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User Reviews for Dasetta 7/7/7 to treat Birth Control

No pills for me ever! · Taken for 1 to 6 months · June 11, 2016

“No good at all, run for your life. Acne break out terrible big yellow hard to squeeze bumps and I never ever had any acne. Clean face all my life, even on other birth control, blood clots in legs. Heavy lumpy flows, disgustingly thick periods. I'm at 110 lbs when started Dasetta 777, rapidly weight gained15 lbs within 2 months. I had to give away all my small underwear couldn't go on my butt, tight, very uncomfortable. Always steady on my weight, hate that pill it, come off of it right away for your life. Now off it for almost a month now and slowly dropping back to my normal weight and life(very,very, very very, very NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE) . Back to my regulated body and small underwear lol.”

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Erin · Taken for 1 to 2 years · December 5, 2018

“I was on Dasetta for about a year and a half. I switched to this when I was 17 because I wanted my period pains to stop. After being on it for 5 months, I got my very first yeast infection and had no idea what it was at first. Then 3 months later I started getting both UTI’s and yeast infections at least every 2-3 weeks. Me or my doctor couldn’t figure out what the problem was and I suggested a new birth control which she then thought of nexplanon. Honestly this pill was great besides the “down there” issues. I had a high sex drive, skin was baby clear and smooth and my periods were almost nonexistent.”

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