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User Reviews for Aspirin to treat Ischemic Stroke, Prophylaxis

Also known as: Ecotrin, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Aspir 81, Fasprin, Ascriptin, Bufferin, Arthritis Pain, Bayer Aspirin, Bayer Aspirin Regimen, Halfprin, Aspergum, Aspirin Lite Coat, Aspir-Low, Ecotrin Adult Low Strength, Empirin, Aspirin Low Strength, Bayer Children's Aspirin, Ascriptin Enteric, Ascriptin Maximum Strength, Arthritis Foundation Pain Reliever, Bayer Aspirin with Heart Advantage, Aspi-Cor, Aspirtab, Bufferin Low Dose, Medi-Seltzer, Easprin, St. Joseph 81 mg Chewable Aspirin, Aspiritab, Bayer Aspirin Extra Strength Plus, Buffered Aspirin, Buffex, Durlaza, Ecotrin Maximum Strength, Entercote, Extra Strength Bayer, Genacote, Gennin-FC, Genprin, Tri-Buffered Aspirin, Entaprin, Bufferin Arthritis Strength, Bufferin Extra Strength, Norwich Aspirin, Acuprin 81 St. Joseph 81 mg Aspirin Enteric Safety-Coated Ecpirin Bayer Women's Aspirin With Calcium Miniprin Migralex Heartline Bayer Advanced Aspirin Buffasal …show all brand names

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Reviews for Aspirin

Beebe · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 27, 2018

Bayer Women's Aspirin With Calcium (aspirin): “It's the only aspirin product I can tolerate. All others, even "coated" low dose aspirin cause GI upset. It's also significantly more expensive. For some reason lately I have been having difficulty finding this product. That said, I'm glad I found an aspirin product that does not cause GI upset (I take it for stroke prevention which is very rampant in my family).”

10 / 10