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User Reviews for Ziconotide

Also known as: Prialt

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Chronic Pain   4.9
10 reviews 110 medications
Pain   1.0
1 reviews 1122 medications

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Reviews for Ziconotide

Lyn · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 22, 2020

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “My Dr added Prialt to my pain pump in October 2020. Within a week I started to show side effects, my stomach bloated up, I had nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, blurry eyes, mucus in my throat, burning sensation throughout my body. Then I started experiencing memory loss & confusion. Along with GI problems, I began to vomit blood. I was hospitalized for severe gastritis, ulcers & GI bleed. But the didn’t understand why I was getting the other symptoms? They prescribed me some meds for my stomach but I continued to get more sick. I couldn’t eat or sleep. Finally in December 2020 my Prialt was removed & within a couple days I felt so much better. Most of my symptoms have went away. Still having memory problems & some stomach issues. My advice is to do your research. Ask yourself “what conditions do I have?” What medications am I on?” Get as much info as you can.”

1 / 10
Stillinpain · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 5, 2020

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “I started Prialt in August 2020 with the pump, was just taken off of a narcotic through the pump. I went into withdrawals for a month, got a little better. Then I started walking funny, kept forgetting stuff, heard people talking that wasn't there, eyesight had dropped about half, I sit in the house alone staring at the walls. And here 4 months later still like this, I demanded that they cut it in half. I do feel a little better, but next week turning it off. I NEED MY LIFE BACK”

1 / 10
Kgrevenstuk · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 29, 2020

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “After trying everything in my pump, we tried prialt. It was eventually a very good pain killer. But then, I started having dizziness, unsteadiness. Memory issues. I couldn’t remember anything. Cognitive impairment. I was so scared, I thought I had Alzheimer’s which my mom died was so scared, I’ve told my pain specialist and he turned the pump down a little. It helped with the shaking. I’m going to insist it comes out!”

4 / 10
Mima · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 16, 2020

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “I have had 3 different Medtronic pumps over the years. In April 2016 I had a new pump implanted and filled with Prialt. Immediately my gait was affected but the 3 years I had it, I suffered severe memory loss, renal problems, blurry vision, hoarse voice, confusion, slow thyroid, music in my head, I had to quit driving because I would forget where I was or where I was going. I would fixate on a thought or issue and no amount of facts would change my mind. Tremors/seizure but no loss of consciousness, headaches. I think I had 75% of known side effects. I had the Prialt removed in April 2019. After about 4 weeks the side effects began to subside. I still have the memory loss, the pain in my arms and legs tho, my ears ring but no music, occasionally I have tremors. Prialt did tame my pain but what the side effects did to me is nothat worth it.”

5 / 10
HISservant · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 2, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “Ready to Stop using Prialt (ziconotide) after 1 1/2 years of use. Can't increase dosage without serious concentration and task debilitation. Does not resolve my pain, too expensive out of pocket and causes additional mental/emotional degradation. I can't justify this drug in my case. I now know what Alzheimer suffers must endure.”

3 / 10
Changed My Life · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 30, 2019

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “I received a pain pump in 2003 after multiple back surgeries left me in chronic pain. After 14 years of cycling through various opiates and feeling like I was sleepwalking through life, my doctor suggested Prialt. It took about a year slowly lower my fentanyl and increase the Prialt, but it was worth it. The only way I can describe it is I woke up! The pain relief I get is almost as good as with the meds I had in my pump, without the side effects. And, I can now poo normally!! (If you’ve had to take opiates for an extended period you can appreciate that) I know not everyone has had the same experience I have. Chronic pain sucks and everyone responds differently to meds, but I hope everyone find relief.”

9 / 10
Sparky · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 15, 2019

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “My back had been very painful. I had a pain stimulator which didn’t do a thing and a couple of surgeries. My back wasn’t getting any better. My back only hurt when I was upright. If I were sitting or lying I had no pain. After 15-20 minutes of doing anything that invoked me standing, forget it. I was referred to Dr. Juan Garcia. Under his care, I tried every opioid known to mankind in my pump and each one caused terrible itching. It would start at 15-20 minutes after bolus and last 45 minutes to 1 hour afterwards. We switched to Prialt is very small quantities only increasing in small amounts. After about four mouths I was not getting any relief at all. I was switched to continuous flow with bolus as needed. And miracle of all miracles, by George, I think we got it! No pain at all for two weeks. And so far, no side effects are seen. I’ve read every article I can find on Prialt and the cone snail. He’s an amazing little fellow. Just don’t mess with him!”

9 / 10
Scott · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 29, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I have been on Prialt now for 5 months and it's amazing. Better than Morphine or Fentanyl easily. I cant believe how well it works for pain. I am still shocked at the life it gave back to me. The side effects can be bad but it depends on you. My complaint is the blurred vision. I need to wear glasses now BUT Ill take it over being crippled from the pain. Being able to walk without a cane or assistance is amazing. Sleeping instead of being kept up by constant spinal pain. It took months to get the right dose since we started out at 1.5 rate. I am only at 2.5 and its more relief than I ever got from any other drug, oral or in the pump”

9 / 10
jim s. · Taken for less than 1 month March 22, 2017

Prialt (ziconotide) for Pain: “Once it was introduced into my pump my legs felt as though they were on fire this was corrected with bynedryel. The following effects were an intolerance to light that caused migraines also the lack of bowel control and the loss of hearing in my right ear and visual problems that left me unable to drive.I had to go to my doctor and insist that the prialt be removed. He resisted but I prevailed. I have never been that sick with multiple illnesses in my life. I have had 3 spinal bone fusions and 2 thumb reconstructions with right and left shoulder operations also a right knee operation and countless spinal injections and on and on. Because of my doctors reluctance to extract the prialt. I called the manufacturer of prialt who stopped it instantly.”

1 / 10
Bad Juice · Taken for less than 1 month August 4, 2016

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “Had Prialt in my naive pump for less than 8 hours and had a major allergic reaction. My dr had to remove the Prialt from my pump & catheter and rinse & flush with saline. I was nervous about getting this med due to all the negative reviews online. Wish I had never tried it. This was a bad experience.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 17, 2016

Prialt (ziconotide) for Chronic Pain: “I have prialt in a pump, it seems to help. one thing I noticed on the side effects were sneezing. it seems like since I have had the prialt I have not you think that it reversed with me? the reason I think that it is the prialt is that my pump recently quit working. after about 1 day later I started sneezing.”

7 / 10

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