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User Reviews for Ethinyl estradiol/segesterone to treat Birth Control

Also known as: Annovera

Ethinyl estradiol/segesterone has an average rating of 5.5 out of 10 from a total of 33 ratings for the treatment of Birth Control. 42% of those users who reviewed Ethinyl estradiol/segesterone reported a positive effect, while 39% reported a negative effect.

Ethinyl estradiol/segesterone Rating Summary

5.5/10 average rating

33 ratings from 32 user reviews.

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Reviews for Ethinyl estradiol/segesterone

Goober · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 14, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “Annovera sounded like a total one up from the nuvaring and it totally is. I started in Februaury 2021 (its currently April ‘21) Not having to go to the pharmacy every month is great. When I switched over I had had the nuvaring in for a week & then just changed over to Annovera when it came in. It was an easy transition. No mood swings, nausea, increase anxiety as some other reviewers are complaining about. The only noticeable side effect I've had is breast tenderness. My breasts are a lot fuller now and sore when squeezed but tolerable & I assume that will be subsiding. I have used Annovera to skip my period by not taking it out on the week your suppose to have your period & it works great. For me it will start to push out of your body at that point so I just reposition it and it stays. It works amazing for me as someone who can be extremely hormonal & emotional and helps keeps my mood balanced.”

10 / 10
Coolchic April 1, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “This birth control has been a blessing. I’ve tried a few other options and none of them worked for my lifestyle. I asked my doctor about this after seeing the commercials and she wasn’t aware of its benefits, but agreed to offer it to me if I followed up with her if I had any problems at all. Besides a day or two of feeling a bit off I can say it’s been nothing but smooth sailing from there. The soft texture and easy to put in and out makes annovera very appealing. You literally forget you have it in. Try it for yourself.”

10 / 10
Kristin R. March 30, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I was on Nuvaring for over 10 years and it worked well for me. The only con was having to wait in line at CVS every 90-days to refill the prescription or hope that the mail away option arrived in a cooled package. I was searching for a similar birth control option that didn't need to be refrigerated and I saw commercials for Annovera. I asked my Dr. about it and she told me it was new and she wasn't sure of the side effects. I figured I would give it a go. I switched from Nuvaring to Annovera in Sep 2020. I have been on Annovera for 6 months and have been experiencing several side effects. The worst of them all are the severe yeast infections and terrible itching. I have been in and out of my Dr. office and it's embarrassing and painful. I am also experiencing fatigue, sporadic nausea, irritability, & pain during intercourse. I am so annoyed that this ring has so many side effects. I am making the decision to stop taking Annovera. It's not worth it.”

2 / 10

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Lizzy17 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 29, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “Fabulous. Better than Nuvaring (which is hard), this ring is soft squishy texture comfortable. No side effects. No weight gain. The Progestin is NOT androgenic like others. Good for a year, you remove, wash and store for one week a month - only one trip to pharmacy per year. Skin is great/glowing. No acne. Does not give me migraines which is huge! This thing is perfect. Day one mild nausea, then went away. That is it. No bad moodiness.”

10 / 10
Mareah · Taken for less than 1 month October 23, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I have been on Annovera for only a week. So far so good. I did feel nausea for a few days but nothing unbearable. Gave it an 8 because it's great so far but need more time to say it worth a 10. I just figured with any new medication your body may throw out some sort of side affect as it adjusts. I have been monitoring it closely because I'm not a big fan of BC and has not been on it for at least 5 years. I will follow up and share my experience because I'm pretty sure others are just as curious as I was looking for reviews being that this is new. I can say I don't feel it there. No cramping when I first inserted or anything. During intercourse (sorry if TMI) everything felt normal and my fiancee didn't complain either. Hope this helps !”

8 / 10
Anonymous September 20, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I did a lot of research to try to find a birth control method that wouldn’t cause a million side effects, and was really optimistic about this one since the progestin isn’t androgenic/antiandrogenic/anti estrogenic/etc. Unfortunately, it’s making me so nauseous I can’t get past the first couple days before it’s just unbearable, and I’ve tried on 3 different occasions now. It also gave me a yeast infection pretty quickly. This could change if I deal with puking like a pregnant lady for a week or so, but frankly I don’t want to, lol. There are very few patient reviews out on this one yet, though, so I figured I’d share my experience.”

Amelia October 28, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “Overall, I have had a positive experience with Annovera. I took Tri-Nessa for 4 years and stopped for a year due to increased anxiety/crying and lack of sex-drive. Three months ago, I started Annovera because my OB/GYN found several ovarian cysts that were causing me pain and irregular periods. So far, it is much better side effect-wise than the pill for me. The first month was rough with nausea, but has lessened with each reinsertion. My period is now predictable and I have experienced 0 breakthrough bleeding. I have noticed a slightly lower sex drive, but not as severe as before. Also not prego, so it’s doing it’s job!”

9 / 10

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Butterfly · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 16, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I’ve been on Annovera for a little over a month. Initially, it worked extremely well. I started it on day 2 of my period, and it completely stopped my flow and my cramps. I did have a few mild headaches and nausea in the first week or so of using it, but nothing bad. The period week was a nightmare of heavy bleeding and excruciatingly painful cramping. It was much worse than my normal period. Since re-inserting the ring for the second cycle, I’ve been having mild to moderate cramping every day, and I’m so nauseated that I’ve completely lost my appetite. That said, I’m planning to stick with it because it has been extremely effective for my endometriosis and has already reduced the size of my Endometrioma. I would still recommend this birth control to anybody because you never know how your body is going to react to it. It’s so convenient that you don’t have to take a pill, and I haven’t experienced any change in libido like I have with other birth control.”

6 / 10
Peaches · Taken for less than 1 month August 28, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “Haven't used hormonal both control in years. So I was expecting the extreme of the effects. Kinda odd inserting the ring. It was very bendable that I thought it was going to slip out of my hand and fall on the floor. The first evening I noticed a little itchiness. Couldn't feel the ring though. I woke up first 3 days in a row with a slight headache. Sight nausea, more fatigue. My biggest concern was upset stomach. I would use the restroom more than normal and had lots of bloating, upset stomach. I started to eat smaller portions. Slight intolerances to foods were worsened so I'm almost avoiding them completely. A few years ago I tried the Nuva Ring and took it out and threw it away after 3 days due to major vaginal irritation. Having tummy issues is keeping me from sleeping regularly a night. No mood swings, no cramps, no spotting, no breast tenderness yet.”

8 / 10
roccacha · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 12, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I've been on Annovera for 6 months now and love it. I was previously on the pill and awful about taking it everyday. With Annovera I have two monthly reminders on my phone, one to take it out, and one to put it in. Super easy to keep track of! I use it with my Diva Cup when I'm on my period and both in at the same time cause no issues. I've had 0 headaches, 0 cramping, and shorter periods. The only side effect I've noticed is slight vaginal dryness but I've been using a daily wash which has helped with that.”

10 / 10
Oldladydoesntwantkids January 22, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I’m a 35 year old woman who has hashimotos thyroiditis, EDS and PCOS. I do terrible on most hormonal birth controls and IUDs make my anemia and pain worse. I put Annovera in on day 2 of my period, period stopped. Had a headache for a day. I started spotting around day 20, with some cramps, heavy breakthrough around 21. Day 17 I was irritable, but fine after. I can’t skip my period with any of the low estrogen BCs like this. I did have some cramping when spotting took ibu, period/cramps a little heavier. I used Nuva Ring in the past: depression, no sex drive and weight gain, none on this. My hormonal acne stopped. Partner can kinda feel it but not enough to bother him, I can’t feel it. I really like it, hopefully I will stop spotting after this period because it would be nice to find a birth control that doesn’t make my PCOS worse.”

8 / 10
lys · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 31, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “Started annovera for the first time the first week of November. I’d been on the pill for 4 years prior and wanted something to help with migraines. I developed a pelvic infection (no STDs), failed outpatient antibiotic treatment and had to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics to get rid of the infection, and if it does not clear by my next follow up, i will have to be sent to infectious disease to find what to do next. I don’t recommend this birth control. They aren’t sure why the infection was caused but the time line goes along with using the annovera ring. It’s so new there isn’t enough data and it causes pelvic infections”

1 / 10
Ty · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 12, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I’ve tried different types of birth control for years and always had some kind of major reaction or side effect. I love this birth control I haven’t had any problems what so ever I had a terrible experience with the Nuva ring and it’s nothing like that. If you are skeptical just go for it I love it! Easy to use and last a year!”

10 / 10
Becca January 15, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I inserted ANNOVERA for the first time beginning of Dec 2020 and so far it’s been good up until a week ago. Personally I haven’t really had any nausea but I have had a lack of appetite. I’m not losing weight or anything but food is not something I constantly crave anymore. The real red flag is recently I’ve begun having random cramps pop up and it’s so painful that I’ve had to remove my ring (you’re given a 2 hr window to reinsert every month) I wait about 5 minutes and then reinsert and I’m fine. I’ve also really developed breast tenderness that has not gone away. I’m still going to try it out for a few more months because the pros outweigh the cons. Btw for some reason this has actually enhanced my sex life versus my bcp I don’t know if it’s the feeling of the ring inside or the hormone change but it’s really helped out that aspect quite a bit. Now if I can get the cramps and breast pain to subside.”

7 / 10
Claudine · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 7, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I’ve been using Annovera for one month so far, I’m going to give it another month to get a better idea of long term. So far I’m feeling much more depressed and fatigued than normal. I like that it lasts for a year and you don’t have to remember to take a pill everyday, but I’m hoping these unwanted side affects go away soon. I’ll update again when it’s been another month or 2.”

6 / 10
Vivi · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 8, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “Convenient. Lowest dose of estrogen available. I don't feel it. Better than NuvaRing. Cycle/Month one I had 2 days of slight nausea. Cycle two one day of slight nausea when re-inserted. Cycle 3 zero nausea. Been good ever since. Love not having to go to store every month or remembering to take a pill. No other side effects. Better than any other hormonal product I have tried. Just refilled! $64 for entire year...”

10 / 10
Keisha December 8, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I’ve been using this vaginal ring for 6 months and everything was fine AT FIRST. My gynecologist switched me to this one from nuvaring which I loved but got rid of my sex drive. At first I had no side effects besides slight nausea the first two days after I insert. After 4 months of use, the nausea persisted sometimes with a headache accommodating it and the most excruciating cramps of my life! Prior to using birth control, my periods have always been awesome. Light flow that lasted 3-4 days and minor to no cramping at all. Now after being on annovera, I always get my period 2 days after removal (a necessary plus so I can predict and prepare for it) but the cramps are so bad. Like I just want to lay in the fetal position and can't do anything. I can’t walk, I can’t even take a deep breath in. It’s the worse. I plan on discontinuing use because of the cramps. It works though. No pregnancy scares, sex drive remained the same, no depression. I’ve actually never felt calmer but the cramps are bad”

3 / 10
JB · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “So I normally have an incredibly hard time with birth control. Extreme nausea, dizziness, mood swings. I always end up having to stop after just a couple days. With Annovera I only had mild symptoms the first couple of days. Lack of appetite, a little bit of a stomach ache, fatigue. But by day 3 I felt completely normal. Really the only complaint I have about it is that it's so big and sometimes moves out of place so I have to adjust it, so it's not the easiest to handle. I haven't had sex with it in yet so it's a little bit of a concern having it stay in place.”

8 / 10
FloridaGal29 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 15, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I’ve been using Annovera for birth control for 5 months now and I’m switching when it’s time for removal due to all these side effects that I have had- No sex drive Anxiety and depression (that I’ve never had before) Heavy bleeding during the 7 day removal Bleeding in between periods I have had it fall out several times Back pain and fatigue”

4 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 25, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I was so excited to have a birth control option that didn’t cause weight gain. I had the worst cramps with Annovera and I’ve been on Paragard before, which made that experience seem like a walk in the park. My cramps were so crippling, I couldn’t move. I thought I needed to be admitted to the ER. I discontinued it and now I am completely lost in terms of finding the right contraceptive for me.”

Addielh November 15, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I have been using annovera for over 5 months now and I am sad to say it did not work for me and I will be switching back to the pill very soon. The first few weeks were great but then for some reason I have been spotting ever since. Always bleeding and spotty is horrible and using a tampon is super uncomfortable. For the most part my mood/anxiety/depression has remained the same as it was when I was on the pill. Overall I think it’s very convenient but the excessive bleeding I have every single day is just horrible and makes sex pretty sketchy lol. Hope this helps:)”

3 / 10
Rachel November 3, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I was really hopeful that this ring would work for me because I've tried three different pills and quit both because of slight nausea and mood swings, but this ring was worse than either pill. I inserted the ring at 4pm on a Monday. It was fine until I woke up at 2 am on Tuesday with slight nausea. I couldn't fall asleep because the nausea started getting worse and I began having chills. Got up again and took it out. Woke up at 6 am feeling hot and sweaty, nauseous and threw up. I also had a headache. I forced myself to eat some cereal which helped my stomach, but I spent the morning alternating between chills and hot/sweating. Took my temp because I thought I was coming down with something. It was very low at only 96.7. Started feeling better around 10 am; not sick feeling anymore, body temp back to normal, but having extreme mood swings. I know you are supposed to give a new birth control a few months to adjust to but I can't imagine being this sick everyday until I adjust.”

1 / 10
Des January 15, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I have been using ANNOVERA for four days and they have been the hardest days of my life, I don’t think I’ll even keep it in a week. A couple of hours after I first inserted it I had stomach cramps and a headache but since I always get headaches I didn’t think too much of it. The next morning I woke up feeling nauseous and threw up, my body also felt fatigued so I called out of work. I went back to sleep and woke up again throwing up. I also experienced serious chills. On day three I was extremely sleepy and every time I woke up I felt hot and sweaty like I had a fever. I continuously had chills and a constant headache that made me feel super irritated. Throughout the day I had noticeable mood swings. Today, day four— I woke up with a fever and headache that has been persistent since I inserted. The back pain and stomach cramps have come back as well. The migraine is so bad that my eyes literally hurt and light makes it so much worse. I’ve also had chills all day.”

1 / 10
Birth control reviewer · Taken for less than 1 month January 7, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I was so excited to try Annovera, but when I saw how big the ring is, I almost lost my mind. I tried it though. Every time I pushed it inside me it was sliding out... did not like this. I was walking and I felt it was coming out of me.”

4 / 10
Over It · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 15, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I have a bleeding disorder that make my periods VERY heavy. I have used birth control to keep my periods short or so I can skip them. I spoke with my dr. about this and she said I could leave it in for three months and then take it out for 3 days then go back on. Well, right away, I had headaches, now three months in I have been spotting EVERY DAY for the past 52 days! I am done. No sex drive, feel angry, mad, and upset all the time.. I'm ready to be done but my Dr. wont change it. I will be looking for a new Dr. if she does not help me out at my appointment in 5 days!! Worst BC I've tried!”

2 / 10
TT · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 21, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I started using this ring in November ‘20 and just took it out Feb ‘21. I don’t recommend using this birth control. This BC gave me multiple headaches/migraines, I was nauseous the first 2 days after inserting it in again and after I took it out. This BC also gave SEVERE anxiety.. Being someone in their 20’s I have anxiety already BUT this BC took it to another level. I won’t be inserting this BC again because of these symptoms.”

1 / 10
Meggiecakes · Taken for less than 1 month November 30, 2020

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “I tried this birth control Annovera after my last annual. I took it out after 2 weeks. The side effects were too strong for me to try to wait out the 3-4 months for my body to adjust. I had headaches, no energy, anxiety, and severe bloating any time I ate. I have food intolerance issues that make me prone to bloating & this birth control exacerbated it. I really wanted it to work because of the convenience, but I switched back to NuvaRing as I wasn’t having any issues with it to begin with.”

1 / 10
Holly · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 5, 2021

Annovera (ethinyl estradiol / segesterone): “DONT.DO.IT. I have been placed on many different birth controls and this Annovera is by far was the worst. Migraines, vagina discomfort during sex, no sex drive, PAINFUL periods, and to top it all off I ended up with an infection that placed me in the hospital. I’m currently doubled over with some of the most painful cramps I have ever experienced. Please take it from someone who has tried everything. Explore other options.”

1 / 10

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