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User Reviews for Venlafaxine to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Also known as: Effexor, Effexor XR

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Venlafaxine Rating Summary

User Ratings
24% (5)
19% (4)
14% (3)
5% (1)
10% (2)
0% (0)
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5% (1)
10% (2)
14% (3)
6.6/10 Average Rating
21 ratings from 22 user reviews

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Reviews for Venlafaxine

c May 21, 2020

“This drug has literally saved my life. I agree with others that the initial side effects can be bad, so sleepy for the first week but switched to taking it at night. I take the slow release after dinner (better tolerated with food) helped me sleep which helped me to feel a little better initially. The dose to start was 37.5mg for 3 weeks then up to 75mg. so sweaty!!! If I don't take with food I get horrible nausea. sex drive decreased slightly initially, and weight gain of about 5kgs. Now I've been on it for about 6 months. Slowly losing the weigh, sleeping great, no suicidal thoughts/ideation or maybe just a couple fleeting thoughts, decrease in obsessive thoughts, no nightmares, decrease in impulsive behaviours, disassociation, emotional regulation!! Highs and lows kind of dulled I would say. experiencing the grey areas for the first time in 20 years. Feeling "normal" increase in interest in social activities. Honestly this is the best antidepressant I've ever had. I will never stop taking it!!”

10 / 10
Kel · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 6, 2019

“I started Venlafaxine 37 mg about 3 months ago. I am having a great experience with my medicine. I have PTSD and anxiety. I have suffered from Sleep Hallucinations since age 14. I would have the hallucinations about 3 to 5 times per week at times. The side effects with this medicine isn’t bad at all for me. I take my medicine around 8pm and get drowsy about 1 your later but that’s ok because I go to sleep around 930pm. No headaches or stomach issues with it. I would keep an open mind with trying this drug and give it a few weeks to get through any initial side effects. Since this medicine, I have not had any sleep hallucinations and I feel great. My anxiety all went away and I feel like I am living my Best Life!!!”

Ed · Taken for less than 1 month November 25, 2019

“I have been on this medication for about a month now. At first it seemed to work, flying bright eyed and alert. Then after a few days I have been experiencing migraines, explosive diarrhea, high blood pressure, anger, irritability, insomnia, and just mental disconnected fog feeling.My PTSD, Manic episodes have increased from the I believe is the side effects”

2 / 10
Mrs. Moose · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 22, 2019

“I have been on 75 mg of Venlafaxine for two years now for PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic hot flashes. Additionally, I live with a family member with high-functioning autism. My doctor was frank, the symptoms for your body and brain to get used to the drug can be pretty terrible. I had heart palpitations, couldn't sleep, felt sick and experienced brain fog. It lasted about two weeks. After that, I started to feel good. I have been able to sleep better because of the reduction of hot flashes, and am better able to manage my days. It's not a cure-all. I still see a psychologist regularly and have to allow plenty of quiet time to recover from social activities, but this is the best I've been in years.”

8 / 10
SSG · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 14, 2019

“venlafaxine probably saved my life after a decade of trying to beat it myself. I also take trazodone at night to sleep. Went more than a decade at about 4 hours a night. Whoever developed this medicine needs a trophy or something like that”

10 / 10
fucksake42 · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 26, 2019

“Having been off the venlafxine for 3 months I feel miles better. Still don't feel back to form yet. The withdrawal was tough but don't be frightened. I was after reading all the reviews. I did feel like death but managed to work and look after my kid. I had to remember that I was doing it to stop feeling like a demented vegetable! On another ad but my head is still fuzzy . Its a minefield but glad to be off the toxic venafelaxine.”

2 / 10
Julie July 21, 2019

“I have been taking Venlafaxine to treat complex post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety and episodes of clinical depression. It worked for me quite well but the side effects of meds were horrid and did not go away without weeks as promised. Vivid dreams, hot flushes, decreased libido, just to name a few. I felt numb. It was the main reason for me to try and come off it. Try is a good word. Took me 3 attempts in total. If someone told me a year ago coming off it would be so difficult I would never consider putting those drugs in my body. I genuinely believed I was about to die last night! Electric shocks/ waves going through my brain, fewling hot/ cold, chest pains, uncontrollable crying with flashbacks, horrible vertigo- fell down the stairs this morning! My life is a misery at the moment. Please do some research before you start the treatment. Coming off this drug can be very frightening...”

6 / 10
S · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 10, 2018

“Tried various medications but this is the only one that has worked for me. It feels like very strong stuff and I know if I have missed a tablet as I begin to get unpleasant withdrawals, but it takes the edge off and has given me a quality of life.”

8 / 10
jiibs · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 23, 2018

“This with venlafaxine has done wonders to me. I have successfully used venlafaxine+mirtazapine combo for years, so far little side-effects and great overall response to meds.”

10 / 10
Richstad September 8, 2017

“Best antidepressant I've tried. On 225mg, also on 5mg Olanzapine for BPD (helps with mood & anxiety). Best combo I've had to date, but doesn't make me energetic, but alleviates the C-PTSD, BPD and IBS, so it's a winner.”

9 / 10
Nevertoolate July 29, 2017

“Nearly all of my life, now retired, in spite of being a high achiever, confident (on the surface) and skilled, I have fought against depression, anxiety, self harm, a lack of connection. I have hidden it well, feeling ashamed of not being happy inside. Tired of the fight I finally saw my doctor and tried several different tricyclics, SRIs, but all gave me unwelcome symptoms. We agreed to try Venlafaxine, and within a fortnight I was feeling so much better. I then started CBT, was diagnosed with delayed trauma, which surprised me but as we worked through it, made sense. My drug dose was doubled and I'm feeling even better. I am so relieved. This drug works for me, no side effects, and I feel so much calmer and able to cope.”

10 / 10
Joespillers April 19, 2017

“Been on Venlafaxine for 3 months now. I suffer from complex PTSD and BPD. Love it so far! Much more effective than SSRIs. Started on 75mg a day, taking 2 tablets. Felt better regards to my anxiety in just a few days. Side effects were insomnia to begin with, shaky hands, random sweats and constipation oh and of course lack of libido (I now take viagra as needed). My doctor then changed my dose to 150mg extended release, this is much better regards to side effects no more sweating or shakey hands and can sleep much better. So yeah the side effects are horrible to begin with but stick with it! I have yet to miss a dose but I've heard it's pretty hell so I try to take my medication everywhere I go. Overall great medication!”

9 / 10
GlenH · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 16, 2017

“Venlafaxine ER gives me a bigger bucket to hold my anxiety and depression so I don't launch into panic attacks or deep depressive episodes quite as quickly. Because it does not take away any feelings or emotions, it still allows my mind to learn to deal with my stressors and triggers. And, it does not take my mind from me at all, which is eminently important to me because I am a detail-oriented thinker by nature.”

8 / 10
Jo M. February 22, 2017

“The medication did not treat my symptoms that were unique to PTSD, namely nightmares/re-experiencing. I was on a high dose of this drug, 300 mg/day, and then went higher and combined it with lamictal as a mood stabilizer. It unfortunately increased the moments of panic, and made me feel out of control when making decisions in a stressed environment, which is unfortunately the opposite of what I would expect a PTSD medication to do. I made worse decisions on this drug than without it, and felt panicked and stressed more often.”

3 / 10
45Ptsd November 22, 2016

“I was diagnosed with delayed onset, chronic PTSD. Symptoms were severe. This medication has helped me more than just SSRIs. I'm on he lowest dose, and I feeel better than I have in a long time.”

9 / 10
Goingunknown September 12, 2016

“Effexor is amazing. I have PTSD and cyclothemia. I went through therapy and then added this years later. I am stronger, enjoy life and I actually have a better sex life cuz I'm in a better mood and can feel emotionally what I need to. For the women out there: I tried to push past the numbness and I can now can achieve full multiple orgasms. There's away if you are determined enough. Best of luck to everyone trying hard to maintain a peaceful life full of hope and self love.”

10 / 10
Socialphobicsocialite August 31, 2016

“This drug was prescribed after several attempts on my life in a short period. I was prescribed 75mg for 2 weeks, then 150mg for 4 weeks and finally 300mg for 2 1/2 years. (Daily dosages) Within the first two weeks I could no longer "climax", I began getting paranoid and went from mild social phobia to debilitating agoraphobia. I became distant from my wife and kids and regular attempts on my life had me in and out of hospital during the entire time on this drug. I tried to withdraw myself as my doctor was reluctant to assist and tried to assure me it was better than not taking it. The withdrawals where like someone letting off fire crackers in my skull, within 72 hours it even effected my vision pulsing white light with every "spark". AVOID”

1 / 10
wiseguy77192 · Taken for less than 1 month June 24, 2016

“I can't really say anything about how effective it is because it worsened ALL of my symptoms. Despression, considerably worse. Urge for Amphetemines, Alcohol and Cocaine (as well as valium on one occasion) were severly worsened and I havent touched any of those drugs (except alcohol) in nearly 20 years. Suicidal thought weren't even present until I took this medication and I was on the lowest dose available. All Symptomes of Restless Limb Syndrome were severly worsened. Derealisation was worsened to the point of depersonalisation. Anxiety was drastic to the point that I wanted Amphetemines against the Down AND Valium/Xanax against the anxiety. Urge for strong drugs and RLS symptomes were only tolerable after microdosing cannabis.”

1 / 10
ARaine14 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 1, 2016

“Effexor XR is the best thing that's happened to me since my life went to hell in a hand basket a few months back. It dragged me back from the edge. And I was lucky, I started improving at the 2 week mark. Most people take up to a month to notice a difference. (Although those 2 weeks waiting were horrible, especially since I didn't know if it would do anything). What it's helped with: severe depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks, and that heightened startle reflex. Side effects I experience on 75mg: night sweats, occasional shakes (these have gotten less over time), and occasional nausea (again, less over time). There have also been some seriously vivid dreams/nightmares, but I've also got PTSD. *shrugs* Could easily be either.”

9 / 10
Survivor01 April 1, 2016

“This is my first experience with any sort of medication like this. I've been diagnosed with Late onset PTSD. My medical support team and I are still finding a correct dosage, I'm on 225/day now along with Ativan as needed and trazodone to help me fall asleep. I've seen some improvement in my functioning, but I'm not quite where I need to be yet”

7 / 10
Aliciapaul357 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 22, 2016

“It has made my anxiety worse and especially now that I am coming off of it and I was only on it for 3 months! I am going through hell!!! I am now having a Lupus flare coming off!”

1 / 10
PTSDandMe · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 13, 2014

“I have CPTSD. Currently taking the "California Rocket Fuel" combo of Effexor and Remeron. (Also taking prazosin, propranolol, lorazepam, and saphris) I found that the Effexor helped with my anxiety/flashbacks/depression a little bit. I noticed headaches at first and an increase in blood pressure. I cannot miss my dose or I get bad withdrawal symptoms (headaches, flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, brain zaps, dizziness, weakness, and fatigue) which only subside 6 to 12 hours after I take the missed dose.”

6 / 10

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