoms and about 4 years ago I had started the tremors or shakes and my ex wife now made an appointment for me with a neurologist and he had prescribed me sinemet 25/100s three times daily but I still had a little tremor in my hands so he added one more pill per day to my regimen of three per day to four per day and that’s when the tremors stopped completely!!!"

Paul Hubby · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 18, 2018

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "Since cutting my dosage of mirapexin which was causing me to sleep excessively and using sinemet I feel a lot better. I had also gained 12kilos while taking mirapexin which seemed to give me a sugar craving. I am not up to the full dose of sinemet yet but I am optimistic that I will lose the weight I have gained. Motor skills that I was told should return haven't as yet. Paul, 57, Sports Teacher. Brighton England"

Zigpa · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 15, 2018

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "I've been taking 50mg of Sinemet for RLS every night, just before bed. While it reduces RLS, my wife still says I twitch. Side effects: cold feet, I have to wear socks at night and even during normal activities around the house. Lately, I've noticed forgetfulness, a listed side effect. Am thinking about switching medications. However, all RLS meds seem to have the same side effects. I may go to Gabapentin Enacarbil, or Horizant."

Anonymous February 15, 2018

For Parkinson's Disease: "Do not take this if you have a history of depression. My brother was on for 4 days and became more depressed and suicidal. He is only 55 and never has been suicidal in the past."

PIEVANS February 8, 2018

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I've taken Sinemet for 15 years now for RLS. I've experienced no side effects. I actually take Mirapex at night which works well but find it wears off by the next afternoon. I take the Sinemet around lunchtime in order to carry me over until I take the Mirapex in the evening. The timing and combo work very well."

Your Nickname · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 13, 2017

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I've been on Rytary since 2015 and at times was on 5 pills 4 x a day of the 48.75-195 dosage. Partial neuroleptic seizures were a result, mild psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, depression, dyskenisia dystonia, impulse control, sleeplesness, among others, all things I've dealt with at some point along the way. I'm now on 3 pills 5 times a day. With a small dose of 2mg artane in between 4 x a day. I have not been able to really lock down whatever makes it work. It is wildly inconsistent but when it's on it's on, and I get some normal time. Certain strains of medical marijuana help increase the efficacy of this drug. Kicks in sooner and can give me up to 6-7 hours of normal time. Instead of 1hr to kick in and 1-2 hrs normal time."

No way Sinemet · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 31, 2017

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "My wife was placed on Rytary and was doing fine. We switched doctors, and she was taken off Rytary and was give Sinemet and she went down hill to the point we had to cancel a vacation. We switched her back to Rytary, and will not go back. If you have Parkinson's, try Rytary, you may do much better."

Kansas Sebastian · Taken for 10 years or more October 10, 2017

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "I've had RLS since a child. I began on Carbadopa in the 1990's, but I quickly became used to it, and was switched to Sinemet about 2000. It works well, with no side effects. I'm on a very low dose. Like many others here, timing is everything and there are many other factors to consider: - Take Sinemet at least 1/2 to 1 hour before you eat. - Eat early (so food digests before you go to bed). - Eat a light meal (heavy or spicy foods can amplify the symptoms of RLS). - Refrain from drinking liquids about a hour before bed. - Stress can aggravate RLS symptoms (try yoga or some other stress reduction activity). - Adjust the room temperature to be comfortable. - Maintain a healthy weight. - Exercise!!!"

Tom Grandy · Taken for less than 1 month August 3, 2017

For Restless Legs Syndrome: "RLS is horrible. My legs were jumping like an acrobat. Sometimes, during the day my legs would give out. My neurologist prescribed 25/100 - 3Xpd. It was a miracle drug. Stopped RLS immediately. But I had other problems. Body hurt all over and was stiff. Muscles were weak. My legs were heavy and it was hard to walk. However, the 25/100 fixed it all. I feel great! Have more energy and getting stronger every day. Cutting down on pain meds and at 68 I have a wonderful and new quality of life. I've only been taking it for 2 weeks and I am so thankful. I now sleep 100 percent better. The dose only works around 7-8 hours. I take it every 8 hours. I take it at 8:00pm and I wake up around 3-4:00am with symptoms starting again. Takes 30 min to work."

Pregnantwithrls July 7, 2017

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "I am going on my 5th pregnancy with boy number 5. Around 9 weeks my legs were flopping around like a half-dead fish out of water that is what my legs looked like about every 30-40 seconds all day and night unless I was walking constantly. I begged my doctor to give me something, anything. She refused. I tried every natural remedy I could think of. She finally gave me sinomet at 25/100 mg dose half a pill and it worked wonders but I noticed after a few weeks of taking it wore off faster and then my legs became worse so my doctor has to keep increasing my dosage. I am 30 weeks now and at 2 pills a day. I take in half and quarter increments throughout the day to avoid the onset of the RLS. if taken properly it works great."

Pamda · Taken for 10 years or more June 25, 2017

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "I have been taking Sinemet for several years.... it has work great for me. I take one every night before bed. But I have recently stopped taking it and turned to using essential oils instead, I have not taken a Sinemet for the last 10 nights and have had no issues with my RLS! But I would recommend it to any one who is looking for relief from the symptoms! Myself I prefer natural ways to help with my ailments!"

mjbaz2002 June 17, 2017

For Parkinson's Disease: "Diag 2010 at 46yo. Currently on year 6-7 of taking this combination of drugs. Still doing good but have noticed more off time as the years/months go by. I know the 10 year time window of losing its effectiveness is fast approaching for me. Generics are not all created equal. You need to try every mfg for a few months to see which one works for you. For me the only brand that works is mfg by Mayne Pharma (formerly Teva). The other mfg: on one I can never get stabalized (to much/too little in a pill) the other one gives me night terrors."

Charlie6 June 14, 2017

For Parkinson's Disease: "After every dose have 30 to 45 minutes of extreme tiredness and difficulty thinking. As time goes on seems to be getting worse. Have not been able to get any answers."

mark 1234 June 5, 2017

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "terrible depression, mood swings, not helping tremors seems same as before I was taking them, might ask doctor to stop giving it one more week, I have been taking for 6 weeks"

Anonymous June 3, 2017

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I've been taking Rytary since Feb 2016, I settled in on taking 3 capsules of Rytary 48.75mg/195mg 4 times a day & 1 capsule of Rytary 61.25 mg / 245 mg at bedtime initially this dosing combination allowed me to achieve virtually no down time until, I experienced some serious stress which eventually led to 4 to 6 hours of off time a day as well as significant dyskinesia between doses, especially as the day wore on. Next I was favorably evaluated and underwent DBS surgery in Feb 2017 with stimulation I'm still on the same day dose, but have stopped taking 2 capsules Rytary 48.75mg/195mg at bedtime with virtually no down time and no noticeable dyskinesia. Rytary has work very well for me during this time. With DBS hope to reduce daily Rytary"

Simbidia · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 25, 2017

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Restless Legs Syndrome: "At first I thought Sinemet was the greatest thing ever. I took it for two years and began to suffer all sorts of odd side effects which I didn't at first associate with the drug. But the worst was one that nearly killed me. I didn't even realize it was happening at first because I was having brief periods of blackout. I'd be walking and suddenly feel as though the earth had shifted under my feet. It finally happened while I was driving. I snapped out of it, fortunately without hitting anyone or anything, but didn't know where I was. I stopped taking it and all the symptoms I'd experienced disappeared."

gar wootton · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 19, 2017

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I took Rytary for approximately 1 month in 2016. The worst experience in the 14 years I have had Parkinson's disease. My Neuro tried different doses at different times of the day, it would only work with Sinemet to help kickstart at first, after about a week it was no longer predictable. Several times I had to crawl because I could not walk, once I got up to go the bathroom but could not cross the threshold and had to urinate on the floor. The last day my Neuro asked me to try 4 capsules at once as a last resort, It was 2 hours before I could get out of bed! I still feel the effects to this day."

nurhan · Taken for less than 1 month March 29, 2017

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "The initial results seemed to improve on times, compared with Sinemet, however the side effects had a devastating impact on my family relationships. Out of nowhere I became a compulsive gambler. Other issues of sleeplessness, hypersexaulity ,anxiety, just to name a few. The minute I stopped using Rytary all these issues went away. To be fair, impulse control issues were a concern with the regular Sinemet product but I was always able to stop the above negative behaviors. Rytary warning label spells out these side effects so anyone with impulse control problems should be on guard when trying this product."

R. Rab. · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 20, 2017

Sinemet (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I have been taking Sinemet for more than 6 months. I started with 1 pill every meal (3 times a day) and then I went to two pills with every Meal. I feel Okay, except that I am having problems with my eyes. I see double sometimes. Furthermore, I have been afflicted with Steven-Johnston Syndrome, since the age of 19 years old. This causes Dry Eyes plus I have eye lashes going In ward, which does not help matters. I rated Sinemet as 8 but I am sure Sinemet is good for me since I no longer have the symptoms associated with Parkinson disease. My problems seem to be associated more with eyes"

GrrrBear · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 30, 2016

Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease: "I have been on Rytary for 10 months. At first it worked well: 2 pills (23.75mg,95mg) 3 times a day with one at bedtime. Since the 6th month I have had INCREASING DYSKINESIA and muscle cramps. In November they were unstoppable and I had to go to the hospital for a relaxant IV. (The ER did not know what the heck to do). I was screaming with pain. I am trying different doses and times but I believe the delivery is defective and uneven. I have no control over the delivery. I do not think my PD disease could have progressed tha t fast in 4 months. I was "stable" and in control on Sinemet. :1/2 S. 25/100 every two hours for a total of 450 to 500 mg a day. I was sleeping well. Now I am bent over, in PAIN, never know how I will be."


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