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Bitolterol Side Effects

Applies to bitolterol: inhalation aerosol, inhalation solution.


Tachycardia has been reported in 3.7% of patients, palpitations in 3.1% of patients, and irregular pulse in 1.2% of patients. Higher dosages of bitolterol should be used with caution in patients with cardiac disease, arrhythmias, or hypertension.[Ref]

Cardiovascular side effects have included palpitations and peripheral vasodilation, commonly resulting in reflex tachycardia. Changes in blood pressure, both increases and decreases, have been reported. Higher dosages have rarely aggravated angina and myocardial ischemia or caused atrial or ventricular arrhythmias.[Ref]


Metabolic side effects have rarely included hyperglycemia and hyperthyroidism.[Ref]

Nervous system

Nervous system side effects have included tremors (26.6%), nervousness (11.1%), headache (8.4%), lightheadedness (6.8%), dizziness (4%), paresthesia (1.5%), and somnolence (1.2%).[Ref]

The incidence of tremors has been reported to decrease from 22% to 9% during the third month of therapy with bitolterol.[Ref]


Respiratory side effects have included coughing (2.5%), bronchospasm (1.5%), chest discomfort (1.5%), and rhinitis (1.5%).[Ref]


Gastrointestinal side effects have included throat irritation (2.5%), mouth irritation (1.9%), and nausea (1.9%).[Ref]


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