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User Reviews for Maxalt-MLT to treat Migraine

Maxalt-MLT has an average rating of 8.7 out of 10 from a total of 70 ratings for the treatment of Migraine. 86% of those users who reviewed Maxalt-MLT reported a positive effect, while 10% reported a negative effect.

Maxalt-MLT Rating Summary

8.7/10 Average Rating

70 ratings from 71 user reviews

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57% 40
26% 18
3% 2
3% 2
0% 0
1% 1
0% 0
1% 1
3% 2
6% 4

Reviews for Maxalt-MLT

AngelMcC · Taken for less than 1 month July 28, 2020

“I had a horrible migraine for 4 days. I was throwing up from pain in my head and neck, weak, dizzy, blurred vision and felt confused. I also couldn’t sleep. After taking maxalt within a couple hours I felt complete relief. I had some side affects of heavy limbs, trouble concentrating, and lethargy but I also felt really calm and relaxed for the first time in days. I highly recommend.”

10 / 10
Stormi · Taken for less than 1 month June 28, 2020

“maxalt helped with my migraines however the after effects left me depressed with chest pains sore neck, achy all over, tired, and dizzy, I also found myself having to pee way more than normal and it made me feel like I was dying in a sense. I have a brain tumor and for sure thought it turned to cancer and spread through my body before realizing it was the meds. I haven't taken any in a few days and already feel so much better.”

3 / 10
Tess · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 6, 2020

“This stuff is AWFUL. It doesn't work, and it literally makes me suicidal, even if I was fine when I took it. I am not exaggerating when I say I life became too much when I took it. I took some this morning, and it wasn't until I was writing out a suicide note that it clicked for me that this stuff makes me crazy.”

1 / 10

Frequently asked questions

Jules · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 25, 2019

“Found these Maxalt MLT are the only things that work for my migraines. I try not to take too much as worried about the rebound headaches and often go two days Of pain before taking. These work in about 30 minutes. ”

10 / 10
Ally · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 25, 2019

“I've had mean migraines since I was 5, I'm 42 now. I have also suffered a Severe Brain Trauma almost 5 years ago. I've tried every migraine medication. Maxalt did nothing for me. Migranol (DHE) nasal spray did before and the shots work and the sumitriptan 6.5 shots vials or auto injections work. Once you have experienced those, nothing will work.”

2 / 10
Julie · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 21, 2018

“Found this to work. Sometimes I get headaches for three days that just won’t pass this ends them. Sometimes feel a little nauseous after but not for long. This works for me.”

10 / 10
Wendogga · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 24, 2018

“I would always have to go to doctors or hospital for treatment of my migraines. Until a doctor prescribed these. They change my life. I haven't needed to see a doc for migraines in 4 years. ”

10 / 10

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iamc February 14, 2018

“Works very well for me, have not missed a day of work since I've been on Maxalt. On the rare occasion I have to take a second dose to get rid of a migraine.”

10 / 10
Gorilla74 · Taken for 10 years or more February 11, 2018

“Can't find Maxalt MLT at any pharmacy. What is going on with it? Migraines last up to 14 days without it. Desperate!”

10 / 10
Gigigirl January 4, 2018

“Maxalt work great for my migraines. Also I had trouble swallowing and the Maxalt dissolves on tongue which is great for me. My pharmacist had to try and find another company that makes pills that would dissolve on the tongue. My insurance stopped paying for the Maxalt and I could not afford to buy them”

10 / 10
Nadz17 November 9, 2017

“Maxalt saved my life! It is the only medicine that works for me when have a migraine attack, I swear by it and carry it with me always just in case. It literally gave me back my life, I was ill for days that ran into weeks that went into months. It was shocking, I felt suicidal with having no life and one day was sitting in my doctors room sobbing begging him to help me, and he prescribed me rizatriptan (maxalt). I love it!!”

10 / 10
AZ-Girl · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 31, 2017

“I have had migraines since my teenage years and am currently 49 years old. I sometimes go for long periods of time with no migraines, but then I can have migraine and accompanying neck pain that goes on for 2 days or more. I've been on Fiorinal, then Fioricet, and just recently, Maxalt. Recently, I asked my Dr about having a different medication that would be legal to take to Europe, as Fioricet is banned in at least some, if not all, countries in Europe. Since another Dr had previously tried prescribing Maxalt, he had me try this. It WORKS. I find it works better and faster than other meds, and I don't feel woozy when taking it. Tricare allows 18 pills per 45 day period before another refill.”

10 / 10
Crwofter1 · Taken for 10 years or more June 26, 2017

“Maxalt MLT has been the best Migraine medicine for me for almost 30 years and took it during Six pregnancies without any complications. I am only sorry Insurance will allow 9 a month :..(”

10 / 10
tidytiger March 15, 2017

“I am 34 years old and have suffered migraines on and off since I was about 10 years old. This is the first medication that has helped me. It great that it is a wafer and easy to take as vomiting is perhaps what stops other medications from working? Thank you maxalt, I love you!”

9 / 10
Chris_G March 15, 2017

“Yesterday was my first time when I took Maxalt-MLT to cure my migraine. My doctor prescribed this drug six months ago but all those months I had no incidence of a migraine. Yesterday was again after my weight lifting workout. I only get migraines after a workout the last years. I always get aura for about 20 minutes before a headache begin. That is good the doctor said because I can take Maxalt faster before the pain begins. My first impression is that the aura lasted about 15 minutes and the pain was bearable in a scale of ten I would say 6.5 compared to other times that reaches 9 -10. The first 10 minutes, I was feeling a little bit weird and little dizzy. After 90 minutes the migraine got away, I think it needs about 90 minutes to act”

9 / 10
Fran_croatia January 4, 2017

“I am a 23 year old male suffering from occasional (about once a month) migraine attacks which are often accompanied with uncontrollable vomiting. My neurologist prescribed me this medicine saying that it is the most advanced one currently available and made specifically for migraines. Unfortunately, after taking the medicine several times during various attacks, It had about as much effect as an Aspirin and it stop the pain or the nausea. My mother, who suffers from more often and severe migraines then I do, got prescribed the same medicine, but it didn't help her either. I ended up switching to Ketoprofen based painkillers which have been most effective for me, but don't work during the worst attacks.”

2 / 10
Suzi Marie Hunter · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 28, 2016

“Have had headaches almost daily for over 4 years. I have been given several different medication. Most not very affective. The pain has completely changed our lives. I was recently put on Maxalt. It is helping more than most. I have been prescribed 10 mg of Maxalt that I can take two a day over a period of 24 hrs. Sometimes I have 3 headaches a day so that limited amount doesn't keep me very functional. Does anyone have suggestions? How is their Maxalt prescribed?”

5 / 10
Milhorn November 25, 2016

“Aside from a slight burning sensation where my migraine is located this drug works wonderfully. Better than any nasal spray or OTC drug I've ever tried.”

9 / 10
Kris W November 12, 2016

“This little wafer gave me life back ! I use to suffer every week ,at least one attack.Not only does this kill the feeling of my brain bursting through my skull but stops the vomiting . Saved my life ,I felt I couldn't continue my life with such a disabilitating condition.”

9 / 10
GJJ666 · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 25, 2016

“Fantastic drug! Works every time within half an hour. Feel a little strange for around 30 minutes after taking it, but no other side effects. Highly recommend it as it's the only thing that works for my migraines”

10 / 10
Grace S. May 7, 2016

“When I was about 23, I started getting horrific migraines out of nowhere that would incapacitate me for days at a time. My neurologist couldn't find anything wrong and I tried several medications (some would take at least 12 hours to have an effect). The only medication that ever successfully treated my migraines was Maxalt and it pretty much gave me my life back. It would still take at least an hour to work but it was really a life changer. Ultimately, I sought an ENT and after I had sinus surgery (and corrected my deviated septum) in 2011, my migraines never returned. But if they ever did come back, I would be running to Maxalt as my savior again!”

10 / 10
Red Leader · Taken for 10 years or more October 24, 2015

“Works nearly every time on one dose. The second dose will make you fell washed out for the next 24 hours. Life is normal with this drug as it works in about an hour. I am in the UK so NHS covers the costs of the drug.”

10 / 10
Juliannaaaaa August 31, 2015

“I have suffered from hormonal migraines since puberty and am now in my fifties. I tried every option the Doctor could offer but nothing helped until I found Maxalt Melt about ten years ago. I call them my magic pill as they can clear a migraine completely within an hour. Very occasionally I have to take a second dose. They work for me with minimal side effects and are worth every penny. I'm in the UK so can get them on prescription.”

10 / 10
Anita - Australia August 27, 2015

“I find Maxalt Wafers amazing. I get a little tightness in my throat but apart from that no side effects and they work within I/2 an hour. In fact it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me. They are expensive but worth it.”

9 / 10
Bondi May 18, 2015

“My Migraine did Not go away . It might have only marginally lessened it . I went to bed for two hours and have felt terrible all day . This medication made me very sleepy . I took a Second Wafer some hours later but there was Still No Improvement ! Now I cannot take any other migraine medication for a whole 24 hours. Which is far too long . I made the mistake of taking the second wafer when the first one wasn't helping. I already had Jaw Pain so reading that others get it as a side effect makes me wonder. It reminds me of Imigraine and I thought that useless. Sydney Australia 2015.05.18”

1 / 10

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