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User Reviews for Endocet

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Chronic Pain  
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Reviews for Endocet

Gagmo · Taken for 10 years or more July 23, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “After a few on the job injuries, 2 lumbar spine surgeries & 7, (yes I said 7), cervical spine surgeries over 15 years, I have tried every narcotic & non-narcotic pain reliever going. I am in constant pain since 2 of the neck surgeries were failures ! My pain management Dr. is a Saint in letting me play guinea pig since I wanted less narcotics. After almost 20 years of 24/7 documented pain & surgeries, Endocet does the best job ever ! (Percocet is aces but who can afford it !). I’ve been on 10/325mg Endocet for almost 15 years now and haven’t needed anything stronger, nor have I needed to ask for any more than my normal 150 quantity. If the pain gets unbearable I am to take 2 every 4 hours which works pretty well for me. Not many side effects, every 2nd or 3rd Rx I may get ‘the itchies’ an hour after taking them, it sucks but does go away. Thank you for Endocet 10/325”

9 / 10
Just A Lady · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 10, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “I have been on 10/325 Endocet for over 8 years. I lived in WA for 3 of those years, now moved to ND. In WA I paid $25.00 for 224 every 29 days. My pharmacist here as of today charging me $395.00 every 29 day. He says the price is going up, and if he runs it through my insurance he will lose money. I can not do this anymore. I've been disabled since 2009. My spine is cemented L2, 3, 4, 5 & S1 it's also got 2 rods and 8 screws. My upper spine is twisted from degeneration and fused in 2 places . I don't know what to do. I had tried different ones like Watson but they don't make them anymore. I have chronic pancreatitous and can not take any NSAIDS. Reading all these comments is scaring me as to WHAT DOES ONE TAKE WHEN ENDOCET GETS TO DARN EXPENSIVE. (Oh only 1 pharmacy will order them for me) any suggestions???”

10 / 10
LIMEe May 3, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I have a field spinal fusion for 10 years I have a been on pain medicine from hydrocodone the Lortab to you name it and does it without a doubt is the most effective medicine I’ve ever been on for my back. One pill every eight hours no pain throughout the whole day thank you for making – that it change my life the chronic pain does not suck my life away anymore.”

10 / 10
In pain guy person · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 14, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “Chronic neck and back pain from congenital stenosis and degenerative disc disease which also create bad arthritis. Started with activis 10/325 generic Percocet and worked great. About 1 year later they switched to Camber and Mallnkrodt (however it’s spelled). They are both bad. The Mallinkrodt start strong and great pain relief, but only for 2-3 hours if lucky. Found out I could request any special medication I wanted. So after I heard that I immediately googled, who had the best generic for Percocet for about 3 hours. Found out about 75% of everyone said ENDOCET was the best. And that makes sense, since Endocet is Percocets own generic (weird they’d make their own generic). And Endocet is definitely the best I’ve had and I’ve had a lot of generics, and the original, Percocet; Endocet is basically Percocet. ”

7 / 10
severe bursitis in both hips · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2014

For Chronic Pain: “When the cortizone shots stopped helping me, my Dr prescribed Endocet. Day one I was able to walk, sit, stand and lay down pain free. I do get a little bit light headed. I'll take that any day! Previously tried hydrocodone all the way to 10/325 and I was still in pain. This really works wonders.”

rme61 September 17, 2013

For Chronic Pain: “I have Fibromyalgia and I have taken Oxycodone for when I am having a bad day and my Fibromyalgia flares up. It helps me have a better life, I can get up and move. This medication takes the edge off for me. It does not take all the pain away which is okay because I just want to be able to function rather than staying in bed or on couch all day unable to get up due to the pain.”

9 / 10
LUCKY ONE September 14, 2013

For Chronic Pain: “I had a major injury, fell from over a two story scafel while on a job. Long story short, I LIVED. Having landed on my back & neck, I was unconscious & awoke in the ER, & now I live with shattered discs & other problems. It has now been over 2 1/2 years. I was on Norco & like others have said, it just wasn't cutting it. My comparison to this after only being on it a few months is that, it works better mg. per mg., than Lortab, but I get massive heartburn and I see I'm not alone. ”

8 / 10
Reneke · Taken for less than 1 month July 24, 2014

For Pain: “I had endoscopic sinus surgery and took 80 pills in the first two weeks. The pharmacist made me feel like an addict, and made me so mad! Now my pain is reducing a lot, it has been three weeks since surgery and I use only one pill to make it through my work day. I have no side effects and do not want to get addicted, but it really helps A LOT with pain control and lets me function instead of cry and whine.”

9 / 10
Kaylei April 20, 2013

For Pain: “I was in a very bad car accident in 2009, needless to say I've been on pain medication since then and have been given everything from hydrocodone to fentanyl patches to OxyContin. I'm only 27 so its hard to be doped up and tired all the time. And it was either nausea or headaches all the time. My doctor put me on Endocet 10s about a year ago and they are the absolute best thing for my pain. My tolerance isn't rising quickly either. I'm very pleased so far with this medication, no negative side effects aside from very mild bathroom troubles.”

8 / 10
whenindoubt · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 21, 2013

For Chronic Pain: “Have two torn rotator cuffs and been in physical therapy for over a year. I first was taking nothing until ALL MRI's, x-rays etc were done after I had waited a month before going to the DR. Dr. first put me on two Endocet 10/325 a day and was sent to a Orthopedic Clinic. Ortho.'s plan, Physical therapy, quarterly injections of cortisone and continue PCP pain treatment. With physical therapy 3 times per week, an increase of one more tab per day was requested by my physical therapist to withstand the pain. So I have been on 3 per day for about a year with good results. Osteoarthritis has set up in my shoulder joints as well due to the damages caused by my tears/accident. Sleeping is a huge problem still! No side effects on me.”

8 / 10
inspector December 9, 2007

For Pain: “I have experience taking Endecot (10-650 mg) with an anti flamatory medication called Celebrex. Together they work excellent for severe lower back pain. Recently I required a refill and had to go to a different pharmacy which in turn they gave me Oxycodone/Apap (10-650mg)and found no relieff for severe lower back pain. The combination of Celebrex and Oxycodone didnt work. ”

1ofmanyinpain · Taken for less than 1 month August 20, 2012

For Chronic Pain: “Been in Pain Management for 8 years. Until 2 weeks ago I was taking 120 mg Methadone along with 5 X 30mg Oxycodone a day. I have Spinal Stenosis, DDD, DJD,, Post Lamenectomy Syndrome, Osteoarthritis in knee, spine and shoulder. I missed a pill count and was discharged. 2 Weeks later I finally got into another pain management clinic and he puts me on 4 Endocet 10/325 a day. Nothing in comparison to what I was on but it was my first I wait. My first day on it and it already makes my stomach upset but it was worth it to get anything.”

6 / 10
Anonymous February 11, 2012

For Pain: “Husband has been on Endocet for 7 years. It was the only narcotic pain reliever that works for him. He refuses to accept other generics as they do not work as well for him. I am sure body chemistry plays a roll in which med works for each individual. For him, Endocet is the best.”

10 / 10
Bannanaboatgirl July 7, 2009

For Pain: “It works better than Lortab I think. It was getting to where I had to take at least 3 Lortab 10mg just for my pain to go away. Now I am on Endocet 7.5mg and it does wonders. The thing is medicines scare me cause I don't want to get addicted but I have been taking this medicine for a good long time and I just recently been coming off of it and I haven't suffered from one withdrawal. It's awesome.”

9 / 10
Anonymous November 11, 2008

For Pain: “Had severe back and leg pain for 5 years before a tumor that had pinched my spinal cord was discovered on the left side of C5/6. I was taking 45mg before the surgery and 90 mg (am now gradually lowering the dose). Works pretty well but it really slows down the bowel motion so have to take a stool softener with it.”

9 / 10
Tampaslice July 10, 2011

For Pain: “I've been on pain medicines for 10 years now. The first 8 years on the yellow name brand Percocets 240 10/325, the last 2 yrs on the generic version which is the Endocet E712-10/325. I also take 60 Oxycontin 40mg a month. The combination of the 2 has been a dream come true.”

9 / 10
allyoop_58 January 13, 2010

For Pain: “I've used the brand name "Percocet 7.5" before, and it worked very well. But, I was recently diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck and was having severe pain with it and was prescribed Percocet and was given this generic brand "Endocet". Even though it's a higher dosage, 10mg, it doesn't work near as well. I'm having to take 1 & 1/2 pills to get any relief. I wonder if there are different companies (and how many) that make Percocet generic brands? I've found the same problem with Ultram/tramadol 50mg. Some of the generic brands just don't work for me at all, but there is one specific generic tramadol that does work very good for me, which is the one my pharmacist knows to give me when filling my script.”

6 / 10
v2 December 23, 2010

For Pain: “I have currently been changed from Lortab 10 to Endocet 10 for herniated discs and I find that it helps the pain but makes me very tired and easily irritated. I can be fine one second and the next I want to punch someone then I'm crying. Although the Lortab wasn't as effective for the pain it didn't make me tired or crazy. I have 2 kids so I need to be on top of my game at all times. I also found it very hard to keep awake after taking these.”

5 / 10
empanadaempanada February 2, 2012

For Pain: “I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back, and sciatica. The 10/325 Endocet is magnificent for stopping the intense, constant pain I always feel. However, it makes my head feel really loopy and spacey. Not that I'm complaining about that (it is still kind of novel/fun), but it's something I think other people should be aware of.”

Anonymous February 24, 2011

For Pain: “Like any pain pill, it will vary GREATLY on side effects and effectiveness with each patient. For me, I have been on 10/325 for 2 years for chronic pain from an injury. Before that I had been prescribed Hydrocodone and the side effects from that for ME were alot like what I've seen people here say about hydrocodone. I got a tolerance very quickly and would have to take more, I was very agitated, extremely exhausted, and even with all of that I would still be unable to be productive due to pain. I've tried some other things before this also, but nothing was helping. I STILL have pain, and yes, some days nothing seems to ease it, on those REALLY BAD days, but I am really happy with this medicine still being effective 2 yrs later.”

9 / 10
Anonymous March 6, 2011

For Pain: “After having major oral surgery I was given this and I was skeptical about this medicine, I had never heard of it before but it really helped with the pain. I later found out it was the same as Percocet, which I was familiar with.”

9 / 10
torn disc and buldge March 22, 2010

For Pain: “I have been dealing with lower back and leg pain for the last year and half. I was started with Oxys 5mg. It took awhile to figure out how much I needed to make through a day. It could be anywhere from 2 to 8 daily and never had any problem working. My script was change to Percs. 5mg. and they seem to work a lot better and only needed at most 4 per day, but I had a hard time trying to work. My last script was for Endocet 10mg. I took one before I went to bed and the next day waking up was real hard to do things like talking. I'm only using a 1/2 of one at a time at this point and on a good day just a half on a bad day 1 & 1/2.”

9 / 10
scared in Phoenix December 5, 2011

For Pain: “I've been taking Endocet 10 mg for almost a year, just this last week I have been hit with breathing problems. I gasp for air at the littlest of effort. This is very scary, I instantly have stopped taking them. I sure hope my breathing gets better soon. I have bad knees and this did seem to help take the edge off but I would much rather breath than take any edge off.”

3 / 10
Anonymous August 25, 2009

For Pain: “I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled about a week ago. I was prescribed fifteen 5 milligram Endocets for after surgery. I took about 5 the first day and then 3 the next and 2 the 3rd day and 1 the fourth fay. It helped the pain, but not for very long. I took a nap every time I took a pill. I also found myself to have severe mood swings while on the Endocets. I was happy one minute then felt awful the next. Also, they gave me TERRIBLE constipation. If you're taking them eat a lot of fiber or take a laxative or a two a day to keep everything moving. Although for the short amount of time that they worked, my body felt awesome.”

7 / 10
syruplover December 30, 2010

For Pain: “Causes less nausea, in comparison to Norco 10. Oxy 10s are obviously going to do the trick better but also without the nausea. Overall, for moderate pain in most normal situations, this is the way to go (especially if your stomach is touchy).”

7 / 10
pain sufferer June 2, 2010

For Pain: “I have been on Percocet 10 for several years. I was first put on 5/325 then upp'd to 10/325, after 8 years I went in to talk with the Doctor about being afraid of being addicted. I had suffered 4 tooth abscesses in April and found that my normal amount was not helping my acute pain. was in tremendous pain until the antibiotics got the infection under control. No dentist would pull them. Worst week of my entire life and I've had children, hysterectomy you name it. So I talk to the Doctor about my concerns and she gets annoyed..very defensive. Yes Percocet 10 works great for pain, but be careful, don't take if you are not in severe pain, like me, when you do get in severe pain, they wont be able to get your pain under control. I was in misery.”

9 / 10
TheVampireButterfly November 27, 2014

For Chronic Pain: “Only pill I can take just one of and it work”

9 / 10
ROS8967 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 24, 2013

For Chronic Pain: “I went from pain to feeling pain free within an hour.”

10 / 10

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