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User Reviews for Brompheniramine/pseudoephedrine to treat Allergic Rhinitis

Also known as: Lodrane, Brofed, Bromfed PD, Bromfed SR, Bidhist-D, Rynex PSE, Lodrane D, BroveX PSE, BroveX PD, BroveX PSB, B-Vex PD, Bromhist Pediatric, Endafed, Allent, Bromfenex Bromfenex PD Histex SR M-Hist TD Andehist NR Syrup Bromaline Bromaxefed RF Syrup Bromhist Pediatric Drops Di-Bromm Bromhist-NR Brotapp Brovex SR Dimaphen …show all brand names

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Reviews for Brompheniramine/pseudoephedrine

Anonymous July 30, 2009

“I used this medicine for my asthma and allergies. I used it for approximately 19 years. It was wonderful and I got to the point I didn't have to use my inhaler at all. Since I am allergic to both external things, and some foods (including corn and fructose) ~ this medicine took care of everything for me and I was able to breathe easily. I am suffering now and trying desperately to to find something that can control my allergies and make me feel human again. Plus I cannot even find an explanation as to why they removed it from the market suddenly.”

Anonymous March 9, 2009

Bromfenex (brompheniramine / pseudoephedrine): “I have used Bromfed since I was a child and it is the only thing that really works for my hay fever. I am miserable since it was taken off the market and am searching desperately for something that works half as well.”

10 / 10

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