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User Reviews for Sutent

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Renal Cell Carcinoma 7.3
24 reviews 16 medications
Pancreatic Cancer 5.0
2 reviews 11 medications
Summary of Sutent reviews 7.2 26 reviews

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Reviews for Sutent

Jim bob 2 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 5, 2020

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “Been on Sutent 3 months my dose is 50mg 2 week on, 1 week off. Initial side effects are fatigue, some small sores on tongue, taste buds off, hair thinning, some diarrhea and dry skin. They are subsiding a little as time goes by. All in all nothing I can’t deal with for a while. So far scan is good. Very expensive drug but after some doing I got on patient assistance program.”

8 / 10
Vic · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 20, 2019

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “This was my 2nd line of treatment. I did not response to this medicine. I had many side effects. The worst being low platelets that caused me twice to stopped treatment temporarily. I dose reduced from 50 to 37.5 but it did not help. I had nausea that was tolerable for the most part thanks to a nausea patch. I had to get one transfusion due to blood counts. My hair thinned and turned white but that's mild. Hair has since returned to prior thickness and color.”

5 / 10
Jim Bob November 14, 2019

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “Sutent is still a very good drug to use for treating kidney cancer. To follow up from a previous post, Sutent continues to have a great success for me personally, but as of late the drug dosage was reduced due to some new side effects. While SCANs remain good there seems to be a delicate balance for exactly how much of the drug is necessary. While the normal dosage for me was set at 50 mg once a day for 14 days on 7 days off, my oncologist has reduced the dosage to 37.5 mg. It appears that this new dosage is easier on my body while doing its targeted therapy to control cancer cells. It will be 5 years since radical surgery (removal of left kidney, spleen, and the adrenal gland) this coming February, and the quality of life has been great. No huge side effects from the onset but some bumps in the road that I was able to overcome.”

10 / 10
Eric · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 19, 2019

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “Nearly killed me. Opdivo has worked for 3.5 years now!”

1 / 10
Jim Bob · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 11, 2019

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I have been on Sutuent for 3.5 years now with minor side effects. I tried the 4 week on and 2 week off but that did not work for me. Now on 2 weeks off 1 week and that is tolerable. So far this drug has caused my tumor in the surgery bed to shrink. The left kidney was removed 4.5 years ago. Quality of life is good and I am living a full and happy life. I thank the company that produces this targeted therapy drug for patients like me. There is hope after a kidney cancer diagnosis. For all of those who are currently going through this just remember that years ago drug therapy was not yet available and life expectancy was short. A positive attitude and great family support all help when fighting an aggressive disease like cancer.”

Peachy March 4, 2019

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I have started my chemo journey 7 years ago dealing with stage 4 kidney cancer. They removed my left kidney and filled a hole in my left knee with cement bone and 2 weeks of radiation treatment then I went on remission for a period of 4-5 years. A lump appeared just below my right jaw so 2 biopsy was performed and found out that it was the same cancer cell so, I was put on Votrient 200 mg per tablet and took 3 per day for almost 22 months. I couldn't take the Votrient any more. My oncology doctor suggested for me to take a holiday and I did for almost 5 months. So in November 2017, a catscan was ordered and the results was I have a tumor on my left side. I have been taking Sutant 50 mg since December 2017 and it did shrink my tumor. I was very happy and now off the Sutent and waiting to have another catscan to make sure that there is no surprises. I found this chemo drug Sutent works better for me and I my body can tolerate it. Your chemo friend, PEACHY C”

8 / 10
Crazyhorse · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 23, 2019

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I'm speaking for my Husband. In 2002 he lost his right kidney, he's a Marine from Vietnam. In 2013 I thought he had pneumonia, when I took him to the Doctor the xray showed his whole right lung was occluded with a tumor, not operable. We went to his Oncologist and they started him on Sutent . Two collapsed lungs , two lazer treatments for bleeding but his right lung is now wide open, he is frail but upright. Why it's his attitude, he said I'm a Marine and I'll beat this. So please hang in there, keep a positive attitude. I believe he is the longest living person right now on this drug. No taste buds, diarrhea yes but he's here and that is what we want. God bless you all and keep you safe...”

10 / 10
Deg · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 1, 2018

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I collected my brothers ashes y/day. He was on sutent for sarcomatoid kidney cancer. Sutent made him so very very ill, it destroyed any quality of life he had left before he died (6 months from diagnosis to his passing). He died after 5 days in hospital vomiting blood, possibly from perforated stomach/ intestine/bowel. This drug is so cytotoxic my local pharmacy refused to accept the remaining tablets we had after he died. Sutent, I called it an evil drug as that's what it is.”

1 / 10
Neuroendocrine carcinona · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 15, 2017

For Pancreatic Cancer: “I'm 63, diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour (PNET) on 5/18/16, I was taking Afinitor until January of 2017, but my tumor stopped shrinking and I was developing a mass in my lungs from the drug. I started taking 50 mg of SUTENT in January 2017, 28 days on and 14 days off. Side effects were mild sores on the sides of my tongue, hair and beard turning white & bottom of my big toe became real sore and the skin peeling off during the 28 days on. During the 14 days off, everything returned to normal. Starting today 8/15/17, I'm being reduced to 37.5 mg to see if this will stop my big toe from hurting on the bottom and the skin from peeling. My tongue barely gets sore now and my hair color has gone back to normal. I get a Sandosatin shot monthly for the diarrhea”

Very grateful September 15, 2016

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “Thanks to God, my dr and the makers of sutent, I'm still here. I got my left kidney removed and three years later I discovered a mets in the spine and liver which was treated with radiation followed by sutent. I started with 50mg but couldn't tolerate so it got reduced to 25mg. The condition is stable for 8 months now and the side effects are bearable. I'm very grateful and recommend this medication to anyone who needs it”

10 / 10
Hotmuck July 26, 2016

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “Left Kidney removed by radical nephrectomy Dec 23, 2014, after 3 blood clot caused heart attacks and ablation operation and Follow up in August revealed 7 tumor in lungs and 2 enlarged lymph nodes. Started 50 mg Sutent 28 day cycle on Dec 26, 2015, very harsh side effects including severe diarrhea, vomiting, dry mouth, bleeding teeth and gums, hyperthryroidism, after 3 months. 6 weeks rest and reduced to 37.5 mg and 14 day cycle. After 5 months tumors in left lung had doubled in size and slight growth in right lung. On July 21, 2016 CT showed growth had stabilized but side effects remain severe. Going to 25 Mg 14 day cycle on 27 August.”

3 / 10
Shuttlegirl · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 5, 2016

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “On Sutent 5 months tumer has has halved in size, side effects are unpleasent but bearable. Hair thined out a bit for the first 3 months.”

10 / 10
Johan jakobsson · Taken for less than 1 month September 23, 2015

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I started using sutent 50 mg for stage 4 kidney cancer for last 2 weeks but there is no improvement in blood test result. can anyone please tell me know the time required to get the result.”

2 / 10
Jarface, England · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 12, 2015

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I've been on Sutent 50mg for eight months and it's working for me, thank you! It does knock the stuffing out of me, but I'm loathe to drop to 37.5mg. I never get sick or have diarrhea, just exhaustion. I'm planning to go on for a long time yet, my biggest problem is myself not responding fast enough to my body, which is screaming at me to rest. When the clock is ticking, you don't want to stop do you?”

10 / 10
conradclark February 26, 2014

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I have been on Sutent for 4 months. My cancer is shrinking and it is not bad. I am on Oxycontin as well because the cancer had gotten into my bones and spine. Degradation of my spine. So I now have a brace in my back. Side effects. Sutent has almost a narcotic effect on me. Bad gas and my taste buds are all messed up. Constipation. My biggest complaint comes during the 2 weeks off. Its like I go through withdrawals that are really intense. Shaking, pain all over. And I'm so weak for those two weeks its hard if not impossible to get out of bed. But all in all Sutent has been doing its job many of the tumors are smaller if not gone. And the large masses went from baseball to golf ball size. Pleased with Sutent.”

9 / 10
Cheryl C or Sherie again! · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 1, 2013

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I am still on Sutent. 50mgs due to slight growth in the left lung otherwise stable. I have battled Ecoli this summer, that I got eating cooked seafood out of town. Otherwise I will celebrate my 5 year cancer Birthday 11/2/2013!”

10 / 10
mrdingdong · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 23, 2013

For Pancreatic Cancer: “I was put on Sutent (37.5 mg) after chemo failed to stabilize my liver metastasis. Sutent helped to shrink the tumors but the side effects were too many. I got blisters on my hands and feet, my hair turned grey, I had diarrhea and gas all day. Overall my quality of life was severely compromised and it was even hard for me to walk. Finally they changed my medicine to Afinitor which did a good job without any side effects.”

5 / 10
barbie billings · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 9, 2012

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “On Sutent for 9 months and was extremely fatigued but minimally nauseous. Doctor guesstimate is an additional 9 months. Original diagnosis was clear cell cancer and removed right kidney. Annual exam revealed it metastisized to left adrenal gland. Pet scan reveals some tumors have disappeared and remaining ones are shrinking. No new tumors seem to have appeared. My quality of life has not seemed to have decreased and I feel blessed everyday that Sutent therapy is working for me.”

10 / 10
Eliezer b Y · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 3, 2012

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I have been on Sutent now for 13 months. The full monty at 50 mg. It seems to be doing its main job which is to shrink and freeze the metastasis I have in lungs. I am told my own side effects are mild compared with most. The ones with medical significance and danger are under control - these are the high blood pressure, which is under control with additional blood pressure pills, and the messed up thyroid, also under control with pills. The main things that bothers me are the gastro side effects. I cannot get the diarrhea under control. The painful violent gas now seems controllable using Simethicone. I get a very acidy stomach with heartburn in last two weeks of cycle. Sometimes can relieve with milk.”

9 / 10
mariavero October 5, 2011

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I've been on Sutent since December 2008. First at 50 mg for 3 cycles then due to side effects dose reduced to 37.5 mg for about 3 more cycles but still had problems with my blood counts. Then the dose was reduced to 25 mg so since about 2 years ago I have been on Sutent 25 mg, 2 weeks on 1 week off. My tumors shrunk 30% since the beginning and now I've been stable. Side effects are mild, sometimes a little bit harder but I am grateful I am still here and living a full life.”

7 / 10
Anonymous December 23, 2010

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I am a 72 year old male that had a kidney removed six years ago. Since then the cancer reformed in my hip causing a partial hip replacement, then on to my breast bone (radiation treatment) and finally my lung and adrenal gland. At that point I was put on Sutent 50mg which caused white count issues. We dialed down to 37.5 which stabilized the blood and now after three months my tumors have shrunk by half. Side effects are not pleasant but tolerable. Bottom line I am still alive thanks to Sutent.”

9 / 10
Cheryl C November 4, 2010

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I am here to tell you 2 years after having my left kidney removed I am stable, and have been on Sutent since February 2009. I am the Cheryl that commented December of 2009. I am still grateful to the makers of Sutent. I am now on 37.5 instead of the initial 50mg and it is more tolerable. I have been stable for the last 6 months. I have one tiny nodule left in my liver. I started with 14 nodules in the lungs and 3 in the liver. ”

10 / 10
v123 July 20, 2010

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “Unfortunately, sutent did not work on me, I used 2 cycles without any positive results.”

1 / 10
Timmy Tucker February 14, 2010

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I've been on Sutent for 18 months, I had my primary tumour removed but have 7 metastities on my aorta, these have all reduced in size by approx. 70%. I have had very managable side effects and put this down to diet change: no sugar, low carb and minimal alcohol. I'm 42 and I'm leading a very active life thanks to Sutent. The only downfall is that I know it stops working after a time but until then I'll cherish every moment with my family.”

7 / 10
Sherie Cash December 1, 2009

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: “I just celebrated my 1 year Cancer Birthday in November thanks to Sutent. The side effects are all treatable, although I had to stop working full time I have an excellent quality of life! I am very grateful to the makers of Sutent!”

10 / 10