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Vivjoa Dosage

Generic name: OTESECONAZOLE 150mg
Dosage form: capsule
Drug class: Azole antifungals

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jul 12, 2022.

Dosage Overview and Important Administration Instructions

There are two recommended VIVJOA dosage regimens: a VIVJOA-only regimen and a Fluconazole/ VIVJOA regimen. Use one of the following two dosage regimens:

Administer VIVJOA orally with food [see Clinical Pharmacology (12.3)]. Swallow the capsules whole. Do not chew, crush, dissolve, or open the capsules.

VIVJOA-only Dosage Regimen

For the VIVJOA-only dosage regimen:

  • On Day 1: Administer VIVJOA 600 mg (as a single dose), then
  • On Day 2: Administer VIVJOA 450 mg (as a single dose), then
  • Beginning on Day 14: Administer VIVJOA 150 mg once a week (every 7 days) for 11 weeks (Weeks 2 through 12).

Fluconazole/VIVJOA Dosage Regimen

For the Fluconazole/VIVJOA dosage regimen, prescribe fluconazole and:

  • On Day 1, Day 4, and Day 7: Administer fluconazole 150 mg orally, then
  • On Days 14 through 20: Administer VIVJOA 150 mg once daily for 7 days, then
  • Beginning on Day 28: Administer VIVJOA 150 mg once a week (every 7 days) for 11 weeks (Weeks 4 through 14).

Further information

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