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User Reviews for Lucemyra to treat Opiate Withdrawal

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Lucemyra Rating Summary

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14 ratings from 17 user reviews

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Reviews for Lucemyra

Mjr85 · Taken for less than 1 month June 18, 2020

“Was hooked on the Mexican fents for 4 months. Started taking Lucemyra in conjunction with buprenorphine. I tried the buprenorphine by itself and with the lucemyra during the first 72 hours. Can honestly say lucemyra did nothing. Absolutely nothing. If it wasn't in a bottle directly from the pharmacy I would speculate that my doc gave me a placebo.”

1 / 10
Behopeful · Taken for less than 1 month April 10, 2020

“I was on zubsolv 8.6 x2 a day which I definitely abused and was taking 6-9 a day. Due to another medical condition, Dr.s needed me off these subs cold turkey. Being on such a high dose, I was scared. After taking the first dose of 3 pills, sweats and aches stopped. Second dose of 3 pills knocked me out for hours then I knew I couldn’t continue taking the full dose. Day 2, I only took 1 pill twice and it again stopped the sweats, aches, and I never ever felt any shakiness, pretty miraculous in my opinion. I went a week or two like this and did take 2 or 3 pills later PRN. This was easily manageable compared to the actual nightmare withdrawals are. I never got close to taking the full dose of 3 pills 4x a day, and I didn’t get many side effects. I will say though, my mood was terrible especially before I took the first dose of the day, i got into nasty fights, this drug helps physical symptoms, not so much mental ones. It can help with anxiety but I ended up getting anxiety meds after.”

9 / 10
Scared March 1, 2020

“My husband & I both have been on suboxone 8/2mg for 8 years 2 a day. We’ve tapered down to basically a sliver a day now. We have a lil stock pile of samples of Lucemyra from the doc, but omg reading about it.... whoa! Idk how scary”

Tay · Taken for less than 1 month December 22, 2019

“Ok. Now I was on opiates and then methadone. I'm in my late 20's and I'm a teeny tiny female. I was up to 120mg and was on methadone for almost 5 years. I was trying to find anyway I could to detox myself. I tapered off the methadone from 120 to 4mg over a span of time. It was too much for me at the end. I did research and found Lucemyra. I read these reviews and it scared me. I'm sorry people had a bad experience but I'm here to let people know this drug changed my life. I'm now clean and sober off methadone and it is 100% because of this drug. Side note, this is a blood pressure med so yes it will sometimes make you feel very woozy/tired but you can get through it. I worked through it!! Also, this drug unfortunately is very expensive, with my insurance it was to cost 1700$ BUT PEOPLE VERY IMPORTANT!! Download the Luminate app and call Aspen pharmacy, they will mail you the drug for $25!! If I got through this you can too, I will advocate this drug forever. It changed my life.”

9 / 10
Ryan · Taken for less than 1 month October 17, 2019

“To be honest I went through hoops to get this med and I found clonidine worked better for me. I think the FDA jumped to fast to approve this medicine it came about in 1992 in Europe for high blood pressure. My true opinion is take a lot of magnesium, hot tube or hot showers and walked 30 mins a day was better at night I took a supplement called restful legs works great, only cost 7 dollars at and pharmacy. Eat healthy coming up to quit day load with bananas and veggie mixed shakes ”

2 / 10
Kat1210 · Taken for less than 1 month October 11, 2019

“WARNING: After using lucemyra just one day, two doses, I started having fainting spells. After two days I was barely able to walk. Every time I stood up I fell and my blood pressure dropped. The reading when paramedics were at my house was at 73 over 50. I have now been in the hospital for 5 days because of this drug. I had a heart catheterization and I still have abnormalities in my heart. I had a stress test 16 months ago. There were no irregularities and I was a healthy 60 year old. Now I don't know what the future is. How this was ever approved is beyond my comprehension. And at a cost for a 30-day supply if you have to pay for it $5,600? Spare me. I was using Suboxone for severe pain and this was prescribed to me for the detox process. Stay as far away as you can from this product. My once healthy heart is a total mess.”

1 / 10
Joe · Taken for less than 1 month September 6, 2019

“Coming off heroin (4 years) and a large dose of methadone (1 and a half years) mostly just have skin on fire/goosebumps and some stomach issues. Only did 8mg subs for one day”

8 / 10
Cher · Taken for less than 1 month July 16, 2019

“This medication is not very helpful in getting through these horrible withdrawals from morphine use for about five years I am not that happy and it was over like $2,300 luckily my insurance paid for it but it's very expensive and not worth it”

3 / 10
NotFun · Taken for less than 1 month July 3, 2019

“I took the full dosage for 3 days (3pills/4x) and tapered the last 2 (day 4 2pills/2x and day 5 1pill/2x) because of how much I needed to be off this. I had been taking between 20-60mg of Percocet for over a year for back surgery to give reference. Please make sure that you do the following things before you begin taking this medication. #1) The medication has an app called LUminate. #2) Make sure you have a blood pressure reader of some sort. #3) Have someone to support you or have a support group online. #5) Drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes. Get sugar-free gum and hard candy to suck on. Follow the GERD diet. #4) Create COW score with your doctor to create a dosing and taper that is right for you. My symptoms were the following: Opiate Withdrawal - Arm spasms and twitching, restless legs, weakness. Lucemyra: Drowsiness, low-blood pressure, MAJOR cotton-mouth, Insomnia”

3 / 10
Flaca · Taken for less than 1 month May 17, 2019

“I Am Going to start this medication I don't know if and how it works I need someone to tell me I am gonna start this medication on Monday or Tuesday I need support. There are some support groups on eg opiate withdrawal support group”

Vicki April 16, 2019

“This drug is not to be taken without guidance from people who know how to help you. If take at home, plan to need help 24/7 for 4-5 days. I needed help to go to bathroom! Could not get out of bed ! After that not so bad. You will need say 10-14 days off work to complete and regain strength. Drink lots of fluids or blood pressure will bottom out. Worked for me but. Very costly, copay of $500 and not at all fun!”

7 / 10
AlmostDEAD · Taken for less than 1 month March 28, 2019

“I will be brief or I'll run out of room. I was on 300 mg of oxy a day for a serious spinal injury. I wanted to either go off or taper and restart my tolerances or SOMETHING because 300mg was not enough after 15 years. If you want to die, take Lucemyra. After two days it sent my blood pressure sky high and my heart rate. I can ride 50 miles on my bike any given day so my cardiovascular system is good and was given a thumbs up upon scans. I passed out 5 times only 3 of which I remember. A camera caught the other two. The ambulance had to come and get me and a six day ordeal in the hospital ensued. I detoxed off the oxy which was hard but after 4 days they had to reintroduce some into my system and I started to recover. It is 1 tenth of what I was on. Lucemyra may tell you it could cause side effects. Well bucko, it left me about an hour from death. The ER in a major hospital didn't even know what the hell it was!!!. Work with your doctor to just taper. don't use this stuff”

1 / 10
Droll March 20, 2019

“I'm 16 days off of suboxone & it’s 100% because of Lucemyra. I didn’t have to go to rehab, but still been very difficult 2 weeks. No way you’re going to work on Lucemyra. I own my own business and was open an honest with my wife and kids and employees. I had tapered down to .125 mg of suboxone for my 9th year on it before trying to quit cold turkey. That was impossible. Got my doc to give me Lucemyra. I could have slept through the withdrawals. And breakfast. And a house fire. Major cotton mouth. Super super low blood pressure. Luckily I took way less than directed after what happened to me on suboxone. 3 pills three times a day the first day, then 3 pills 4 times a day for days 2-4. Then I started my taper. Day 5 I took only 2 pills, twice a day. Day six I did one pill, twice per day. On day seven I took one pill in the middle of the day. The lucemyra dosage should be adjusted depending on your ows and you’re dosage. For me it was a game changer.”

7 / 10
Big March 5, 2019

“Terrible experience taking this medication for opiate withdrawals. Did very little with the withdrawal symptoms and left me unable to function with the day’s task. It left me dizzy and disconnected. Hardly any sleep, no appetite and feeling very cold all the time. All in all the experience was MISERABLE:(. My doctor had me discontinue taking it after 5 days.”

1 / 10
Mary · Taken for less than 1 month February 12, 2019


1 / 10
Sara · Taken for less than 1 month January 27, 2019

“I did not find this medication to help at all. I have been up all night and no sleep. I still have the classified symptoms of withdrawal, and this medication is a fortune!”

1 / 10
Accident pain · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 16, 2018

“Was on Fentanyl patch for over 8 years from near fatal accident. Decided to stop Fentanyl with Lucemyra. First 2 days were wonderful. I had the best sleep of my life. I was very sleepy and dizzy. The 3rd day I was more awake and doing fine. This continued until the 9th day. My normally low blood pressure began to rise. On the 11th day after starting the drug, I had vomiting and such a severe headache that my husband took me to the ER. My blood pressure at that time was 195/95. I had a head CAT scan and was given non opioid meds to relieve pain. I did not sleep at all for 38 hours. Now at day 13, I am not having any head pain, but am having severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. I am very shaky . I have no real appetite, food tastes bad and my stomach is so painful. Hoping things get better.”

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