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Who sings the Skyrizi song ‘Nothing is everything’?

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Official Answer by 13 May 2020

The song from the Skyrizi ad ‘Nothing is everything’ is one of those summer vibe songs that just stays in your head. A lot of people love the refreshing, feel good song and “Nothing is everything” has even featured on TikTok.

The song was written and developed by a third party for the Skyrizi commercial and so was the singer. So far none of this information has been made available from AbbVie, the company that makes Skyrizi.

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Rolltide9702 5 Apr 2021

Why did they change the person singing Nothing Is Everything? I loved the upbeat song and would find myself singing it long after the commercial is over. Please go back to the upbeat version and stop the new arrangement! free discount card

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