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Is it ok to take miralax every day for long period of time?

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suzanne66 11 Sep 2009

Polyethylene glycol 3350 (Miralax) is used as a laxative to treat occasional constipation or irregular bowel movements. It should only be used for a short time. Talk to your doctor or Pharmacist about a safer long term laxative.


nightprowler1961 8 Nov 2010

I have tryed everthing know to man,my doctor/a gastro. doc. is the one who wanted me too take it 2 time per day,because 1 per day wasn't working.So i have to disagree with you.Sorry my spelling is bad,I'M relearning to spell,and everthing eles in life,due to 72 weeks of Peggasy and interferon treatment for Hep. C I all most didn't live thur that.But i have been cheating death my whole life.I hope i can help someone here,I need that to make my self feel better.

sborucki 9 Feb 2015

I think you are fine. Miralax has been a lifesaver for my 8 year old. I took him to a pediatric gastro at 3 years old because ever since he has been on table food he screams and cries when he has to go. I feared celiac disease. He was tested and and is negative. His gastro put him on Miralax adult dose everyday since she diagnosed him with chronic constipation. If he misses a dose or two we definitely know it. It's still so painful he cries and I have cried with him. His pediatrician knows he's on it daily and backs up the gastro so as long as the docs agree and my boy can have a happy healthy day I am trusting they know what they are doing. The gastro actually tole me Miralax can be given to babies as young as 3 month and you can take it the rest of your life.

lking2619 22 Jul 2010

My son who is going to be 4 in September has been taking adult doses of MiraLax everyday for the past year and a half. The doctors do not seem to think that there is any problem in this (they are the ones who put him on the medication at the dosage he is taking), so I think it is pretty safe to say that it is okay to take MiraLax for a long period of time. My best suggestion would be to check with your doctor before taking any medication for a long period of time on your own.

kathydpa_10956 7 Nov 2010

Excuse me for commenting, but your son is 4 and taking adult doses of Miralax? Why? Is he bedridden or other? This concerns me greatly and can't help wonder why any doctor would do this. I would think a diet of pears and other fiber rich foods would be better for your son. Please check with your local pharmacist and ask if this is correct. Take care.

lking2619 7 Nov 2010

Thank you for your comment. Actually we tried fiber rich foods, but that did not help at all. When we first found out that my son was completely impacted(two years ago), the doctor put him on Milk of Mag. However, this did not help either. It was another pedi gastroenterologist that put him on the Miralax. It took forever for that to begin working. Now, my son is doing better. His dosage is down to 1 cap every other day (to keep him going). I asked the doctor about the dosage that my son was on, and was told that Miralax is one of the safest drugs to take for chronic costipation over a long period of time. I still did not like the dosage. If we go too much longer than every other day without the medicine, my son gets constipated again. He eats the proper amount of fiber, but it doesn't keep him regular. Even prunes do not help.

jennasmom1 20 Jul 2013

From my experiece with my daughter. Miralax is pure POISON!

Iluvourboys2 15 Oct 2017

You should get on the Facebook page of Parents Against Miralax. They are in contact with the FDA. There have been many adverse effects reported. Many share the health issues their children/babies have had. They send the info to the FDA so it's documented. They have also responded.

Kingbuba 26 Jul 2016

After spine surgery my gastroenterologist told me it is fine for daily use. Basically it just draws water into the colon to keep the stool soft sort of like a stool softener.

If you have ever been impacted you will know soft stool is important.

Billgriggs 23 Sep 2016

I was put on it "when needed" lately I get short of breath and even light headed and feel better when I take it, worried about Heart, but blood pressure is good and Doctor just says it's my IBS, when it feels like something is constricting my heart. Anyone else relate?

Philly115 1 Oct 2016

Yea I've had my heart start racing and I'll get lightheaded, but after I use the restroom having a BM made it better. I'll start to get numb on my left side of my body. It's really scary, but I've been checked at the doc for everything heart, brain etc and they say everything is normal.

CharPol 23 Sep 2017

I am a senior citizen who was instructed by my gastroenterologist a number of years ago to take MiraLax every day the rest of my life due to a history of constipation and a bout with diverticulitis.
Recently while visiting family for a week in another state, I didn't take the time to take MiraLax. The night after arriving home I was admitted into the hospital with a Small Bowel Blockage, worse pain than child birth. Fortunately it resolved itself after a few days in the hospital, avoiding surgery. In my case, I prefer taking MiraLax the rest of my life which is far less dangerous than diverticulitis, bowel blockage, pain and possible surgery. I have tried high fiber, large amounts of water, and all of the other things that work for other people, but not for me. We're all different.

Mgeor18 18 days ago

My mom is 84 she had been told by doctors to take miralax for the long term. It has now been 10 yrs. I think her mind is going now. She gets easily flustered, panicky, paranoid and scared. She has never been like this. She’s been like this for 6 months and it came all of a sudden. Some people think it’s dementia or Alzheimer’s.
Does miralax cause trouble with the mind?

CharPol 18 days ago

I am 82 and forgetful, but I was that way before taking Miralax every day. My 84 year old friend has lost a good part of her memory and has never taken Miralax. Whether Miralax contributes to dementia or Alzheimers I don't know. Researching for any studies relating to Miralax and loss of memory/mood change might be a good idea. Also researching side effects of any other prescriptions taken might be helpful. free discount card

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