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User Reviews for Hiprex

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Reviews for Hiprex to treat Bladder Infection

"I have a lot of bacteria going on in my system all the time and the UTI's are constant and horrendous. Like others have stated I just can't be on antibiotics all the time so have been trying other things . D-mannose powder is wonderful but It's quite expensive and when I'm really bad doesn't always work . Just discovered the Hiprex tablets over the counter here in Australia at the Chemist. I looked it up on the net for information and how it works and didn't feel really comfortable about the substance turning to formaldehyde in the gut "


Rose121 March 1, 2017

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"I can only agree with these ladies. I am 68, had bladder infections all my life. A friend of mine who has MS went on Hyprex because of muscle weakness which caused bladder infections and was recommended Hyprex by her urologist. I mentioned it to my GP who prescribed it for me. In a year I have only had one bladder infection, went on a course of antibiotics and then back on Hyprex. I was also advised by my gynecologist to bathe ( you don't need to fill up the bath ) after intercourse. since I do those 2 things, Hypex and irrigation, no problems. Take 1000mg of vitamin C with Hyprex twice a day. What a relief after all those years of suffering."


well now October 22, 2016

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"As all above have written I too got reoccurring urinary tract infections. Would do everything I was told, take antibiotics, but it just went on and on. My doctor gave me Hiprex bottle of 100, needed a script for the big bottle, told me stay on it for 10 to 20 days then lower to 1 a day for a week or stop if I felt okay. Within 24hrs the urgency that bothered me most was gone, that was a year ago, today I woke after past 48hrs stressed rushing round nothing to drink and have the start of a UTI so I just took my 1st Hiprex and will take it for 10 days and see how I go."


Bet65 August 16, 2013

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"I first had a urinary tract infection at the age of 16 and suffered with them frequently since that time until around 1 year and a half ago (at age 26) when I was introduced to Hiprex by a friend. I used Hiprex at that time and since then haven't needed to use it again until recently. I'm not too happy about having a UTI right now, but the fact I haven't had one for a year and a half has been so good. I'm just hoping that by taking Hiprex again this time round, it will shorten the duration of the UTI and alleviate the symptoms quickly. I'm hoping to avoid antibiotics, if possible."


Kbat (taken for 1 to 2 years) April 2, 2013

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"I to have suffered since 12 years old of bladder infections. I am now 45 yrs old. I was so hoping this would be my miracle but unfortunately it is not. I so hoped it would work but am back to bladder infections. It just makes life so difficult. I also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome."


Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) May 4, 2012

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"Like the other reviews, I have always suffered from UTIs with exactly the same problem, I will get one, antibiotics will clear it up and then it will return shortly thereafter. I have had strains resistant to antibiotics, been placed on multiple antibiotics, etc. All to no avail in actually ridding me of UTI symptoms. I have spent any amount of money on different medications. When I have UTIs, they drive me insane and I feel absolutely drained. I brought Hiprex as we were on holidays over Easter and I couldn't get to a GP. The chemist recommended it. I have not looked back, the terrible urge to constantly urinate completely disappeared within 2 days. Hiprex has given me my life back."


Anonymous April 26, 2012

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"I also have had repetitive urinary tract infections (UTI) for years. Lots of antibiotics, a few weeks clear, and then another urinary tract infection. This was really getting me down as the symptoms were toxic and systemic, and made me quite ill. A urologist suggested Hiprex with vitamin C twice a day. I have not had a UTI since. I feel well for the first time in years and am so appreciative of the advice. That constant, low grade infection on my bladder made me 'old before my time'. Some days I just could not get off my bed. I am a different person now without those repetitive UTI's. I wish I had discovered Hiprex years ago."


Anonymous November 25, 2011

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