I took this a year ago and lost 70lbs! Then I had been off of it for almost a year and gained 20lb (my own fault from eating out) so I decided to go back to what I knew worked (and I loved the staff they are so helpful). They have always given me 37.5 and usually I had to take half for 2 weeks and then I could take a whole one. I first get them and take half NOTHING then I said fine and took a whole one... I'm so sleepy I can't stand it! I'm eating well but it isn't controlling my appetite like it did a year ago. I take the vitamins they have given me and I've done everything I did last year. I'm really frustrated because I spent this money because I knew it worked but it feels like I took a sleeping pill. I'm not depressed but everyone is asking me "What's wrong" I don't know I feel so blaaaaaah I work with nurses and they took my blood pressure and everything. The doctor took my blood as well and they said everything was perfect. It's only been a week and I haven't lost weight (which is understandable but last time I lost at least 2lbs the first week). I'm just really frustrated and can't find answers. I would call the office but they are closed right now.