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User Reviews for Phenytoin to treat Neurosurgery

Also known as: Dilantin, Phenytoin Sodium, Phenytoin Sodium, Extended Release, Phenytek, Di-Phen

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Reviews for Phenytoin

docker March 24, 2014

Dilantin (phenytoin): "I've been taking phenytoin for the past 8 months now as I had a bleed on the brain that caused me to fit. I've noticed that it's stopped me from having a seizure since the day I fitted. But ever since I've been feeling weak can't remember things from day to day and can't remember what I done like 10mins ago, I'm taking 300mg every night and I feel spaced out every day and can't be bothered doing anything I'm only 22."

2xSurvivor09 August 3, 2013

"Other than some short-term memory issues, I've had no complaints with this medicine other than when my Dr. adjusts my dose to where he thinks it should be and not what works for me. I'm currently on 400mg daily, 200mg in the morning & 200mg at dinner time. I'm also maxed on my Keppra so this is 2 supplement the additional help needed 2 control seizures after a brain cancer surgery. I am though drowsy a lot but when I get to the suggested range between 10-20 measurement I have seizures all to often, I'll stick with the drowsiness!"