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User Reviews for Nicotrol Inhaler to treat Smoking Cessation

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Nicotrol Inhaler Rating Summary

User Ratings
46% (13)
11% (3)
11% (3)
7% (2)
4% (1)
4% (1)
4% (1)
4% (1)
4% (1)
7% (2)
7.8/10 Average Rating
28 ratings from 33 user reviews

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Reviews for Nicotrol Inhaler

msaintc · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2020

“I think all the cartridges in my nitcotrol inhaler kit are empty. Is that possible? There’s no liquid in the cartridges, and no way of knowing when a cartridge is empty.”

4 / 10
Skeeter · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 26, 2019

“Smoked cigs for 20 yrs and cigars for past 10 yrs. Until 2 months ago. Had tried to quit many times. My issue was breaking the habit. Last 2 month's several things have changed: I don't smell like smoke, I don't need to go outside to smoke, my smell and taste have returned. Saving money too. My ins covers the nicotrol inhaler ($408 per box). Sometimes the cartridge is empty or something is blocking air flow. The inhalor gave me headache first 4 weeks. Still dries my throat. Overall this inhaler has helped me quit. Getting to point cigar and cig smoke smell really bad and I no longer have a desire to smoke tobacco. Give it a try, once you are truly ready to quit.”

9 / 10
Patry · Taken for less than 1 month August 18, 2019

“the nicotrol inhaler has helped with not smoking, however, one out of 3 cartridges are empty. Expensive for such poor quality control.”

1 / 10
Liza · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 3, 2019

“I smoked for 47 years a pack to a pack and a half a day. On December 17, 2016 I quit smoking and started using Nicotrol Inhalers. I have not smoked a cigarette since. I have no desire to smoke but 2 years and 8 months later, I am still using the inhalers. Some time I feel guilty about it but my doctor says it's better than smoking cigarettes. I feel better than when I smoked cigarettes but I enjoy using these inhalers. They are expensive. I pay close to $200 a month but I think it's less than I paid for cigarettes. I do highly recommend the Nicotrol Inhalers because I feel like if I wanted to I could quit them. My friend totally quit with less than one box. I'm sure I will to if I ever decide too.”

10 / 10
Jacqui · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 26, 2019

“Hi I'm using Nicotrol patches and the inhaler. I've not had a cigarette in over 4 weeks now. Actually 4weeks, yesterday! I feel great, I'm concerned that I'll find it hard to come off these, but, for now it's been great for me. I'd actually been a marijuana smoker too, which was worse, I've quit everything due to, well with the help from, these patches and inhalers. I have an issue with my cartridges though, there seems to be one out of each 4 cartridges that don't seem to have any flavour like the others, where can I make a complaint? .”

8 / 10
Vic · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 26, 2018

“The product helped me quit so that was great. My problem was with the actual product quality control. This is a very expensive drug so you hope that quality control is great. It isn't. So far 2 boxes on 2 separate prescription had about 1/2 of the cartridges that didn't work. I put it in the cartridge and nothing. You can tell right away because the medication has a strong menthol flavor. When I inhaled the medication, there was nothing. Even after strong sucking, nothing. I contacted the company and they didn't respond! Horrible customer service. Since this is the only brand available in USA you are stuck. I'm very disappointed!”

2 / 10
Pat July 8, 2018

“After I started using the nicotrol inhaler I lost my sense of smell and most of my taste buds , has this happen to anyone else after using it ? I have been off cigarettes for 3 months now and no relapse so far .”

pk · Taken for less than 1 month July 5, 2018

“so I am 52 years old playing field hockey and felt something was a bit off, had an achey arm and short of breath I left the game and sat on the bench to see if things got better, had another run on the field and I had a feeling something was up, my son was with me and the last thing I wanted was to collapze or faint or something in front of him. So we left and I drove to a/e you know just incase ! turned out I had a nstemi heart attacked (the type when your vitals and ECG are normal but blood test eventually show troponin levels mine was low 92 but a heart attack is a heart attack so they told me, anyway 3 days later I leave hospital with 2 stents in my arteries and a nicorette inhaler in my pocket, they work well but I had also been given a major reason to quit which also works very well, its been 3 weeks since no smokes and average 2-3 caps of nicorettes, they work good but it's time to free myself of nicotine.”

10 / 10
Good kind of Quitter · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 20, 2017

“Smoked for years, including several when I was already taking Buproprion for depression. Tried patches, Nicorette brand made me witchy, generics worked better, but still itchy-twitchy & restless. Gum was good, but still had peaks & troughs. Inhaler seemed to deliver nicotine more effectively, but still had "mud brain" from the lack of nicotine. Hit it down the middle by using a very low dose patch to keep serum levels steady and suppressing urges with the inhaler. Probably wouldn't have tried the inhaler if my insurance had not covered it and if I had not received the cheapest, most ineffective patches the first time around from Walgreen's. Combo therapy works. Try it!”

7 / 10
Ricky F. December 30, 2016

“This did not work for me at all... I used it whenever I wanted a cigarette, so I didn't ever get rid if the nicotine addiction. Complete waste of time and money.”

1 / 10
Poof/ Female · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 28, 2016

“Let me first say that I really enjoyed smoking! I smoked a pack a day from the time I was 16 yrs old to age 41. Never thought I could or would EVER stop smoking. Until I experienced cramping in my " right" arm, felt like a constant charlie horse. Decided I did not want to have a stroke at age 41. It only took about 2 1/2 months to never want to light up again. Using this nic. inhaler....I did it! So wonderful not to be controlled by an addiction! Please give this a stay on earth a bit longer for your loved ones! Blessed in Maine! You CAN do it!”

10 / 10
Chicken 2016 uk June 18, 2016

“I'm 7months pregnant and was smoking 1 pack a day. I have smoked for 26 years and was Not happy with what I was doing to our baby,so I went to my doctor and pleaded to her to help me quit. My doctor helped me by putting me on the Nicorette inhalator. Wow I'm not even craving fag and feel a lot better. On cloud nine at the moment and it's been only 2 days without fags. Love it. X no side effects.”

5 / 10
Johndoelost June 11, 2016

“Patches always fell off and gum tastes like Tabasco mixed with ashes... but I tried nicotrol and made it 6 weeks and was fine... it was like not even trying and I smoked 1.5 to 2 packs for 18+ years. I also love how they know how smokers are so they have the case etc to make it easy and no stupid vape crap. I keep the 3rd month just in case but never touched it and ended up tossing it... The key is you want to quit and not others forcing you and YOU are ready then try this since it comes a month at a time and I spent 50 a month which was what a week used to be.. so no reason not to try since 2009 I been smoke free and I watch people who do want to quit struggle vaping and never quit. use this and save your lungs/money”

10 / 10
Bro D · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 11, 2016

“I tried it and I found that you could cheat with the product but I finally decided to give it all up. I have been smoke-free for 16 years now and enjoy smelling and tasting the real things in life. I don't miss smoking at all and I was a pack a day or more.”

10 / 10
Lije February 8, 2016

“Haven't started using it yet. Read a lot of good reviews anxious to talk to others that have I'll need all the help I can get. Been a smoker for about 40 yrs. ---soon as I get up it's coffee and smokes. I have COPD it's not bad.I really need to start walking and I have a lot of back & leg pain. Well enough. ”

Little miss moss December 11, 2015

“I have smoked for 32 years and I've tried everything to stop. I have now gone on to the Inhaler. Omg I can't believe it works..... When I feel the need to smoke I grab it and the urge goes straight away”

9 / 10
Lung Cancer Patient June 26, 2015

“A 1-pack smoker for 50 years. Legal professional (not an atty). Lung cancer operation coming up on 7/8/15. Pretty healthy otherwise - Stage 1A or 2A. Nicotrol prescribed by my Providence primary. Both my Providence pulmonologist and 30-year cardiocthoracic surgeon are fine with my taking Nicotrol even going into a lung operation where the lower half of my right lung will be removed in robotic surgery as nicotine itself is not a carcinogen. Upon my diagnosis I stopped inhaling cigarettes and switched to only 1, yes 1, Nicotrol cartridge per day. More and I would be dizzy, etc. No crankiness or cravings, not even right after a meal. Nicotine intake can be controlled with this product. Highly recommend.”

10 / 10
Sanga January 15, 2015

“This does seem to take the edge off but it has been making me feel mega spaced out and lethargic. Almost like smoking pot. At least I'm too spacey too be cranky!”

6 / 10
joeline · Taken for less than 1 month November 1, 2013

“Day 6 and I have not had a cigarette. No struggle with withdrawal symptoms seems like a puff on the inhaler solves that issue. Glad I decided to try this. I believe I will make it this time.”

8 / 10
Bummed April 26, 2012

“I've been a smoker for 28 years and have been trying everything ( patches, gum, etc.) to quit for 10 years. I started using the Nicotrol Inhaler a week ago, and have not smoked one cigarette since. Unfortunately I'm going to have to stop using the inhaler because of the side effects. Extreme dizziness, fatigue, a spacey feeling, insomnia, and low blood pressure, and I've only been using two of the recommended six nicotine cartridges. Real shame, because I felt like it was starting to help me, and now I'll have to go cold turkey which has never worked for me in the past. ”

robertlewis May 5, 2011

“I was a smoker for about 35 years smoking as much as 3 packs a day. Although there is no magic when it comes to quitting this product helped a great deal. The whole hand to mouth thing and it is like smoking without the smoke. With this and a lot of hard candy and determination I quit about 4 months ago. If I can do it, you can too.I am loving not spending 5-6 dollars a day on cigarettes.”

John1984 August 15, 2010

“I had been smoking for 9 years. I was extremely skeptical of ever quitting. My main problems were when I tried to go cold turkey my fuse became super short and I would have panic attacks but this inhaler has helped tremendously. I have been smoke free for 7 months now and I do need to say it has been the hardest thing I have ever accomplished.”

10 / 10
Grandma of 8 April 20, 2010

“I smoked for more than 30 years. I quit 11 years ago with the Nicotrol Inhaler and was successful for 3 years. Then I had a relapse, but I have been smoke free for 1 year again. Both times I used the inhaler and it really helps. I can't say I don't still want a cigarette sometimes, but I don't think you ever get over that craving completely. Quitting with the aid of the Nicotrol Inhaler is all you need to become smoke free.”

10 / 10
FS FROM PB November 19, 2009

“Update - I have been using the inhaler and been smoke free for 4 months. The inhaler was very useful the 1st couple months in managing the hand to mouth habit. It does not have the same enjoyable sensation of taking a drag, but it is an adequate substitute. Although I never used the recommended dosage, for the last month I have only been using 2 to 3 cartridges a week and those are more in an attempt to prevent me from eating than a need for nicotine. One thing that has really been a benefit is the reduced stress of travel as I no longer need to worry about when I can have my next cigarette!”

8 / 10
catsalady November 18, 2009

“I was a smoker for almost 40 years, with occasional attempts at quitting with the nicotine patch/gum, cinnamon sticks, & cold turkey. None of those worked since I constantly craved a real cigarette. I've now been using the Nicotrol Inhaler for over 2 weeks. I am amazed; as soon as I start to crave a cigarette, I just grab the inhaler and take a few puffs; that ends that craving. Even when a canister is "dead" I still puff on it; it helps keep me on an even keel, having something in my mouth that I can puff on helps. I use 6 to 14 canisters a day, depending on both my stress and boredom levels, especially since some of my smoking was when I was bored. Only negative for me has been interrupted sleep, a small price to pay.”

10 / 10

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