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How do you calculate the dosage for Carnexiv?

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Official Answer by 30 Nov 2016

Carnexiv (carbamazepine) is the first intravenous (IV) injection formulation of the anti-seizure drug carbamazepine. Carnexiv is used as short-term replacement therapy for oral carbamazepine when taking carbamazepine by mouth is temporarily not feasible. The total daily dosage of Carnexiv should be 70 percent of the total daily dose of oral carbamazepine, divided into 4 doses and given every 6 hours.

For example, for a patient taking a total daily oral carbamazepine dose of 400 mg/day, the corresponding total daily dose of Carnexiv would be 280 mg/day. This translates into 70 mg of Carnexiv to be given intravenously every 6 hours.

Patients should be switched back to their previous oral carbamazepine regimen as soon as clinically appropriate.

Healthcare providers can also determine dose by reviewing the table in the manufacturer's package labeling. The use of Carnexiv for periods of more than 7 days has not been studied free discount card

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