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Aspirin and Omeprazole


(AS pir in & oh MEP ra zole)

Index Terms

  • Omeprazole and Aspirin
  • Yosprala

Dosage Forms

Excipient information presented when available (limited, particularly for generics); consult specific product labeling.

Tablet Delayed Release, Oral:

Yosprala: Aspirin 81 mg and omeprazole 40 mg, Aspirin 325 mg and omeprazole 40 mg [contains corn starch, fd&c blue #2 (indigotine)]

Brand Names: U.S.

  • Yosprala

Pharmacologic Category

  • Analgesic, Nonopioid
  • Antiplatelet Agent
  • Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID), Oral
  • Proton Pump Inhibitor
  • Salicylate
  • Substituted Benzimidazole

Use: Labeled Indications

Secondary prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events: Reduction of the risk of aspirin-associated gastric ulcers in patients at risk of developing gastric ulcers due to age (≥55 years) or documented history of gastric ulcers who require aspirin for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.

Limitations of use: Not for use as the initial dose of aspirin therapy during onset of acute coronary syndrome, acute myocardial infarction or before percutaneous coronary intervention; has not been shown to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding due to aspirin.


Hypersensitivity to aspirin, omeprazole, substituted benzimidazoles, or to any componenet of the formulation; known allergy to aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and in patients with the syndrome of asthma, rhinitis, and nasal polyps; pediatric patients with suspected viral infections, with or without fever, due to risk of Reye syndrome; concurrent use with rilpivirine-containing products

Adverse Reactions

Also see individual agents.

>10%: Gastrointestinal: Gastritis (18%)

1% to 10%:

Central nervous system: Noncardiac chest pain (2%)

Gastrointestinal: Diarrhea (3%), nausea (3%), gastric polyp (2%)

<1% (Limited to important or life-threatening): Gastrointestinal hemorrhage (including hematochezia and large intestinal hemorrhage), intestinal obstruction (small bowel), upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage (gastric or duodenal)