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User Reviews for Nortriptyline to treat Neuralgia

Also known as: Pamelor, Aventyl Hydrochloride

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Nortriptyline Rating Summary

User Ratings
7.6/10 Average Rating
20 Ratings with 19 User Reviews

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Reviews for Nortriptyline

pongman · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 1, 2018

"It dulled my pain but caused erectile dysfunction and constipation. I'm not taking it anymore."

Belinda67 · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 25, 2017

"Is this drug helping anyone with fibromyalgia. "

Brita2 September 9, 2016

"Went to rheumatologist for fibromyalgia symptoms and he prescribed Pamelor to help me sleep. ? He prescribed nothing for pain as he told me my fibromyalgia was very mild. I think the doctor was a quack! I took it twice and both nights I was up all night and completely zonked in the morning. Only 10mgs and this stuff made me foggier than fibro fog. It was horrible. Do not recommend."

julianarose · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 10, 2016

"Quick background about me-Female, 23, 5'8" ,122lbs. Started Nortripyline for fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I started off at a low dose, 10mgs, increasing by 10mgs weekly. When I first started it, I was jolted with energy throughout the whole day (which was great because fibro has been causing SO much fatigue) and I had a SUPER dry mouth. The first couple weeks... no other side affects, also was mildly helpful but not entirely. By the time I got to 60mgs, I was disassociating from my body, felt like I was going to crash my car when I drove it, dropped things, couldn't focus, couldn't speak without slurring my words, and I was extremely I dropped down to 50mgs and everything is great now. I am also starting Lyrica."

Ally84 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 27, 2015

"I'm giving this a 5/10, because at 75 mg daily, it did relieve headaches that were at 7/10 on a 10/10 pain scale. However, I had to go off it, due to a rare side effect, that my neurologist hadn't even seen, called Serotonin syndrome. It's something to watch out for. I'm on gabapentin now for neuralgia and neuropathic pain."

Melissa555 January 25, 2015

"I've was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis a little over a year ago. This chronic pain disease is a curse!! I tried so many different things to make the pain go away- natural methods (such as digestive enzymes, cranberry supplements, probiotics), the IC diet, the alkaline diet, and switching to all alkaline water. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and my doctor told me to try 10mg of Nortriptyline. It started working the very next day. I would say I'm 90%better. I still have minor flares before I go to bed if I'm stressed. My doctor told me to increase slowly to 50mg but I haven't needed to go up from 10mg. I hope this works for the rest of my life because I can't go back to the way I was before this medicine. It honestly saved me."

Ms Jarvis · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 20, 2014

"I have suffered with A-typical facial neuralgia for over 12 years and nothing but nothing has helped me like Nortriptyline. I was prescribed this by a professor of Pain Management at Walton Hospital and I can honestly say he saved my life. It is a wonder pill that seems to work alone. Previously I was on a cocktail of Tegretol, amitriptyline and gabapentin which completely left me like a zombie. After being 'pain free' for 7 years, I began to wean myself off them but only recently the pain has begun to return so I'm going go back to the doctor for my script. Sometimes it's better to carry on taking the tablets even if you think the pain has gone as they cannot cure you, they merely mask the pain, which is good enough for me."

Healin 1 November 30, 2013

"This medicine worked amazing for my Trigeminal Neuralgia, depression and migraine prevention however I had to go off of it because I had weight gain and severe constipation. I'm starting on 400mg of Magnesium Oxide and 400mg Vitamin B2 as recommended by my neurologist for migraine prevention now and going to also try lowest dose of Topamax."

Anonymous June 20, 2013

"I have been taking this for Idiopathic Small Fiber Sensory Neuropathy. Experienced chronic nerve and muscle pain shortly after a flu-like illness. Was diagnosed with late state neurological Lyme Disease by a naturopathic doctor. Neurologist disagreed and diagnosed me with idiopathic small fiber sensory neuropathy. After several MRIs, blood tests, antibiotics, muscle relaxers, gabapentin, a nerve conduction study, a spinal tap, acupuncture and massage therapy sessions, this medicine has helped the most and with the least amount of side effects. Started at 10mg and slowly increased to 60mg over a six week period. At 60mg into my eighth week, I sometimes feel underlying neuropathy. But I can function nearly as well as before the onset of all these problems. So far, so good."

Merno October 7, 2012

"Have been taking 10mg a day to counter the effects of neuralgia following a severe attack of shingles. The medicine has given me complete freedom from pain with no side effects except possibly ringing in one ear, which may of course be co-incidental."

Missy514 · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 22, 2012

Pamelor (nortriptyline): "Really good and old prescription medicine. Helped my neuralgia a great deal with NO side effects."

Anonymous March 5, 2012

"For the last 10 years my fibromyalgia has has gone down hill. This medicine has given me some of my life back. I had horrible pain in my neck and back, fatigue, not sleeping, migraines, nervous stomach, and several other problems. I was ran though a battery of tests and no one could figure out why I was having all these problems and finally a DR said it sounded like Fibromyalgia. I was put on a small dose of nortiptyline (20MG) and within a week I was feeling somewhat better and within 2 weeks I felt almost normal again. This medicine has changed my life. I can finally do the things I used to do. I still get migraines and sometimes feel icky again but its not very often. I do get dry mouth a lot but I can deal with that over feeling like crap."

chiefie January 10, 2012

Pamelor (nortriptyline): "28 years ago a car on an overhead lift fell on me. After 5 years of recovery I did pretty good then it all fell apart 6 years ago. I ended up on lots of medicines including Nortriptyline. My only comment is try it. I use it for burning in my legs that feel that I call burning ice water running down my legs and it really helps."

Rolig February 8, 2011

"This did the job in removing nerve pain (50mg) BUT I couldn't sleep because I was hyper. Wild dreams, sweats, and constantly waking. Being hyper was super in the day as it completely removed my severe fatigue. Dropped to half dose 25mg to see if it helped. The hyperness continued unfortunately though less, but the nerve pain also returned, though not as severe. Other side effects which are a little worrying: Woke one morning with massive pain in one eye/side of head unlike anything I've had before. Scary. Also a constant eye tic has developed plus a constant weird dizzy ringing feeling in the head and vertigo when standing. I'm thinking of stopping though love the extra energy and effect on nerve pain."

Anonymous February 18, 2010

"This medication was a GOD send for my fibromyalgia. It works better than Savella, Lyrica, Effexor, or any of the other drugs I tried. I've been on it over 10 years, but unfortunately about five years ago the side effects started to get a lot worse. Urinary retention is quite a plaque to have in your life. A year ago I also developed tinnitus. I have recently started weaning off and the tinnitus and retention is improving. If it wasn't for the side effects increasing, this would be a perfect drug. It fixed my insomonia and gave me 8 perfect hours of sleep for the past 12 years. It also helps a lot with my nerve pain. It's not a 100% but compared to other drugs its top of class for me. I'm not giving Tradazone and Ativan a try."

Anonymous September 21, 2009

"Started taking nortriptyline in 2004 for neuropathic pain, primarily in my legs. Tried Cymbalta when it came out in 2006 since it stated helpful with neuropathic pain. It didn't work; the hives, itching, tingling, and burning all returned. Back on the nortriptyline; my doctor allows me to vary my dosage from 50-80 mg depending on how my neuropathy is doing. Very noticable difference when I lower it; thinking I could get by with less because feeling better. 80mg seems to work very well for me."

darmorrow August 27, 2009

"Even though I had lots of side effects from this medication including over sleeping, day time fatigue and nausea it still helped me get a decent night's sleep and helped with the nerve pain when combined with Cymbalta. I'm taking a lower dose (50mg) and as time goes by the side effects are lessening."

Anonymous April 7, 2009

"I was given this medication for diagnosis of Raeders Paratrigeminal Neuralgia. Before I began this medication I had severe migraine headaches daily, facial twitching and eye drooping, amnesia, and blurred vision to the point of not driving. After taking the medication for two weeks, all of my symptoms have ceased. Side effects have been small hives and constipation."

KarenInMich October 22, 2008

"I was given nortriptyline to help with nerve symptoms with MS, along with depression. It has helped both drastically. I no longer get the tinglies down my arm, shooting pains, burning sensations and twitches, plus my overall mood is elevated."