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User Reviews for Zoladex to treat Endometriosis

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Zoladex Rating Summary

User Ratings
23% (9)
18% (7)
18% (7)
5% (2)
5% (2)
10% (4)
3% (1)
3% (1)
10% (4)
8% (3)
6.8/10 Average Rating
40 ratings from 41 user reviews

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Reviews for Zoladex

Anna · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 25, 2020

“This is the first time in 25 years I've been pain free and no periods, changed my life whilst I await my hysterectomy”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 19, 2020

“Having finished 8 rounds of Zoladex implants at the tender age of 20 for endometriosis I have (16 weeks after my last injection) restarted my periods! I have been in and out of hospital since 13, having countless operations to try and find the cause of my pain! Hospitalised every month during my period due to extreme pain until my doctor put me on Zoladex! I never wanted it to end, the no pain and period free life was much more appealing than continuous hospital appointments and anxiety over when my monthly was coming! The implant was initially painful however worth it to ease the pain. Bar routine check ups and going for the injection I haven’t been hospitalised since starting the treatment! Probably the best decision I made and also suffered few side effects which was even better!”

8 / 10
Princess November 26, 2019

“Zoladex was my life saver, I was due for hysterectomy in March because I had severe endometriosis, multiple fibroids and bleeding disorder. My gyn decided to put me on zoladex for 6 months after my key hole surgery in order to shrink the womb, fibroids and manage my Endo condition to make my upcoming surgery easy for them as all reproductive organs were glued together due to Endometriosis. But surgery was cancelled as my condition improved. No periods for 13 months, never felt so good in 18 years, celebrated menopause and bang, period showed up but so manageable as I had slight cramps on first day and no pains till now on my 3rd. Normal bleeding unlike the previous flooding I use to have. Hoping to go for more shots after my period as I pray my gyn will continue zoladex on me. Yes I experienced menopausal symptoms but was happy with them all as I preferred the hot flushes and co to loosing so much blood from endometriosis pains and blood loss. Thank you God, I believe I now have a life.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 13, 2019

“I was on Zoladex for Endometriosis for 3 months. The pain has almost gone. No major side effects except hot flushes. Approx about 1-2 an hour which affects me especially at night. Low mood now and then and slight weight gain which can be fixed with exercise. All symptoms were manageable and worth it for no pain.”

8 / 10
Lev · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 23, 2019

“On my 3rd and final monthly injection of Zoladex for endometriosis. Suffered from mild headaches, very frequent hot flushes, fatigue, low libido and feeling a bit grumpy some days, but... no more Endo pain which feels amazing. The side effects were not constant and were totally manageable. Hot flushes were the worst side effect and although I have about 1 an hour, they only last a couple of minutes. Not looking forward to coming off it.”

9 / 10
Patsy · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 11, 2019

“I have been on Zoldex for 5 years now. My hair is still falling out which was beautiful and thick, now dry and thin, my skin is always dry, my hands sometimes crack, so I have had to take high doses of calcium as it is now thinning my bones. I also take Zinc & Iron to help with my hair and the constant tiredness. I take anti-depressants, but have terrible mood swings. However, I will keep taking the Zoladex as this by far weighs constant hospital visits and staying in due to extreme bleeding, and then having to have to have a blood transfusions on 2 occasions. It has changed my life as I don't have as many hospital visits and not had to have another transfusion since.”

10 / 10
SIs Val · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 7, 2019

“I love Zoladex, my GYN first tried this with me back in late September 2015. He started with the 30 day dose then moved me to the 90 day dose. I was thrilled with this medicine, the only issues were my libido was down (not good for a woman that just married 2014) , and I experienced extreme brain fog. I visited my GYN, told him that I did not want the Zoladex anymore because of the brain fog I experienced. He said that he wished I'd told him that, because he would have prescribed me estrogen. He said that the reason we experience the brain fog is because the medicine cuts off all the hormone estrogen to the brain. That all was needed was get 1% estrogen to the brain and brain fog should be eliminated. Well it worked like a charm, but I was scared to try it again. Nothing worked they made me bleed longer, which was not a good thing because I was anemic. My GYN and I discussed getting back on the Zoladex with Prempo (estrogen) from the start. I agreed and he put the Zoladex in.”

9 / 10
Ska77 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 3, 2019

“I’m on my 5th out of 6 monthly implants and am unlikely to be swayed to go on Zoladex again as the side effects - particularly severe joint pain, extreme mood drops and chronic fatigue - are more difficult for me to cope with than the endo. I had a recent diagnosis Stage 4 endometriosis and adenomyosis, so the Zoladex implants were prescribed by a leading surgeon after he performed successful excision surgery and removed the left ovary. The Zoladex is used in conjunction with a Mirena. Within the first month of treatment I was having hot flushes and consistent low grade headaches so then was also prescribed Livial to deal with those side effects. I was being treated for anxiety and depression before the Zoladex, but my psychiatrist doubled the dose of Citelapram to 40mg about three months in to deal with the sudden mood drops. I feel like I’ve been hurdling into menopause and am ageing rapidly beyond my 42 years.”

2 / 10
Everest · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2019

“I've had my 3rd monthly injection and can honestly say this drug has been life changing. I'm awaiting total hysterectomy but have thyroid issues which are delaying the anaesthetic. Have had years of heavy bleeding from undiagnosed endo, a huge fibroid in my uterus and ovarian endometriomas. Both ureters were compressed but within a couple of weeks of the first injection, I could pass urine freely again, all the bleeding stopped and my tummy felt normal again!! I've had headaches, hot flashes and brain fog but no issues with mood or skin/hair/weight etc. Very grateful to be symptom free even if it's only temporary!!”

10 / 10
Nat July 8, 2019

“I was absolutely dreading being put on Zolidex for 4 months before excision surgery - so much that I delayed surgery for 2 years. I am on my 3rd monthly injection now and I must say I have been pleasantly surprised! I had some spotting 2 weeks in but my endo pain has mostly subsided and the hot flushes/headaches/insomnia have been totally manageable. I do feel quite forgetful and slightly achey but so far no depression. If anything my moods have improved (probably due to less pain!). I have been taking a methylated multivitamin and low dose naltrexone at night plus 30 mins exercise a day, maybe these have all helped. I wouldn't want to be on it longer than 4 months but it definitely hasn't been as bad for me as I was anticipating. A lot of ladies do really seem to suffer on it but maybe the people with positive experiences don't tend to write reviews? So I thought I would. My consultant also said they can offer HRT if the side effects are too bad but I haven't needed it so far.”

8 / 10
Nats · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 12, 2019

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis aged 19, I am now 43, I've had 2 laps, laser. My gynaecologist told me I would never have children, I went on to have 3 boys! I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, oophectomy with cyst 2 years ago and 2nd oophectomy with cyst 1 year ago, 3 ops in the last 3 years ! (I wanted a total hysterectomy but my obstetrician refused) my endo is worse than ever, please think twice before having a hysterectomy as like my case it doesn't cure endo! I now have severe endo all over my bowel and still growing! They refuse to operate anymore as I've had too many ops, I'm now trying zoladex, the depression and mood swings are really bad! The worst part of endo is it's the 'invisible' illness, I feel no one cares because your leg isn't falling off or you haven't got a plaster cast anywhere.”

5 / 10
Deedzx · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 1, 2018

“It work, yes... but the side effects are the worst. Insomnia, bone pain, nausea, hot flashes, and weight gain... I hate it, but it's better than endometriosis”

8 / 10
Judd · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 9, 2018

“After 10 years of endo & bowel pain, 3 laparoscopies (the last one docs said there was no endo!) and years of constant stomach pain, it has gone almost. I’m on the monthly injections but want to try the 12 week ones as the final week the endo pain returns. The hot flushes have subsided thanks to HRT and I have no other menopausal symptoms. Thank goodness for Zolodex.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 7, 2018

“I had a laparoscopy to treat endometriosis a month before beginning course of treatment. Monthly dose. On implant 3 of 6. First month was most difficult. No period after first month. Chronic pelvic pain has subsided. Pain and bleeding on injection site, bloating, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, aches and pains, heavy feeling in chest and pelvic cramps for a few days after injection. Hot flushes and night sweats gradually became more intense and frequent after first month. They’re bothersome. Emotionally up and down throughout treatment with bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks (have a history). Headaches, a possible cause of sleep deprivation in combination with the drug. Weight, appetite, skin and hair - normal. I’m conflicted with how I feel about the drug. I can say not having chronic pelvic pain and a period has been relieving.”

5 / 10
Rose August 24, 2018

“I had my first injection 3 months ago to treat endometriosis before a second laproscopy. I read the terrible reviews, and as an otherwise fit 24 year old I was absolutely TERRIFIED about the weight gain, insomnia, headaches, sickness, hot flashes etc. But I wanted to post a review because it hasn't been that bad! The needle is large but I just make sure I look away, and it just feels like a small sting. For the first month I had no side effects. In month 2 I had headaches and hot flashes, but nothing that paracetemol (acetaminaphen) couldn't treat! In month 3, the headaches have gone but the hot flashes are frequent. They're annoying and they wake me up every night, but it hasn't stopped me living my life normally (going to work/gym, going on holiday, nights out with friends etc). Although my endo is severe, I'm lucky that my symptoms are minimal so I haven't noticed a change, but I've read Zoladex helps people who have a lot of pain. Waiting on one more injection before my laproscopy next month”

8 / 10
AbbieDB May 18, 2018

“I had my laparoscopy beginning of November 2017 and was diagnosed with endometriosis after 7 years of issues. They fitted the mirina coil as a treatment but I was still spotting, stabbing internal pains, so when I returned to the gyno she suggested Zoladex. HATE the drug. I've only had 2 injections and have a 3rd left, which my doctors are contacting my gyno to cancel. Maybe I'm hormone sensitive or me being 22 plays a part but I'm still spotting, I've never had a cycle so that doesn't change much... Agonising joints, overall body ache, leavjng me unable to even do my office job! It's even in my spine. Worst part is I've been told they can't reverse the effects Til the drug is out my system (up to 4 months). Hot flashes happen often, but luckily I have fans to help :) I've been given the choice to be signed off for the months this lasts but I have bills. I was happier with the endo pain as it was at least manageable most days”

4 / 10
Nous March 3, 2018

“I've just done my surgery for endometriosis and am on treatment for 6 months hope all goes well and with the zoladex injection just got muscle pain, dizziness and headache all of a sudden but it's normal as my gynecologist already told me in advanced it's side effects”

VREmrs · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 20, 2017

“I have been on this injection for three months and it has changed my life! I wake up happy not worrying about what day of the month it is and being totally pain free From this awful disease! It has stopped the inflammation of the endometriosis which is growing all over my womb and ligaments and I'm not bleeding every 21 days! My skin in perfect my nails strong and weight has stayed the same despite an increase in appetite ! No heaving floods or crippling cramps and bowel pain! Also just started Taking the Tipolone to counteract bone issues just dreading the last zoladex injection and getting my periods back for that three month stop gap. 3 months of misery . But side affects have been hot flushes and anxiety hoping tipolone works.”

10 / 10
Zozozo August 7, 2017

“This drug has been good, it has stopped my periods & pain I was getting.. the injections aren't as bad as I thought, have had little symptoms, such as; body hair loss, little weight gain, feeling better, slight increase with sweating, lower in sex drive and feeling more bloated then usual.”

9 / 10
Desiree88 · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 1, 2017

“Well, I have had 2 Zoladex injections. As my Gynecologist said – symptoms will appear only after 4 weeks. WELL guess what – mine appeared only after the fourth day! YEP! And I have had ALL the symptoms. These 8 weeks have been the worst in my life. I have had: hot flashes – so bad during every night that my pillow and blanket are soaking wet, sweating, headaches, dizziness, mood changes, vaginal discharge – meaning - little bit of pee coming into my undies (sometimes not so little bit) – when I do not feel like I have to pee! Breast size reduction, bone pain, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, insomnia, acne, itching, and DEPRESSION MOOD SWINGS that are just so bad . Plus my stomach has been so bloated, so gassy, so not functioning normally. THE WORST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I would never in a million years ever agree to this again. Better to be with endometriosis - as guess what this does not cure it!!! So – might be all for nothing.”

1 / 10
Cupcake80 · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 20, 2017

“Been on this medication now for four and a half years with add back HRT. Slightly uncomfortable injection every four weeks (however the three month injection makes me ill) but considering the symptoms of stage 4 endo Zoladex is amazing. No periods, no pain and by taking HRT no menopause symptoms either. Have my life back ”

9 / 10
Wot · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 26, 2016

“I was given an injection of this after a week long stay in hospital for extreme pain due to endometriosis. They told me it would keep my pain down till surgery and for me it was the most awful experience. I was still in pain and on top of that I had to deal with intense sweating, very bad mood swings and feeling extremely tender and my joints were sore. It made the month running up to surgery miserable for me and those around me. I would never ever go on this again.”

2 / 10
AMJR August 12, 2016

“I took this drug for three months (one injection per month) following a laparoscopy to remove scars and endiometrosis. I read about the reviews (gaining weight ,etc) and was really nervous but I just wanted to tell everyone taking this treatment to not worry about the side effects. The only side effect I had was a heavy period at first (nothing scary) and then I had hot flashes and some night sweats but nothing unbearable. Get a small pijama (shorts and tank top) to avoid feeling so hot at night. Emotionally I was ok and lost weight !!! I actually gained 4 pounds after the treatment when my ovaries reactivated. During this treatment I exercised a lot, ate well and tried to stay relaxed. Please do not be scared of using this medication...”

9 / 10
Wigan · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 15, 2016

“Brittle nails, hair loss, severe depression, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, skin rash, hot flushes, sleepless nights, short temperament, intolerence to alcohol, joint pains, nausea, fatigue, ibs, low libido, painful sex... This drug compromised my mental wellbeing for a few months pain relief, it cost me my relationship and almost my job, not worth it at all!!”

2 / 10
Petapixie · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 15, 2016

“I have been put on Zoladex 3.6 by my Gyno. The first few weeks I thought it was a god send! It stopped my Endo pains and stopped my period.... But then I started suffering from migraine/headaches, no sex drive, extreme bone pain, NO APPETITE - and if I try to make myself eat then I vomit, nausea, irregular sleeping patterns and signs of anxiety/depression because I've been missing days off of work! I'm due for my 4th injection in two days and the whole treatment plan I am on is for 6 months. I have never felt this sick in my whole life :( is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Can someone help me?”

5 / 10

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