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User Reviews for Fluoxetine/olanzapine to treat Depression

Also known as: Symbyax

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Fluoxetine/olanzapine Rating Summary

User Ratings
28% (5)
44% (8)
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8.6/10 Average Rating
18 ratings from 19 user reviews

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Reviews for Fluoxetine/olanzapine

Catboi · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 2, 2020

“fluoxetine/olanzapine helped me back when I had MDD. Fluoxetine usually takes a while to work. It really helped me until a year back where side effects started getting bad. Weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, numbness and development of psychosis are some I think the meds have caused I think I’ve developed bipolar and ever since it’s became apparent that this med really dosn’t work anymore. Over 5% of people who use it develop anorexia according to research so I’d advice you take take something else instead.”

3 / 10
Ivanisawesome99 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 20, 2020

“From September 2018 to November 2018, I took fluoxetine 80 mg with 5-15 mg of olanzapine. My depression was always following me and it never left for three years but when I started this medication, everything changed. I began to be interested in life again. I could smile more. I laughed - really laughed like I could before depression. I’ve been on many medications and fluoxetine/olanzapine has been the only combination that’s worked wonders for my depression. I highly recommend this medication. Unfortunately, I had to go off it because of the weigh gain. I gained more than 40 pounds in a few months.”

9 / 10
Timothy1595 July 30, 2016

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “This drug combination has literally saved my life 3 times. I suffer from comorbid spectrum anxiety disorders: OCD, Severe Panic Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I also have Major Depression. This combination worked so well, I took it for 3 years straight in my early 20's. Went back to school, got a job, felt like my old self. The only drawback is the major weight gain, a mild tremor when waking, and some orthostatic hypotension. But if you take it easy, and watch your weight, you will feel better. I hope other people who feel hopeless see this, that is exactly how I felt. It is a great combination. Best of Luck!”

10 / 10
No more sex drive · Taken for 10 years or more January 21, 2016

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I've been on symbyax now off and on for 12 years. It helps me with mood and anxiety. It also helps me sleep. The bad side is the weight gain lack of energy muscle weakness and it has totally killed any and all sex drive. I've tried to use pills to be able to perform but nothing works. Now I worry about losing my wife everyday. If I had been told years ago about this side effect I would have never taken this drug. Believe me it takes its toll on you. Really hard to wean myself off because of all the other meds I've taken symbyax is the only one that helps. Just wonder if it's worth the trade off.”

9 / 10
Skooter1st November 11, 2015

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I took symbyax 3/25 for 5 years. I have been opening my pill capsules and splitting the contents so I can slowly withdraw. The price was getting a bit expensive too. I would not recommend taking any meds unless you absolutely have to. After 5 years I will feel this but some discomfort is to be expected.”

5 / 10
Nasi June 22, 2015

“After a trial of many meds, my doc decided to put me on this. In the past I relapse quickly and I 'm hoping I will not with this new meds. I'm on 6mg and it has been a month. I sleep like a baby. I mean deep sleep for 10 hours. For two yrs I was getting 3-4 hours sleep, no appetite, crying....Now my appetite increased, which I don't like. From size 0, I'm at 2 in just 1 month of taking it. Moods are great, no crying spells, and optimistic.”

8 / 10
ereyna May 29, 2015

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “Was on Luvox 100mg and Dr decided to change my medicine to symbiax, just had a baby and was emotional all the time and feeling lonely and also felt unhappy. He also prescribed me some anxiety medication since I was going through anxiety as well. How long will I see a change with symbiax?”

dw1987 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 12, 2014

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I was self medicating myself after my mom passed away. I was abusing pain pills, I had panic attacks and stayed depressed. I was mean and thought everyone was out to get me, bad with money and did not have time for my wife and two boys. I stayed ill but after a week of taking it I changed on happy no more mood swings. My wife said she can tell a big difference we always together now and I get along with everyone feel way better the only bad it's hard to get off during sex, everything works fine just can't finish not sure why.”

9 / 10
krissyb · Taken for less than 1 month September 26, 2013

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “This medicine is wonderful so far and only been on it for 4 days. I already see improvements. I gave it a nine so far because I am still having some brain fog and headaches but hopefully that will go away. I have tried numerous medicines for major depression that has been going on 9 months with no relief. Well this has totally helped. I just hope things keep getting better.”

9 / 10
LunaB · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 31, 2013

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “This medicine is really a lifesaver. Nothing worked. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. A stint in a psychiatric hospital left them fighting over whether I was borderline or bipolar. I went through a real bad, horrid suicidal period. I just sobbed to my doctor, and he put me on this. I think I may have felt tired on this medication at first. But the changes were AMAZING! I could stay up all day, laugh and smile like I USED to! I had energy and motivation! This medication changed my life so radically and made the dark cloud go away! I stopped crying all the time. The suicidal thoughts went away. Just beware, I was very skinny and gained 83 pounds.”

9 / 10
tbi2 October 19, 2011

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “Have been on it for about two weeks now, so far so good. The only thing it did good for the first week on my panic disorder but unfortunately the panic attacks came back. I am on the lowest dose available so hopefully if the doctor ups it, it will take care of it. As for the depression it has worked good. ”

8 / 10
Nightshaded September 25, 2011

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I created this account just to tell my experience with this medicine. I literally had almost given up on life. My depression and anxiety were on a downward spiral and it was destroying my quality of life, relationships and school. I have tried almost every kind of medicine possible to include Effexor XR, Adderall, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac alone. Within a week, I have never felt better in my life, I'm a new person. My head feels clear, calm and optimistic. I take it before bed, which knocks me out. I love it because my racing mind kept me up all the time. At first its hard to wake up, but now I wake up alert and chipper, before I literally would sleep for two days straight. This has changed my life so much. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 22, 2011

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I have been taking Symbyax for 2 years. It saved my life! The biggest problems I have are no energy, weight gain, and the cost. Would I quit taking it? NO!”

9 / 10
Steve Boykin April 25, 2011

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I have been on oxycodone and NSAIDS for 4 years now due to chronic back pain. The past few months it was difficult to lay down and sleep. So my primary doctor decided to try some antidepressants to see if that helped me sleep. Started out with Cymbalta and that had way to many side effects for me, plus it didn't help with the sleep. Then he had me try Symbyax first at 3mg then try the 6mg. The 6mg was too much but low and behold the 3mg not only helped me to sleep but I sure could tell I was in a better mood than before. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 9, 2011

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “A life changing medication! I have tried almost every antidepressant out there, combinations, the works. I never realized how ineffective they were until now. I was on Prozac alone and it wasn't doing anything but keeping me up at night. I was completely hopeless about two weeks ago. So hopeless I thought I needed to be committed. My psych doctor called this his "nuclear weapon". I didn't believe anything would help, but the difference is unbelievable. It does increase appetite so I couldn't give it a 10, but this is one amazingly effective medication for me!”

9 / 10
Anonymous September 3, 2009

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “Awesome medicine. I was so depressed I thought I'd have to be shipped off to an assisted living facility due to my gross inability to care for myself. I am back to work, and clear minded, and don't feel as crazy as I once did. I am grateful for this medicine.”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 2, 2009

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “Have been taking this for two weeks. My children and husband can tell what a difference it has made, though I have been much harder to wake up in the morning. That is the reason I rated it a 9. I do sleep better, focus better, but one issue, I am having trouble remembering what I have done in the evenings after I take my medication.”

9 / 10
happypillz July 6, 2009

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I agree, this medicine is a wonder drug. For years I thought I was going to be depressed for the rest of my life. This drug changed that thought pretty quickly.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 25, 2009

Symbyax (fluoxetine / olanzapine): “I have been taking this for a few months and have seen improvements. I am not feeling so apprehensive about everything. I am finally sleeping and have been able to focus better at work. A world of difference.”

8 / 10