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How often can you take Excedrin Migraine?

Medically reviewed by Leigh Ann Anderson, PharmD. Last updated on Jan 31, 2023.

Official answer


The usual adult dose for Excedrin Migraine is 2 caplets with a glass of water. Do not take more than 2 caplets in a 24 hour period, unless directed by your doctor.

Excedrin Migraine contains 250 mg of acetaminophen, 250 mg of aspirin (an NSAID), and 65 mg of caffeine per caplet or geltab. Taking more than 2 caplets in 24 hours may cause an overdose of acetaminophen, especially if you are using other medicines that contain acetaminophen. Taking too much acetaminophen may damage your liver or cause death. In case of an overdose, get medical help right away or contact a poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

Before you use Excedrin Migraine, you should review the full Drug Facts label product information on the bottle. If your migraine headache symptoms persist or worsen, contact your doctor.

Excedrin Migraine is not for use in children. For patients under 18 years of age, ask your doctor. Do not give Excedrin Migraine to a child or teenager with a fever, flu symptoms, or chicken pox. Aspirin can cause Reye's syndrome, a serious and sometimes fatal condition in children.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before using Excedrin Migraine.

Why does Excedrin Migraine contain caffeine?

Excedrin Migraine is an analgesic combination over-the-counter (OTC) medication used to treat migraine headaches. It contains 250 mg of acetaminophen, 250 mg of aspirin (an NSAID), and 65 mg of caffeine per caplet or geltab. In this product, aspirin and acetaminophen are headache pain relievers and caffeine helps to enhance the pain-relieving effect of these 2 medicines.

Excedrin Migraine does not require a prescription.

Why was Excedrin Migraine recalled?

In October 2020, certain products and lots of Excedrin products were recalled by GSK Consumer Healthcare due to the possibility of holes in the bottom of bottles supplied by a bottle manufacturer. No Excedrin products were permanently discontinued, including Excedrin Migraine.

The Excedrin products that were impacted in the recall included specific lots and bottle sizes of:

Bottle sizes included in the recall were the 50, 80, 100, 125, 200, 250 and 300-count bottles.

Products NOT impacted in the recall include the 24-count bottles of Excedrin Extra Strength caplets and the 24-count bottles of Excedrin Migraine caplets and geltabs. Excedrin Migraine is typically available in pharmacies, grocery stores and other retail outlets in the U.S.

GSK Consumer Health recommends that consumers should immediately inspect their Excedrin bottle for holes.

  • If a hole is found, consumers should discontinue use but retain the bottle and contact GSK. GSK will retrieve the product and issue a refund.
  • If no hole is found, consumers may continue to use the drug as directed.
  • You can contact GSK Consumer Healthcare at 1-800-468-7746 (M-F, 8AM - 6PM) for more information.

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This is not all the information you need to know about Excedrin Migraine for safe and effective use. Review the full Excedrin Migraine information here, and discuss this information and any questions you have with your doctor or other health care provider.


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