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User Reviews for Oritavancin to treat Skin and Structure Infection

Also known as: Orbactiv, Kimyrsa

NAS October 7, 2019

Orbactiv (oritavancin): “Well this is the second time Orbactiv was forced on me tonight this time by ER OMG 5 hours of waiting and then 3 hours to drip someone please shoot me put me out of my misery. Even when you specifically ask the doctor for Vancomycin the doctor ordered this fake MRSA drug orbactiv and the nurse came back and told me I have to do an x-ray then I'm getting Orbactiv I tried telling them I needed Vancomycin to no avail. Seems the medicine company and Melinta pharma have brainwashed the medical community it works and is a better alternative to Vancomycin. SMH OMG it makes your head hurt like anything afterwards. Rather than get no help at all I reluctantly accepted my fate and got my second dose of Orbactiv. I can tell you now it won't do a darn thing for me I'm resistance to every antibiotic except Zyvox. Well it's a total dud. It's a Shame the corrupt drug companies and the FDA are so cozy they dupe the public”

1 / 10
NA$ April 7, 2018

Orbactiv (oritavancin): “This does not work period all it did was make my head hurt and me itchy. I think this is a fraud it did not clear up my MRSA skin infection not even a bit I got worse by stopping ZYVOX for this experiment - don't do it guys. This is a joke lasts 10 days come on if that were true it would be a miracle cure. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is... This is a useless worthless option you're harmed more because you stop a viable drug for this garbage. I gave it 5 days nothing happened excelled the MRSA which got worse because I stopped ZYVOX. This is not a real drug or treatment for MRSA. Demand vancomycin. .. The claims are bogus. No drug lasts that long and this is ineffective I think my doctor is crazy This needs to be taken off market If this were true it would be the new penicillin everyone would hear about it . Well I can see why I never heard of it or the medicine company because this feels like a fake drug and I'm made my doctor for putting me through this.”

1 / 10

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