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User Reviews for Fenofibrate

Also known as: TriCor, Antara, Triglide, Lipofen Fenoglide

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Hyperlipoproteinemia 4.9
12 reviews 44 medications
Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IIa, Elevated LDL 5.0
6 reviews 30 medications
Hypertriglyceridemia 6.0
38 reviews 51 medications
Summary of Fenofibrate reviews 5.7 56 reviews

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Reviews for Fenofibrate

Anonymous June 30, 2020

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I have been taking Fenofibrate 160 mg for almost 15 years. I have back so bad it takes my breath away. I have gone though test after test and more physical therapy than I care to think about. A few days ago, I decided to check side effects of this drug. I quit taking it and already feel better. Guess we’ll see what my doctor says....”

Juan · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 28, 2020

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I took femofibrate continuously for 40 days . I never had triglycerides so low in my life (150 mg). Due to multiple side effects(sore throat, sinusitis, muscle aches and tiredness) I decided to stop it. Now 2 weeks later I felt well and all side effects went away. I decided to restart medication, this time 3 times per week (145 mg). 10 days later I am back with leg and back pain as well as sensation of general weakness as if I had a viral illness. Today I decided to stop it and call my physician.”

4 / 10
Teaxespete 33 May 26, 2020

For Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IIa, Elevated LDL: “My doctor prescribed Fenofibrate for me almost a month ago to help lower my bad LDL Cholesterol. To be totally honest I've haven't experienced any side effects, and it have been almost a month now. I'm not doubting anyone's comments on this medication. But me, " personally" I've haven't had any problems at all. I do hope that your doctor's finds the right medication to work perfectly with getting you on the right meds...”

Lisa · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 3, 2020

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I started taking fenofibrate and began to have breathing issues. It was during winter and I always get bronchitis, so thought nothing of it. I have a very good sense of smell but noticed that now I cannot smell anything. I have had a runny nose so bad that I started taking meds for that, but I’m congested at the same time. I have also had a nose bleeds for months and never had this before, ever. I didn’t realize that when I miss the medication, my nose issues stop. Today I looked up side affects and they are a lot to do with breathing and nasal. I will not be taking this anymore.”

1 / 10
WendyinIndy · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2020

For Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IIa, Elevated LDL: “How did this awful little pill ever make it to market? I felt like I'd ingested rat poison! Horrific stomach pain & vomiting. I will NEVER take a drug just because some "doctor" said to again! Sometimes best to, "just say NO!"”

1 / 10
Alex December 26, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “On it for couple of weeks, 250 pounds, 6.5 height 43 years old Maybe works for some to lower triglycerides. For me terrible. Also taking bustolik to lower blood pressure, Started at 145 mg, cut doze to half (because of how sick it was making me feel), all standard side effects, pain in muscles and joints, general weakness, disorientation, negative mood. Caused a possible brain aneurism, behind eye pain and head pain, sensitivity to light, nausea from headaches, stiff left side of neck, pressure in specific left parts of brain, left hand and shoulders numbness more so then the right, all pain eventually goes to the brain, if the brain related issues are related to this med hard to say how much damage it exactly done to me so far, can’t exercise while on it since any increase in blood pressure results in pressure and headaches in the brain, truly like taking poison that gradually destroys your health, stopped taking it today, changing diet to reduce tryglz.”

1 / 10
James · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 21, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I've been taking fenofibrate for 2 months now (54mg) and had my bloodwork checked recently. I was surprised to see my horrific levels before going on this medication were 1/2 what they were before. (Triglycerides went from 599 to 310.) Yes, I still know that 310 is still high, so I recently upped the dose. I'm 6'1 and 210 lbs now, before this I was 225, so it helped me lose 15 lbs in 2 months also. Zero side effects, I take the medication first thing when I wake up in the morning.”

10 / 10
that'senough · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 15, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I'm always starting and stopping fenofibrate because I start to get side effects that I can't manage. I only took it two times this period and I had such bad body aches and fatigue that I almost didn't make it through work. Right now I feel like I'm recovering but still sore. The longest I ever was on it was for a week and instead of body aches I had extreme sensitivity to the sun (which is a side effect). My body felt like it was sunburned but wasn't. I keep trying but I can't tolerate it. I know it is an effective drug for bringing down high triglycerides but I can't function on it.”

5 / 10
Snook · Taken for less than 1 month November 8, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “This is my second round with fenofibrate. Each time I developed muscle pain and weakness to the point it inhibited my exercise. My Creatine phosphokinase (CPK) levels are elevated. Fortunately my PCP listens to me. I convinced her that my exercise can be more beneficial than this drug for me. I feel like I’ve been in a brawl. I found it difficult just to get out of bed. I was only back on it for less than a month.”

Kris · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “Took fenofibrate for two weeks, now suffering with side effects of severe thigh and leg pains, hurts to get down steps. Quit taking this medicine.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I had a PCP who put me on this fenofibrate and refused to change it. It makes me sleep 24 hours a day, I've gotten to where I hurt so bad I can't function. It hurts to drive sit or stand a certain way. But she swears up and down its not the medication”

1 / 10
aaron · Taken for less than 1 month August 27, 2019

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “just started this medication fenofibrate Triglycerides was 491 WITHOUT FASTING test. S/E very sleepy, shoulder pain, I suffer from panic disorder so not sure if the chest pain is from that or the medicine.”

5 / 10
ThreeD Wizard July 13, 2019

For Hyperlipoproteinemia: “I am taking this medicine for last three weeks and I had to stop it because of extreme fatigue, dizziness, imbalance, can't concentrate on work, vertigo, excessive bloating and gas, indigestion. Even right now I can't concentrate properly and it feels like I am floating in the water. I was taking Rosuvastatin 5 then my doctor suggested to increase from 5 to 10 and added Fenofibrate. Since Rosuvastatin didn't create any problem and actually I feel better every day, I think Fenofibrate doesn't suit me.”

TC April 4, 2019

For Hyperlipoproteinemia: “I was on 45mg and it wasn't doing the trick so my doctor upped me to the 145mg pills. A few days later I started have chest pains, difficulty breathing, headaches, dizziness, lightheaded, and a racing heart beat. Two trips to the ER within 3 days for heart attack symptoms (all tests were normal both times). I stopped taking this yesterday and already feel much better. I have a follow up appointment soon and we'll have to find another drug for cholesterol because this one doesn't agree with me.”

3 / 10
Adrian Quijano · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 19, 2018

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “Great product. No side effects just don't take it without food in your stomach. Here my stats. 36 yo M. 175 cm and 185 lbs waist circumference 104 cm. Dyslilipedimia. High Cholesterol and Higher Tryglicerides. Took 2 months Triglycerides from 371 to 42, Cholesterol from 297 to 114 HDL From 42 to 23 LDL from 74 to 72 Lost 7 lbs. I stopped, eating pasta, rice, red meat and no beer. Side effects: Messed up with my liver enzymes which only I knew because of offshore medical check up. I stop taking it so I can get a FIT certificate.”

10 / 10
Dayanand · Taken for less than 1 month July 19, 2018

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “It's working”

10 / 10
Greg · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 16, 2018

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “First month had some heavy side effects. Nausea being the worst, stomach pain, back pain, right shoulder pain (still there) most have subsided after second Month. Had triglycerides over 4000. Now at around 300 because of the medicine. Life saving for me. Though if you miss a dose or eat the wrong thing, you know it.. plus no alcohol ever again..sad but I can be alive to see my son grow up.. small price to pay to live”

7 / 10
Sharon · Taken for less than 1 month March 20, 2018

“My triglyceride was high so my doctor put me on this medicine 145 mg fenofibrate. I have been taking it for 28 days now. I noticed I am very tired and weak as well as pains in my feet, shoulders, headache and chest. I was on Simvastatin before which never bother me. I am going to stop this medicine and contact my doctor.”

btm000 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 20, 2018

For Hyperlipoproteinemia: “I have been taking this med for appr 3 months after trying statins, which I was unable to tolerate. My total cholesterol dropped to almost normal, and my HDL, LDL, and triglycerides were all down to acceptable levels. This has worked fantastic with almost no side effects. The only effect that may be from this med (and could be from one of my other meds) is occasional headaches.”

9 / 10
Greggl · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 4, 2018

TriCor (fenofibrate) for Hypertriglyceridemia: “This drug has helped me in a month go from 432 on my triglycerides to 339. Had slight side effects (minor nausea and constipation), how ever the slight side effects don't nearly come close to the health benefits I'm relieving.. has also lower my blood sugar 50-75 points on average. I went from possibly going into the ICU to be in no immediate danger in a month or less time..”

8 / 10
Neikoanthony · Taken for less than 1 month January 31, 2018

For Hyperlipoproteinemia: “Was put on Fenafibrate by my Dr and 12 days later I had to stop due to extreme fatigue, rash on hands and arms, pain in upper right chest, felt tired all the time. It did not seem to agree with me, so I'm back to square one”

1 / 10
SJCraw · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2017

For Hyperlipoproteinemia: “I took fenofibrate for four months and thought this is finally a drug I could take with no side effects...however...the fourth month I had such leg pain I could hardly thighs and calves felt like I had blood clots. My husband suggested it might be my the fenofibrate so I stopped taking it immediately. The third day I could walk again with no pain. I then realized other side effects were runny nose, headaches, other muscle pain. I saw my Dr today after stopping medication three weeks ago and told him how much better I felt...he was not happy I quit the medication and suggested the side effects are all in my mind...needless to say I'm looking for a new Dr.”

wavestillmanzz12 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 27, 2017

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “I was prescribed this medicine to address high triglyceride and low HDL levels. In eight months of using fenofibrate and adjusting my diet, my total cholesterol went down 30%, my LDL went from 106 to 80, HDL went from 33 to 44, and my triglyceride numbers plummeted over 75% from 300 to 70. The side effect I experienced was a weight gain of 10 pounds within the first month and it stayed at that level for the eight month period. I did not experience any other side effect. Cost of medication with insurance is $15 a month.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 24, 2017

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “My triglycerides were a whopping 758, so my Dr decided to put me on 145mg of Fenofibrate daily. I've only been on the medication for 3 days now, and I'm experiencing extreme fatigue, pains in chest and back and headache. I'm trying to stick with it hoping the symptoms go away after a few weeks, but mot sure how much longer I can continue this way.”

Blue .r · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 11, 2017

For Hypertriglyceridemia: “Extreme sickness while taking over 2 months I had no idea it was making me sick. I am diabetic and was also on metoprolol. Shortness of breath, chest pains, extreme nausea, diarrhea, back burning, joint pain ,leg pain and twitching ,organ pain, high wbc count, hypoglycemia, insomnia and worst of all headaches. I just found out it was this after they almost sent me for a bone marrow biopsy. I was sure I was having a reaction. I stopped 3 days so far no problems anymore. Now just worried about damaged it caused..”

1 / 10