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Can I take Excedrin and ibuprophen for a migraine?

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PepperM 4 Jan 2016

Excedrine has aspirin in it which is an anti-inflammatory. Ibuprofen is also an anti-inflammatory. The two could cause you to have stomach problems or worse. Taking too much can lead to thinning of the blood and sometimes stomach ulcers. I used to take a lot of Excedrine for migraines then noticed I was bruising way too much. Stick to one or the other better yet see a doctor. I hope you feel better. I know all too well about migraines.

Inthelbc 5 Jan 2016

If you go to Webmd they suggest taking 2 Excedrin, 4 Advil (that is a prescription dose), plus black coffee or cola that doesn't have much fizz left in it. It imitates the drug Fiorcet, except for the narcotics. But it needs to be taken at the onset of your headache. Long term use of Excedrin will cause stomach problems over time.

Inthelbc 5 Jan 2016

I also take 500 mg of magnesium daily, per my neurologist. I get more relief at 750 mg but he is worried about my kidneys since I'm on a lot of prescriptions to stay alive. He also has me on CoQ10 and vitamin B2 twice daily. free discount card

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