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User Reviews for Dyanavel XR

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Summary of Dyanavel XR reviews 6.3 23 reviews

Reviews for Dyanavel XR

Dani · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 11, 2019

For ADHD "My son has been on this for a year. I love this medication since little to no side effects. His focus and constant going has improved dramatically yet not a zombie and can sleep and eat with no problem. No crankies when wears off either. He hates the taste. Only issue is the coupon for$20 a month just expired. They gave new number but the price really went up. This month is now $228!!!! May have to find new type and I’m quite sad about that!!! I was denied even with prior approval from doctor. Darn it!!!"

Ang · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 13, 2019

For ADHD "My 10 year old has been on this for 2 years, we were the guinea pigs and were the first to try this medicine at his doctors office and it has literally been a lifesaver. His WHOLE life that he has had ADHD has now changed for the better after starting Dyanavel. The school has noticed a huge change for the better and he actually enjoys life now. *He is on 7 mg daily*"

Skiguy February 4, 2019

For ADHD "ADHD daughter age 6 was prescribed this after bad temper, audio hallucinations from adderall. Has been on 4ml for almost 2 years. Its worked wonderfully, no crashes or any side effects. As little as 2 ml on weekends helps her focus. She has kept her appetite. After over 2 years we're going to discuss increasing her dosage and I think she has built up a tolerance. The drug now tapers off after 4 hours almost, where as before it would last 6-8."

Rissa · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 28, 2018

For ADHD "This has been a great medicine for my son. He has tried 6 different meds but never stayed with them because either they didn’t last all day, stopped eating, trouble sleeping, mood swings, crashing hard when meds wore off, ineffectiveness or turning him into a zombie. He is 5 but almost 6 yrs old and he is taking 3.5 mL at around 7 AM daily. It wears off around 6:30 PM and there is no hard come down. Before this med, we had to give my son melatonin every night for him to be able to fall asleep before midnight. We don't have to anymore. This is also the only med where he has an appetite. I was having to force feed him his meals because he would never want to eat on other meds. Now he is eating great and healthy. It’s also so great to see my son’s personality and humor shine on this medicine because it works well enough to slow his brain down from the 100 mph it usually goes, so he can focus on saying proper sentences and conveying his thoughts, but without turning him into a zombie."

AllAboutMyKids · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 27, 2018

For ADHD "Dyanavel XR has been a blessing to my boys. ADHD highly affected them both by the time they reached third grade. My boys are both honor roll students now in a academic challenge magnet school. I too was against meds, but I had to save my boys life. The best decision I ever made. The school is very impressed."

ExhaustedMother · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2018

For ADHD "The pediatrician started her on 2ml, and immediately saw an extreme improvement in school, dance and at at home. I highly recommend this drug!"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 12, 2018

For ADHD "My son is 7 and has been on Dyanavel XR for less than a month. He was switch because of the shortage on Quillivant XR. While my son was taking the Quillivant he was doing great in school. I was not getting any calls from the school or anything. Overall he was doing great. In this last month of taking the Dyanavel my son has been suspend from his after school program, and just today he was suspend from school. He totally done flipped out on the teacher, the principal and the police at the school. I will be switching medicine"

Mom trying to make it August 27, 2018

For ADHD "My son is 11 and we have tried multiple medications since he first started school. I was doing my best to avoid a stimulant medication but after years of him dealing with nausea from his non stimulant we decided to try something new. From day 1 we were able to see a difference. He was more focused and had little trouble staying on task. No nausea at all! He also takes a mood stabilizer to counteract the side effects of mood swings he's suffered with stimulants before. Because of our schedule, he takes it around 5am every day but it seems to wear off by noon. He's still moody but I have trouble making out if his moods are from the meds, puberty, the fact that his dad just left for a year deployment, or a mix of it all. We have noticed he had an issue with a dry and sore throat. He has no issues until after he takes it in the morning. Overall, it's better than the non stimulant meds, but I'm still pretty uncomfortable that he's taking an amphetamine medication"

Momof3adhdboys · Taken for less than 1 month June 15, 2018

For ADHD "This is for my 4.5yr old boy. He started after awful side effects coming down from quillivant. Those issues were better than this med. On dyanavel, he calmed down for the first couple hours and then seemed to have little control of his body and words. Extremely difficult, defiant. Not his usual self at all. Going to try something else. I too, was a mom against meds but until you have a child with these challenges you are willing to try anything for a “normal” life."

Bhwde · Taken for less than 1 month May 13, 2018

For ADHD "My child was just recently diagnosed with ADHD and first we tried adderall. It seemed to just make him tired but it helped a little bit but not enough. So then we tried dyanavel - this stuff turns my kid into a possessed little ....(mmm what word would be good here? He definitely wasn't nice!). it started off very good. He was listening and everything was going well, then about 4 hours after he took it, he got in a little trouble for not closing a door. It was just a simple "hey buddy come close this door..." and he FLIPPED! He looked at me like he was going to stab me in my sleep and started throwing a little baby tantrum. And ever since then he acts like this every time he gets in trouble. He whines and throws a huge tantrum. He is 7 years old and does not do this without his meds. I know its different for everyone but from my experience, if your child has ADHD and has trouble focusing and listening like mine does, I do not recommend this medicine. We will be trying something else"

Paloma01 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 1, 2018

For ADHD "It works but why is my daughter so so cranky and whiny after it is wearing off. It only happens with this certain medicine."

Momof02 · Taken for less than 1 month April 9, 2018

For ADHD "We just started on this for my son that has ADHD. He is 6 years old and he was on 2.5ml of dyanaval XR it wasn't working so we went up to 4ml and now its working great"

Amanda_0407 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 3, 2018

For ADHD "I was that mom... the mom that was 100% against medicating my child. I fought it for years until I could no longer handle his behavior so I agreed to give something a try. He has dx of anxiety, sensory processing disorder, ODD & ADHD. Our ped started him on 2.5 mL increasing to 3.5 mL throughout the month. This medication has been life changing for him & everyone else in our household. He is back to being my sweet, loving, respectful little boy & is doing much better academically too! He has had zero negative side effects except a little weight loss but overall his appetite doesn’t seem to have decreased any, he sleeps well & I haven’t noticed it “wearing off” later in the day. I started getting positive reports from his teachers almost immediately. I am so thankful his doctor put him on this medication, my only regret was not starting it sooner!"

AlexWood December 4, 2017

For ADHD "This is the only medication we've tried so far for my 11 year old son, but it works. His school work has done a 180 degree turn since we started on Dyanavel. The only downside is the flavor, which he hates, but he's motivated do he takes it anyway. We haven't had any negative side effects other than reduced appetite I'm the first few months taking the medication. He's back to raiding the fridge 24/7 now though."

Anonymous September 27, 2017

For ADHD "Do not take this! It caused my 8 yrs old grave mental issues!"

KellyDoc · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 20, 2017

For ADHD "My 5 1/2 year old son was given this in the past month. We switches from Quillivant XR. This is much better for him. He thinks much more clearly, can focus, have a conversation. He doesn't have the anxiety that Quillivant was causing or the emotional crash when the medicine wore off. It's very expensive even with insurance since its so new, but the doctor gave us a discount card to make it very affordable and another problem is all pharmacies don't carry it. Overall much better for his ADHD and less side effects. His school even noticed an immediate difference."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 15, 2017

For ADHD "This medicine made me feel so tired and sluggish."

carjulie · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 14, 2017

For ADHD "Now my 10 years old son is on 5.5mg liquid of Dyanavel xr and it last 5 hours."

thtaylor4088 · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2017

For ADHD "My 7 year old daughter is severe ADHD. Prior to Dyanavel XR, our best experience was with 30 mg of adderall XR. But that had a profound effect on her appetite and ability to interact with other people. We tried concerta which left her very defiant, Focalin and Vyvance were completely ineffective. We tried Dyanavel for the first time one months ago. I can't believe the difference. She has an appetite, she socializes, she has a personality, she stays in her seat at school and actually works in her assignments. After 4 days on this medication, her teacher called me and asked what had changed because she couldn't believe the difference. The only downfall is nighttime. She consistently wakes up around 4-5 am with dreams."

MamaBear39 November 24, 2016

For ADHD "My daughter HATES the flavor! I can't get her to keep it down for more than a couple seconds before it's coming out of her mouth. I'd rather fight her in getting to swallow a pill than cleaning up the medicine from the floor. Will be trying something else."

Carterette September 29, 2016

For ADHD "My son has tried everything for ADHD. Vyvanse wears off too quickly and Adderall XR made him moody. We tried the dissolvable tablet but he hated the gritty orange flavor. As a last resort to going back to Vyvanse, the pediatrician put him on the new long acting Dyanavel XR. It lasts all day which is great for all the middle school homework he has in the evenings. My favorite thing about Dyanavel is that he still has his appetite and is sleeping well. The copay card made it cheaper than a generic too!"

ADHD! September 3, 2016

For ADHD "Dyanavel was a great for my son, much better than the Vyvance and it lasted the whole day. Best part free for two months than $20 dollars there after!"

Home Mom3 · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 24, 2016

For ADHD "It's works but my child doesn't like the bubble gum flavor. Will be trying something else."


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