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User Reviews for Demerol (Page 3)

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Pain 9.5
63 reviews 1120 medications
Light Sedation 8.0
5 reviews 28 medications

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Reviews for Demerol

Willie Gee August 4, 2009

For Pain: “As Percocet was not helping my back pain anymore my Doctor switched me to Demerol 100mg. Now my back pain is once again under control and I am only taking two pills a day instead of 6-8 Percocets. I have had no negative side effects as of yet. This is by far the most relief I've had in years. I've been on Vicodin, Percocet, MS Contin, naproxen, Norco 10mg and I've never had total relief until now. ”

8 / 10
Ricky_002 July 20, 2009

For Pain: “It is great.”

9 / 10
Anonymous July 15, 2009

For Pain: “I don't know if it's me or what but I was given Demerol (along with Vistaril and Vicodin) after my ankle surgery and it hasn't helped at all. I was admitted to the hospital twice where I received Dilaudid. That did the trick. I had a screw removed from my ankle, which had shattered and the doctor drilled through my fibula bone. After I was released, I was given Vicodin to be taken one hour after my Demerol and Vistaril. That seemed to work. I was surprised that the Demerol needed a "kick" so to speak. I would definitely ask my doctor for something more again if I ever had to go back on it.”

8 / 10
Anonymous June 26, 2009

For Pain: “I remember being given this in the ER to abort a migraine I had going for 5 days straight. It made me loopy, and within no time at all, I fell asleep. I remember waking up groggy, still in some pain, but overall this is good.”

10 / 10
ladylynn June 26, 2009

For Pain: “I was given Demerol and Vistaril after a tubal ligation, my pain was under control while using these medicines. I only was given these medicines once, but as I remember they did what I was told they would, which was grant me pain relieve for the short term.”

10 / 10
Anonymous May 24, 2009

For Pain: “I was given Demerol for pain after my c-section. Awesome. Instant relief and it made me super sleepy so I was able to get some good sleep, while in the hospital. I normally can't sleep in hospital. Great medicine.”

Anonymous May 20, 2009

For Pain: “I was also told I was "Demerol specific" by a wonderful pain doctor. There is a small subset of folks who are Demerol specific. Usually Darvon works well on them too. I wish I were not Demerol specific. It is being pullled from all the ER's. Too many doctors even want the Demerol pills to be discontinued. Sad.”

10 / 10
Anonymous May 9, 2009

For Pain: “I've never felt this good in years.”

9 / 10
badkid April 11, 2009

For Light Sedation: “It's a great medicine to have especially when you get migraines and sick after a procedure (scope down the throat). Didn't feel much pain after at all.”

10 / 10
frankmeister March 1, 2009

For Pain: “Used this for spinal pain, three black discs lumbar with contact to spinal column sciatica, thoracic protrusions, two severe spinal sprains to mid back, and three cervical discs contact spinal column and neck problems. This medicine worked very well for the pain taken four times daily at 50mg, per dose. Had no side effects.”

10 / 10 February 4, 2009

For Pain: “Demerol is the only medicine that works for quick relief of pain. I suffer fron chronic pain syndrome. I take 30mg of methadone 4 times a day and then a fentanyl 50 mg patch every 48 hours to control the pain.”

10 / 10
SoFarAway January 21, 2009

For Pain: “I was given this drug after my tubal ligation surgery. I had never taken it before or since then. It worked very well. I was able to function on it as well. It didn't knock me out or make me hazy like some pain medicines. Aside from some itching,I didn't have any side effects.”

10 / 10
Anonymous November 8, 2008

For Pain: “I have had Demerol twice via injection during ER visits and it worked very well. The first time it took 2 x 100 mg shots to knock out the severe pain caused by the neurotoxin in an Atlantic box jelly fish sting - worst pain I've ever felt! The second time it was a 75mg shot that pretty much dulled a uterus spasm I was having - felt like someone was ripping my insides out. I was given a shot of Vistaril shortly after the Demerol and it greatly enhanced the Demerol's effectiveness. ”

10 / 10
krycekno October 2, 2008

For Pain: “Had this in hospial for colonoscopies and after surgeries. Excellent for pain but doesn't seem to last long.”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 17, 2008

For Pain: “I believe if used right this medicine is great for people who cannot take morphine.”

10 / 10
diamonds53 July 11, 2008

For Pain: “I went to a Surgical Center as a patient for out patient Bladder Surgery. In the recovery room i was given 2 shots of Demerol in my IV to help the bladder pain. Much to my surprise I felt like a human being again because the demerol also relieved a migraine headache I had for about 10 days.”

9 / 10
robin56 May 6, 2008

For Pain: “After a fall and suffering a slow decline into osteoarthritis of the right hip, I had been managing pain with Vicodin for the last two years before I went for total joint replacement. Maybe I had built up a tolerance because after surgery, my pain was mind-boggling until it vanished "just like that". I asked the nurse what she just gave me and she said she tried a little Demerol via I.V. Amazing stuff when morphine didn't do it for me!!”

10 / 10
bigmf April 20, 2008

For Pain: “I have Crohn's disease and Demerol has been very effective in managing the pain associated with it.”

10 / 10