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User Reviews for Larin 24 Fe to treat Birth Control

Dogmom12 · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 25, 2020

“When I first started taking this BC I liked the fact that I had 0 side effects like I did with the last few I tried. I was not moody, no weight gain and I felt normal again. Then the 5th month set it and I am switching after this pack. I have horrible cramps like I've never had before, my periods are 7 days and super heavy, and I just ended my 3rd period in 4 weeks. This last period was so bad(WARNING TMI) I filled the toilet with blood and had to change my tampon 3 times in an hour. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. It's ruining my sex life with my husband because I'm either on my period, spotting, it I'll start during sex. I know everyone is different, But I just wanted to share my story. My gyno Is starting me on The same brand, but a little bit higher dose To try to control my periods”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 19, 2018

“This was my first birth control pill. It all started out fairly good at first... Before birth control, I suffered from extremely painful periods. This pill for sure cured the pain and heavy bleeding. About 5 months after taking it I started getting mood swings- anger, depression, you name it! I thought I was going insane and even wondered if I was bipolar at one point. It seriously almost ruined my relationships with those I care about most. I'm so happy I put 2 and 2 together and realized it must be my hormones. I also had increased appetite and cravings, and experienced extreme PMS symptoms twice every cycle. I just recently switched birth control and already feel back to my old self. (no depression). If this next one doesn't work I'm swearing off the pill for good!”

2 / 10
47 years old May 23, 2016

“EXTREME fatigue and weight gain, loss of period, sore breasts, nasuea. I started taking pill and couldn't get enough sleep after 8- 10 hours of sleep I would need a morning nap for after dropping children at school - sometimes for 2 hours. Legs felt heavy. Gave it a try for 2.5 months and couldn't stand it any longer. I've been off the pil for a week and feel completely normal again- thank goodness. I had an minena IUD with hormones for 5 years and believe that was giving me fatigue as well as it was slightly infected- but at that stage I had a series of life challenges that could have accounted fatigue too. It seems additional hormones do no suit me. Previous Oral birth control gave me severe depression. Still searching.”

1 / 10

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