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User Reviews for Compazine

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Reviews for Compazine to treat Anxiety

"Given this medication for a headache 3 weeks ago still feeling side effects! Very restless, insomnia,irrational thoughts, I feel like I've lost touch in reality! It's horrible! I wish they would've told me before they put it in me through IV! If anyone please knows what to do to fall back in to reality please share"

Gabrielaa21 July 16, 2017

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"Went to the ER for a headache along with depression and was given compazine threw an IV an has been feeling detached from reality every since last year of november anybody else feels this way after taking this medicine and what do I need to do to get back to NORMAL all I do is cry and wonder why the doctors didnt warn me before taking this "


Jessica6654 December 5, 2016

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"Had this in a "headache cocktail" last night when I went into ER for an intense migraine with garbled speech. NEVER again. I have never appreciated a headache more because by comparison it was so much better than the side effects of Compazine. It made me a crazy person in full blown panic attack mode. I was trying to pull out the IV and run away. I felt doom and dread and mental anguish. I was yelling and just trying to figure out a way to kill myself (literally) if the mental pain and confusion didn't stop soon. Luckily the terror didn't last long because three nurses came in and gave me more benedryl which counteracted or at least knocked me out. I am a bit traumatized by the experience but feel alot better today."


tinapeeps (taken for less than 1 month) October 21, 2016

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"This medication gave me the worst experience of my life. It made me sleepy, yes. But at the same time, It sped up my mental discomfort, and it made my muscles jump. Similar to restless leg syndrome, but throughout my entire body. It was so bad they had to reverse it with Benadryl to alleviate the symptoms, And finally they gave me a mixture of Valium and Demerol to put me in a twilight state until it passed. If you have ANY medication allergies, even mild. I would strongly advise against this medication. "


P.A. in Los Angeles. (taken for less than 1 month) May 31, 2014

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"I was first given Compazine in the hospital for severe nausea associated with a migraine. I suffer from migraines, generalize anxiety, and panic attacks but I was admitted to the hospital due to the worst panic attack I've ever had. They were giving me Valium, but cautiously. When the nurse gave me Compazine for the first time, my nausea and anxiety left at the same time, and quickly too. I was able to finally rest/sleep comfortably. Even though it is prescribed for nausea, I would recommend asking your Doctor about Compazine for anxiety. It will make you sleepy, but like I said, the feeling of be comfortable in my own skin for a change is worth it."


Catleen186 (taken for less than 1 month) July 1, 2013

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